HP BSM Platform and End User Management 9.x Software v6.0

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What is a characteristic of a business rule?

  • A. logic calculating the status of a KPI
  • B. monitoring of metrics in the database specifically for the CIs
  • C. real time logical performance index in the Dashboard
  • D. business context of the KPI with a set of logical calculations

Answer : A

Which statement is true about the KPI calculation rule?

  • A. The status of each KPI is calculated using a business rule, which is applied to selected His, and to KPIs of child CIs.
  • B. Parent and child CIs with a common KPI must have the same calculation rule.
  • C. Business rules are defined for the KPI in the modeling studio.
  • D. The calculation of status values is an ongoing process and any change in the KPI value will change the color of the icon.

Answer : A

What do you see in Service Health when you attach a KPI to a child CI?

  • A. Most KPI types propagate up to all parent CIs.
  • B. Only Business KPIs propagate up to the parent CIs.
  • C. Only Availability KPIs propagate up to parent CIs.
  • D. KPIs are defined at the leaf level and do not appear at the parent CI level.
  • E. The child CI is given a unique instance definition and does not propagate.

Answer : A

What are BSM components? (Select four.)

  • A. Service Health
  • B. SLM
  • C. DB2 Database
  • D. Application Transformation Management
  • E. End User Management
  • F. System Availability Management
  • G. Virtual User Management
  • H. Service Health Reporter

Answer : A,B,E,F

Which menu items are available under the Applications menu of BSM? (Select two.)

  • A. System Availability Management
  • B. EMS Integrations
  • C. Personal Settings
  • D. RTSM
  • E. Application Management for SOA

Answer : AE

Which architecture component is used by BSM for internal communications?

  • A. SiteScope
  • B. Intergateway Communications Adapter (ICA)
  • C. Bus
  • D. Back-end Communications Channel

Answer : C

Click the Task button. Identify the components that must be shut down to shut down HP
BSM software. Place them in the correct order.

Answer :

Users and Permissions management allows platform administrators to apply permissions.
Where can permissions be applied?

  • A. They can be applied at the monitoring tool level. A tool is either a script, a probe or an agent.
  • B. They can be applied at the resource level. A resource is either a resource collection (a resource that can have instances), an instance of a resource or a resource that cannot have instances in the permission tree.
  • C. They can be applied at the CI type level. All CI types in the RTSM are eligible.
  • D. They can be applied at the CI instance level. All CI instances in the RTSM are eligible.

Answer : B

In the Download page found in Admin -> Platform Administration -> Setup and
Maintenance, what can platform administrators download?

  • A. content packs providing pre-made monitoring scripts
  • B. HP BSM monitoring components and recording tools
  • C. updated data models for the RTSM
  • D. newer versions of the HP BSM platform in order to perform upgrades

Answer : B

What does the BSM graphical user interface provide that makes Infrastructure Settings management easier?

  • A. different rules: Mandatory and Optional
  • B. different behaviors: Alerts and Notifications
  • C. different products: Operations and End User Experience
  • D. different contexts: Applications and Foundations

Answer : D

Which log file should you check if you have problems with the startup of BSM?

  • A. TopazInfra.ini
  • B. RunMonitor.log
  • C. jboss_boot.log
  • D. supervisor.log

Answer : C

Which Tool menu option verifies that Real User Monitor can retrieve information from

  • A. Monitoring Configuration Information
  • B. JMX Console
  • C. IP Translator
  • D. Time Converter

Answer : A

What do the End User Management Status Reports provide?

  • A. common report definitions that you can customize with component wiring
  • B. detailed reports for troubleshooting specific problems to help you determine their root cause
  • C. reports that detail the root cause of both performance and availability outages
  • D. an overall view of your applications, enabling you to understand problematic areas

Answer : D

Which type of report can be generated using custom report capabilities?

  • A. a triage report
  • B. smallest grouping performance and error report
  • C. a report consisting of data from SiteScope and HP BPM
  • D. a report consisting of data collection time only

Answer : C

To which category does the RUM Session Summary belong?

  • A. MyBSM Reports
  • B. Utility Reports
  • C. Status Reports
  • D. Analysis Reports
  • E. Location Reports

Answer : D

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Exam contains 67 questions

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