Implementation HPConverged Infrastructure Solutions v6.0

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Exam contains 140 questions

Which HP SIM functionality provides a systematic and guided process to set up managed nodes for infrastructure orchestration?

  • A. Configuration Repair Wizard
  • B. First Time Configuration Wizard
  • C. Repair Agents
  • D. Managed System Setup Wizard

Answer : D

You configure an enclosure of HP BL460c Servers to deliver notification if the power consumption of a system exceeds a specified peak power consumption limit. An SNMP trap in the management processor of the system has been configured to deliver the alert to the Central Management Server (CMS).The Automatic Event Handling feature in the CMS was configured to route the event to an e-mail destination and an SNMP trap. In testing the functionality, the power consumption alerts fail for a number of BL460c Servers.What is the most likely cause of this failure?

  • A. The SMTP server has not been provided on the CMS.
  • B. The iLO firmware version is outdated.
  • C. The iLO security override switch is enabled on the failing server blades.
  • D. PMC firmware revision is outdated.

Answer : B

Which physical connections are possible during profile creation using a converged network adapter?(Select three.)

  • A. 1x SAN, 1x Ethernet, 2x iSCSI
  • B. 1x SAN, 3x Ethernet
  • C. 1x SAN, 2x Ethernet, 1x iSCSI
  • D. 1x iSCSI, 3x Ethernet
  • E. 2x SAN, 2x Ethernet
  • F. 4x Ethernet

Answer : B,D,F

You need to increase the performance of the network connection to an HP BladeSystem
Matrix enclosure.Place the steps for accomplishing this in the correct order.

Answer :

A second department in a customer site wants to use the existing templates for provisioning, but they are not able to instantiate the templates when they log in to the Self
Service Portal. Which resource pool needs to be adjusted to allow them to request the same services?

  • A. deployment pool
  • B. server pool
  • C. user pool
  • D. software pool

Answer : B

Place the connections in the correct order to match the four available physical functions in a Virtual Connect profile.

Answer :

You are attempting to upgrade components of Insight Control software on a host server running Windows 2008, but the installation did not complete successfully. Which step might need to be performed for installation to complete successfully?

  • A. enable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Advanced BIOS settings
  • B. enable User Account Control (UAC)
  • C. disable User Account Control (UAC)
  • D. disable Data Execute Prevention (DEP) in Advanced BIOS settings

Answer : C

To extend runtimes for critical devices during utility power failures, what can you do using
HP Power Manager?

  • A. Reconfigure UPS power failure settings and define load segments for maximum uptime.
  • B. Redirect critical devices to HP Monitored PDUs.
  • C. Switch the UPS to Double Conversion mode.
  • D. Customize the UPS Alert parameters for extended uptime.

Answer : A

What is the main benefit of Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE)?

  • A. enhancement of server provisioning
  • B. connection of geographically remote data centers
  • C. enhanced performance provided by split-path architecture
  • D. simplification of networking infrastructure

Answer : D

Which step is required to add a network to a Virtual Connect (VC) domain that is managed by Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager?

  • A. Run the Network Setup Wizard from the VC Manager interface.
  • B. Restore the current VC domain configuration.
  • C. Remove the VC domain from the VC domain group.
  • D. Place the VC domain into maintenance mode.

Answer : D

The HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24 port module is in Fibre Channel mode. Match each port status with the correct color indicator.

Answer :

In UPS topologies, there are main differences between single conversion and double conversion design. What are the advantages of double conversion design over single conversion design? (Select three.)

  • A. higher power efficiency, reducing energy costs
  • B. high quality output regardless of the condition of the input power
  • C. ability to use power from a generator that is still stabilizing
  • D. less complex design
  • E. reduction of the period of time when IT operations are dependent on battery operation

Answer : B,C,E

Which tool is appropriate to use to forecast LAN traffic for future provisioning?

  • A. HP Matrix OE Capacity Planning
  • B. HP Systems Insight Manager
  • C. HP Software Operations Orchestration
  • D. HP Operation Express

Answer : A

You are writing an action plan for a midplane replacement. There are two Flex-10 Virtual
Connect modules in the enclosure. At a minimum, which steps should your action plan contain? (Select two.)

  • A. Clear the Virtual Connect manager password.
  • B. Run the command Show Enclosure Info from the command line interface.
  • C. Enter the enclosure serial number with all interconnect modules inserted.
  • D. Enter the enclosure serial number with all interconnect modules removed.
  • E. Run the Show Enclosure command from the GUI.

Answer : BD

Which statements are true about HP Dynamic Power Saver feature in HP BladeSystems?
(Select two.)

  • A. Power supplies are switched off when the power demand from the server enclosure is low.
  • B. Power supplies are placed in a standby condition when the power demand from the server enclosure is low.
  • C. When power demand increases, more power can be borrowed from cascaded power to instantaneously power resources in the enclosure.
  • D. When power demand increases, the standby power supplies instantaneously deliver the required power.

Answer : BD

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Exam contains 140 questions

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