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Exam contains 106 questions

When you perform an "Add Subsystem" operation within Hitachi Device Manager
(HDvM),you receive an error message. Which troubleshooting step would you perform first?

  • A. Restart HDvM.
  • B. Check license status.
  • C. Open a case with HDS Support.
  • D. Check the storage system for any inconsistent condition.

Answer : D

When using Hitachi Device Manager to map external volumes to a VSP storage system,what are three external volume attributes that can be set? (Choose three.)

  • A. cache mode
  • B. CLPR
  • C. emulation type
  • D. SLPR
  • E. internal LDEV number

Answer : A,B,E

A customer would like to deploy Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM) to monitor for path errors on their SAN hosts running Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM). Which method is used by the host to alert the HGLM server?

  • A. SNMP
  • B. SMTP
  • C. SMS
  • D. SIM

Answer : A

Using Hitachi Device Manager,and after launching the Element Manager,you want to specify a logical device (LDEV) as a Command Device on a VSP storage system. Which two conditions must the LDEV satisfy? (Choose two.)

  • A. The LDEV must be at least 128 MB in size.
  • B. The logical device must not be reserved for ShadowImage in-system replication.
  • C. The emulation type must be OPEN-V.
  • D. The logical device must not be on a RAID1 parity group.

Answer : BC

A customer is planning to purchase Hitachi modular systems to be virtualized behind their
VSPs in an environment with Linux,Windows and VMWare servers. Which two benefits will the Hitachi Command Suite offer to this customer? (Choose two.)

  • A. a specific set of management programs for each Hitachi storage system type
  • B. a unified management framework across all Hitachi storage platforms
  • C. interoperability software modules converting unstructured data to structured data
  • D. management of file,block and content data under a common set of tools

Answer : BD

You want to configure hosts connected to a VSP using the Host Scan feature of Hitachi
Device Manager. Which action must be performed?

  • A. Ensure all hosts are related to a host group.
  • B. Ensure all hosts are related to the same host group.
  • C. Set the storage WWN for LUN security.
  • D. Set the host WWN for LUN security.

Answer : A

In which file format is Hitachi Device Manager data exported?

  • A. .pdf
  • B. .csv
  • C. .doc
  • D. .html

Answer : B

A customer is managing a multi-pathing environment using Hitachi Global Link Manager
(HGLM) and wants to add another host. Which user privilege is required within HGLM?

  • A. Admin
  • B. Modify
  • C. View
  • D. Supervisor

Answer : A

A storage manager has recently implemented a Hitachi Device Manager environment and needs to assign users to the All Resources user group. From which two role options should the storage manager choose to create the user profiles? (Choose two.)

  • A. UserGroup
  • B. ViewGroup
  • C. ModifyGroup
  • D. CreateGroup

Answer : BC

What are two network requirements for an operational Hitachi Device Manager installation?
(Choose two.)

  • A. a TCP/IP network for connection between the management server and the management clients
  • B. a TCP/IP network for connection of the management server to the storage systems
  • C. a Fiber Channel connection between the management server and the storage systems
  • D. a public subnet for connection between the management server and the management clients

Answer : AB

You want to use Hitachi Device Manager to allocate storage direct from search results. In the GUI,which two storage operations are you permitted to perform after executing the search? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create Pool
  • B. Expand Pool
  • C. Create Label
  • D. Virtualize Volumes

Answer : A,D

You are creating Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) volumes within Hitachi Device
Manager. Which three elements of HDP can be configured? (Choose three.)

  • A. DP Group Volume
  • B. DP Pool
  • C. DP Group
  • D. DP Pool Volume
  • E. DP-VOL

Answer : BDE

Which three GUI options in the Hitachi Command Suite would be used to optimize data placement within an HDT implementation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Edit Dedupe Policy
  • B. Edit Tiering Policy
  • C. Migrate Data
  • D. Archive Data
  • E. Expand DP Volume

Answer : B,C,E

If all volumes are unallocated from a host,which two dialog options are available using
Hitachi Device Manager? (Choose two.)

  • A. Return Capacity to Pool
  • B. Delete Volume
  • C. Shred Volume
  • D. Delete Host Group

Answer : BD

You are installing Hitachi Device Manager and need to verify the existence of the two pre- defined user profiles. Which two are they? (Choose two.)

  • A. administrator
  • B. hauser
  • C. root
  • D. system

Answer : BD

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Exam contains 106 questions

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