Hitachi Data Systems Implementer File Services-NAS v6.0

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A customer wants to know the protocol that is used when an Internet browser is communicating with the Web Manager residing in the System Management Unit. Which protocol is used when a GUI session is established?

  • A. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • B. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • C. HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
  • D. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Answer : C

You are performing a server consolidation for a customer as part of a Hitachi NAS Platform implementation. The customer desires to retain their existing CIFS server names during the migration as they have applications directly referencing these systems. Which two methods would be used to provide this? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use Cluster Name Service (CNS) to virtualize the namespace.
  • B. Configure multiple CIFS serving names for a virtual server.
  • C. Implement Distributed File System (DFS) to virtualize the namespace.
  • D. Implement a separate virtual server for each legacy file server.

Answer : BD

Your customer has run out of space on an existing Hitachi NAS Platform file system and the associated storage pool. Which two steps will solve the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a new larger size storage pool.
  • B. Expand the size of the storage pool with unused system drives.
  • C. Increase the file system size limit.
  • D. Use Transfer of Primary Access to relocate the file system to the larger storage pool.

Answer : BC

When creating a Hitachi NAS Platform file system, what are two available block sizes?
(Choose two.)

  • A. 4 KB
  • B. 32 KB
  • C. 64 KB
  • D. 128 KB

Answer : AB

Which Hitachi NAS Platform CLI command can assist you and provide suggestions for further troubleshooting?

  • A. the "snmpstats" command
  • B. the "evs-list" command
  • C. the "trouble" command
  • D. the "alert-send-test" command

Answer : C

A customer has a Hitachi USP V with 300 GB 15 K RPM drives. They are currently using
Universal Volume Manager (UVM) to manage an AMS2500 with 1 TB SATA drives. Their
Hitachi NAS Platform solution is currently using the USP V internal disk, however they only need the performance during month-end. Their chargeback is based on disk type and runs daily. Which Hitachi Data Systems product could the customer use to reduce costs while meeting their service level objectives?

  • A. Tiered Storage Manager
  • B. Data Migrator
  • C. LUN Manager
  • D. IDR

Answer : A

An enterprise customer plans to consolidate a large number of Windows NT4 and Windows
2000 file servers onto their Hitachi NAS Platform. The customer requires support for multiple untrusted domains. Which two features should be enabled and configured?
(Choose two.)

  • A. LDAP Authentication
  • B. EVS Security
  • C. multi-domain support
  • D. NETBIOS support

Answer : BD

Which two Windows CLI-based tools may be used for incremental file migration in a
Microsoft Windows environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. robocopy.exe
  • B. arcmv.exe
  • C. copy.exe
  • D. xcopy.exe

Answer : A,D

You are configuring a Hitachi NAS Platform to connect to a Microsoft Windows 2003 Active
Directory (AD). A computer account is added into the AD when the system is joined to the domain. What is the default AD container for the Hitachi NAS Platform computer account?

  • A. Users
  • B. Servers
  • C. Computers
  • D. Devices

Answer : C

You are configuring a Hitachi NAS Platform cluster for a customer. The customer requires a High Availability (HA) solution. Which feature of Hitachi NAS Platform clustering ensures that there is no data loss during failover?

  • A. 10 GbE cluster interconnects with NVRAM mirroring
  • B. 10 GbE cluster interconnects with CMA mirroring
  • C. 4 Gb FC cluster interconnects with NVRAM mirroring
  • D. 4 Gb FC cluster interconnects with CMA mirroring

Answer : A

A customer has purchased two Hitachi NAS Platform systems to be used as a Virtual Tape
Library (VTL) and will replicate the VTL image files between sites over their OC3 WAN connection. The image files are appended daily until they reach an average size of 40 GB.
Which Hitachi NAS Platform replication feature would provide optimal performance?

  • A. Differential Image Replication (DIR)
  • B. Intelligent Data Replication (IDR)
  • C. Internal Replication Datastream (IRD)
  • D. Internal Block-level Replication (IBR)

Answer : D

You are implementing a Hitachi NAS Platform cluster for a customer using Oracle 11g on
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2. The Oracle databases are hosted on the Hitachi NAS
Platform and accessed using NFS. Which two mount methods may be used to allow EVS failover without impacting the application? (Choose two.)

  • A. a hard mount type
  • B. a soft mount type with the timeo option set to 600
  • C. a soft mount type with the timeo option set to 60
  • D. a soft mount type with the actime option set to 0

Answer : AB

Your customer intends to connect a Hitachi NAS Platform cluster to their existing Fibre
Channel SAN using storage from both a VSP and an AMS2500. What are two Hitachi Data
Systems best practices for implementing the solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use multi-initiator zoning for both storage systems.
  • B. Expand storage pools using unused LUNs from the same storage system.
  • C. Create storage pools using a mixture of same size LUNs from both storage systems.
  • D. Use single-initiator zoning for both storage systems.

Answer : BD

Your customer has connected a single Hitachi NAS Platform 3100 node to their Fibre
Channel (FC) Storage Area Network (SAN). Which two actions should be performed?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Use single-initiator zoning when connecting the NAS 3100 node to the existing SAN.
  • B. Set the FC ports to 10 Gb on the NAS 3100 node using the CLI.
  • C. Zone the NAS 3100 node using either port-level or WWN zoning practices.
  • D. Zone the NAS 3100 node using iSCSI switches.

Answer : AC

Your customer wants to deploy a Hitachi NAS Platform disaster recovery solution with automatic failover between their two campuses 80 km apart. Which solution will meet their requirements?

  • A. TrueCopy Extended (TCE)
  • B. Hitachi NAS Platform MetroCluster
  • C. Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR)
  • D. Hitachi NAS Platform Intelligent Data replication (IDR)

Answer : B

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Exam contains 127 questions

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