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Which two tasks need to be performed prior to starting the Microprogram installation on a
Hitachi Thunder 9500V?Series subsystem using Resource Manager 9500 from a maintenance PC? (Choose two.)

  • A. insert the Microprogram diskette in the drive on the subsystem
  • B. press the soft reset button of the controllers on the subsystem
  • C. click Settings > Configuration Settings > Micro Update tab > Read button
  • D. clear the system configuration on the subsystem using Resource Manager 9500
  • E. insert the Microcode CD in the CD drive of the local computer running Resource Manager

Answer : C,E

Which type of microprocessor is used in a Hitachi Thunder 9570V? subsystem?

  • A. Power PC 750 (300 MHz)
  • B. Power PC 7455 (667 MHz)
  • C. Power PC 7455 (700 MHz)
  • D. Power PC 7500 (677 MHz)
  • E. Power PC 7500 (700 MHz)

Answer : B

What is the correct formula for calculating Queue Depth on a Hitachi Thunder
9500V?Series subsystem?

  • A. Queue depth = 256 / No. of ports
  • B. Queue depth = 256 / No. of LUNs per port
  • C. Queue depth = 256 / No. of LUNs per Host Group
  • D. Queue depth = 256 / No. of Host Groups x No. of ports

Answer : B

Click the Exhibit button. You are creating RAID Group RG-00 on Hitachi?Thunder?9532 V subsystem. Which RAID configuration would you specify against each textbox in the
Exhibit, if you need to have one spare disk?

  • A. RAID Group:00, RAID Level:RAID 0, HDU Combination:8D, HDUs in Parity Group:8
  • B. RAID Group:01, RAID Level:RAID 5, HDU Combination:7D + 1P, HDUs in Parity Group:7, Parity Group:1
  • C. RAID Group:00, RAID Level:RAID 5, HDU Combination:3D + 1P, HDUs in Parity Group:4, Parity Group: 2
  • D. RAID Group:00, RAID Level:RAID 1, HDU Combination:4D + 4P, HDUs in Parity Group:4, Parity Group: 4

Answer : C

DF-F600-C1GX2 is the model number for which component of the Hitachi Thunder
9500V?Series subsystem?

  • A. Cache DIMM (1GB)
  • B. Cache DIMM (2GB)
  • C. Cache DIMM (512MB)
  • D. Cache DIMM (256MB)

Answer : A

You have been asked to install a floor model Hitachi Thunder 9570V?subsystem at a customer location on a raised platform. What is the angle of inclination necessary to move the subsystem up the raised platform without damaging it?

  • A. 8?or less
  • B. 10?or less
  • C. 12?or less
  • D. 15?or less

Answer : A

You have just finished installing hitrack on a machine named cust.jupiter.com. How do you access the configuration screen for Hitrack from a web browser?

  • A. http://cust.jupiter.com
  • B. http://cust.jupiter.com:6696
  • C. http://cust.jupiter.com:8080
  • D. http://cust.jupiter.com/hitrack

Answer : B

You have executed a command to display path related information on a host on which
HDLM is installed. The output shows that the path state is Offline(C). What does this state indicate?

  • A. The path has been set manually to offline.
  • B. This is the output when you clear the offline state of a path.
  • C. A path error was detected by HDLM and HDLM changed the path state to offline.
  • D. HDLM has just been installed and this state indicates a continuous progress to the online state.

Answer : A

A customer has connected an AIX server to a Hitachi Thunder 9570V?subsystem. The AIX server needs a Command Tag Queue (CTQ) of 64. Which system parameter needs to be set on the subsystem to achieve this?

  • A. CCHS mode
  • B. NACA mode
  • C. OpenVMS mode
  • D. PROCOM mode

Answer : B

What are supported operating systems on which Hi-Track?can be set up for a Hitachi
Thunder 9500V?Series subsystem? (Choose two.)

  • A. IRIX
  • B. VxWorks
  • C. SUN Solaris
  • D. Windows 95
  • E. Windows NT and Windows 2000

Answer : C,E

A customer has received a shipment of a Hitachi Thunder 9570V?Series subsystem. There is one RK and three RKA mounted on a 19?rack. Using the procedure in the Installation
Manual, what is the correct combination of the x16 switch and the x1 switch settings to set the unit ID for the third RKA from the bottom?

  • A. x16 is set to 0 and x1 is set to 3
  • B. x16 is set to 4 and x1 is set to 0
  • C. x16 is set to 0 and x1 is set to 4
  • D. x1 is set to 3 and x16 is set to 0

Answer : A

You are installing a floor model of Hitachi Thunder 9570V?subsystem set up as RK+H1H
Deskside kit, at a customer site. You have identified a location with power outlets and good ventilation, conforming to the shock and vibration requirements. What fulfills the maintenance clearance requirements of the subsystem?

  • A. 150cm x 20cm (58.5in. x 7.8in.)
  • B. 170cm x 25cm (66.3in. x 9.8in.)
  • C. 200cm x 30cm (78in. x 11.7in.)
  • D. 250cm x 25cm (97.5in. x 9.8in.)

Answer : C

What are the two benefits of Data Share mode on a Hitachi Thunder 9500V?Series subsystem in a Dual Active controller configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. It prevents the ping-pong effect of LU ownership change between the two controllers.
  • B. It allows access to non-owned LUNs through the controller-to-controller communication paths.
  • C. Data Share mode allows the hosts to access data from either of the controllers in case of path failure.
  • D. It allows ownership of non-owned LUNs to be transferred through the controller-to- controller communication paths.

Answer : AB

You need to connect a Hitachi Thunder 9570V?Series subsystem to a brocade switch.
Which command should you use to change the topology on a FC-AL port?

  • A. aufibre
  • B. ausetptp
  • C. auptpset
  • D. auportop
  • E. aufabricset

Answer : A

What are the two tasks that you can perform on a Hitachi Thunder 9500V?Series subsystem using Web Access? (Choose two.)

  • A. register an array unit
  • B. obtain array unit status
  • C. create RAID groups and LUNs
  • D. export trace information to a file on your PC

Answer : BD

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Exam contains 109 questions

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