System Consultant, Genesys SIP SERVER (GCP8 - SIP) v6.0

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Exam contains 85 questions

T-Lib messages can be mapped to all of the SIP messages listed below except which of the following?

  • C. REFER

Answer : D


Which statements are correct? (Choose 2 answers)

  • A. You need to install a Media Server In order to use Instant Messaging to play an Announcement.
  • B. SIP Server supports the Integration with Genesys Media Server with both NETANN and MSML.
  • C. Media Server can, if needed, convert a codec to another format.
  • D. Genesys Media Server is based on the MGCP protocol for enhanced media functionality.

Answer : BC

Reference: d7d8-46b3-85f1-decbaa5e90eb (page 53, real-time transcoding)

Noting the subtle differences, which of the following is the correct format for the SIP INVITE as per RFC 4240?

  • A. sip:annc@;play=[:]
  • B. slp:annc@:play=[;]
  • C. sip:annc@:play=[:]
  • D. sip:annc@ play=[;]

Answer : D

Which of the following are valid parameters of the Announcement Treatment? (Choose 2 answers)

  • A. Language
  • B. ID
  • C. Music_DN
  • D. Duration

Answer : AB

Java_API_Reference/com/genesyslab/platform/voice/protocol/doc- files/TLib%20Datatypes/TTreatmentType.html (See the value pairs for treatment text to speech).

Which statements are correct?

  • A. The Genesys Media Server and Genesys Stream Manager are the only music sources available when using Genesys SIP Server 8.
  • B. Genesys Media Server or Stream Manager performance is not affected by the codec selected for use.
  • C. Media Server and Stream Manager require that URS make requests for media to be streamed to a caller.
  • D. Genesys Media Server supports Treatments

Answer : B

Which statements are correct? (Choose 2 answers)

  • A. With SIP Server, it is possible to use its internal registrar functionality and to instruct SIP server to contact an external registrar for registration process.
  • B. In a sip server stand-alone mode installation without a softswitch integration, it is not necessary to create a 'switch' object in CME.
  • C. If an initiator of an S-participant conference on an MCU drops the call, the conference will soil continue without the dropped party.
  • D. SIP Server supports 3PCC with REFER method for two-step-transfer but not for single- step transfer.

Answer : CD

Which Genesys component is used to load balance between multiple SIP Servers?

  • A. Load Distribution Server
  • B. SIP Server
  • C. Network SIP server
  • D. Media Server

Answer : C

1.pdf (See the Page #15).

When the internal registrar is enabled and SIP Server is also configured to store registration information in the configuration database, where, in CME, can you find the contact option specifying current location?

  • A. corresponding DN
  • B. corresponding Agent Login
  • C. corresponding Voice over IP Service
  • D. corresponding SIP Server
  • E. It is not visible in CME

Answer : A

What is the default timeout defined in the SIP specification after which SIP Server will put a
DN not responding to INVITE in Out of Service?

  • A. 2 Seconds
  • B. 4 Seconds
  • C. 8 Seconds
  • D. 16 Seconds
  • E. 32 Seconds
  • F. 64 Seconds

Answer : E

If you want to represent a Gateway in Configuration Layer, what type of DN do you need to create?

  • A. ACD Queue
  • B. Extension
  • C. Routing Point
  • D. Trunk
  • E. VoIP Service

Answer : E

Which of the following are valid configurations for Open standard SIP architecture? Choose
2 answers

  • A. l SIP Server, 1 Softswitch
  • B. 5 SIP Server, l Network SIP Server
  • C. 1SIP Server, 1 T-Server
  • D. 3 SIP Server, 5 T-Server, l Cisco call Manager

Answer : AC

What does 3PCC mean?

  • A. All call handling actions (answer, hold, initiate transfer, etc.) are performed on the SIP endpoint
  • B. All call handling actions (answer, hold, initiate transfer, etc.) are performed on the multiple PCs (In this case 3 PCs)
  • C. T-lib signaling takes over SIP signaling, so third party application such as Agent Desktop can transfer VoIP packets to SIP Server and back using T-lib
  • D. A T-lib client such as Agent Desktop can control a call which is actually between other parties such as SIP endpoints

Answer : D

If registering process requires a password and it is not provided, what message will the registrar send?

  • A. 400 Bad request
  • B. 401 Unauthorized
  • C. 402 Payment required
  • D. 403 Forbidden
  • E. 404 not found

Answer : B

Reference: (See 21.4.2 401 Unauthorized).

For remote supervision what DN must be configured?

A. gcti::supervisor -

B. gcti::park -

C. gctl::record -
D. No Additional DNs need to be configured

Answer : A // ook/fxsbasic.html

To connect to Media Server or Stream Manager, what type of DN must be created?

  • A. Email
  • B. Position
  • C. voice treatment port
  • D. Voice over IP Service

Answer : D

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Exam contains 85 questions

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