CompTIA IT Fundamentals v6.0

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Exam contains 286 questions

A users laptop hard drive contains sensitive information. The user often plugs the laptop into the corporate network. A sensitive file from the laptop has been found on another users laptop. How could the user have prevented this breach?

  • A. Disable file and print sharing on the laptop.
  • B. Delete unused drives from network.
  • C. Remove shared keys from the key ring.
  • D. Set the read-only attribute on the files.

Answer : A

A user, Ann, is concerned about theft of her laptop and does not want a thief to have easy access to all of her banking and email. Which of the following precautions could be taken to mitigate this issue?

  • A. Only browse the Internet on WiFi connections that use WPA2
  • B. Turn off the guest account in the operating system
  • C. Disable autofill functionality within the web browser
  • D. Remove any legacy browsers from the computer

Answer : C

Which of the following printers requires a special type of paper in order to print?

  • A. Impact
  • B. Thermal
  • C. Inkjet
  • D. Laser

Answer : B

A user is browsing the Internet when suddenly a threatening message appears on screen demanding a payment in order to avoid the system being disabled. Which of the following
BEST describes this type of malware infection?

  • A. Ransomware
  • B. Adware
  • C. Spyware
  • D. Virus

Answer : A

A user will be traveling with a smartphone that contains confidential information. Which of the following should be disabled? (Select TWO).

  • A. Keyboard
  • B. Speakers
  • C. Mouse
  • D. Bluetooth
  • E. NFC

Answer : D,E

Which of the following extensions identifies a video file?

  • A. .msi
  • B. .tar
  • C. .img
  • D. .mp4

Answer : D

Which of the following security threats occurs when a user receives an email from an illegitimate source asking for login information?

  • A. Hacking
  • B. Phishing
  • C. Spam
  • D. Cracking

Answer : B

When considering backup media, which of the following holds the MOST data?

  • A. BD-R
  • B. DVD-R
  • C. DVD-DL
  • D. CD-ROM

Answer : A

Which of the following is a feature of a basic power strip?

  • A. Protects against lightning strikes
  • B. Provides multiple outlets for power
  • C. Generates power for devices
  • D. Provides battery backup for devices

Answer : B

Which of the following allows for the FASTEST printer connections?

  • A. Bluetooth
  • B. USB
  • C. Parallel
  • D. Serial

Answer : B

A user is setting up an older wireless access point that has only WEP for encryption. Which of the following additional steps will help to secure the network? (Select TWO).

  • A. Disable SSID broadcast.
  • B. Refresh the MAC address.
  • C. Filter the MAC address.
  • D. Refresh the IP address.
  • E. Use CAT6 cables.

Answer : A,C

Several users want to share a common folder with high availability. Which of the following devices is BEST to use for this requirement?

  • A. Large USB flash drive connected to a PC
  • B. Medium capacity SATA hard drive
  • C. Network attached storage appliance
  • D. Firewall with security management

Answer : C

When applying ergonomics to a workstation area, which of the following are the MOST important to consider? (Select TWO).

  • A. Proper sitting position
  • B. Amount of time computer will be used
  • C. Clarity of the display
  • D. Proper keyboard and mouse height
  • E. Number of speakers in sound system
  • F. Brightness and contrast of the display

Answer : A,D

Which of the following should be performed after a backup has been completed?

  • A. Delete the backup
  • B. Verify the backup
  • C. Save the backup
  • D. Schedule the backup

Answer : B

A user has finished setting up a new computer. Now the operating system requires activation, but the user discovers the computer has no Internet connection. Which of the following should the user do FIRST?

  • A. Contact technical support.
  • B. Reboot the computer.
  • C. Check the Ethernet cable.
  • D. Review manufacturer's website.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 286 questions

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