CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Functionality Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 116 questions

Which of the following wireless standards usethe frequency of 2.4 GHz? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

  • A. 802.11b
  • B. 802.11a
  • C. 802.11g
  • D. Bluetooth

Answer : ACD

Which of the following types of parental controls is used to limit access to the Internet contents?

  • A. Monitoring control
  • B. Usage management tool
  • C. Content filter control
  • D. Bandwidth control

Answer : C

Which of the following items are configured on a user workstation for wireless networking?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  • A. Security Set Identifier (SSID)
  • B. MAC Address Filtering
  • C. Encryption
  • D. Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Answer : CD

You are selecting memory to put in to a laptop. Which of the following types of RAM chips would you most likely select?

  • A. 72 PIN
  • B. 240 PIN
  • C. 184 PIN
  • D. 144 PIN

Answer : D

You work as a technician for Tech Perfect Inc. You are copying some important data file from one folder to another in a computer running Windows XP Professional. You are using command prompt for copying those files. You want to verify files after being copied. Which of the following switches will you use with the COPY command to accomplish the task?

  • A. /b
  • B. /y
  • C. /a
  • D. /v

Answer : D

Which of the following types of SATA hard disk drives is used for the Desktop computers?

  • A. 3.5 inches
  • B. 6.2 inches
  • C. 2.5 inches
  • D. 1.8 inches

Answer : A

Which of the following tools is used to monitor the status of computer security settings and services and to specify the problem using a pop- up notification balloon?

  • A. Windows Sync Center
  • B. Windows Aero
  • C. Windows Defender
  • D. Windows Security Center

Answer : D

Which of the following resolutions is supported by the SVGA video technology?

  • A. 640 x 480
  • B. 640 x 200
  • C. 800 x 600
  • D. 1024 x 768

Answer : C

Which of the following identifies a wireless network and is sometimes referred to as a
"network name"?

  • A. BSSID
  • B. SSID
  • C. BSS
  • D. IBSS

Answer : B

Which of the following programs can collect various types of personal information, suchas
Internet surfing habits, and Web sites that the user has visited?

  • A. Honeypot
  • B. Spyware
  • C. Malware
  • D. Worm

Answer : B

Which of the following are the countermeasures against phishing attacks? Each correctanswer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Do not click the links within the text of the e-mail, and always delete the e-mail immediately.
  • B. Do not analyze bank e-statements or account details closely.
  • C. Do not report suspiciouse-mails to the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • D. Do not provide personal details to unknown persons and parties.

Answer : A,D

Which of the following maximum resolutions does the UXGA video technology supports?

  • A. 2048 x 1536
  • B. 2560 x 1600
  • C. 1600 x 1200
  • D. 1280 x 1024

Answer : C

You are working in a Windows network environment. Which of the following accounts/groups have many advanced permissions not needed by occasional users? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose two.

  • A. Guest
  • B. Standard user
  • C. Administrator
  • D. Power Users

Answer : CD

Which of the following ports is also known as PS/2?

  • A. 5-pin DIN connector
  • B. 4-pin Mini-DIN connector
  • C. 6-pin Mini-DIN connector
  • D. USB connector

Answer : C

You are working with a team that will be bringing in new computers to a sales department at a company. The sales team would like to keep not only their oldfiles, but system settings as well on the new PC's. What should you do?

  • A. Do a system backup (complete) on each old machine, then restore it onto the new machines.
  • B. Copy the files and the Windows Registry to a removable media then copy it onto the new machines.
  • C. Use the User State Migration tool to move the system settings and files to the new machines.
  • D. Use the Disk Management tool to move everything to the new computer.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 116 questions

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