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Your customer would like to use ATA drives for their SnapSure SavVol. The I/O access pattern on the PFS is random read. They plan to access the checkpoints randomly as well.
What would you recommend?

  • A. ATA drives provide good random I/O performance; therefore would be a good choice for checkpoint processing as well as checkpoint access.
  • B. ATA drives provide good sequential I/O performance; therefore would not be appropriate for either checkpoint writes to the SavVol, or random access of the checkpoint.
  • C. ATA drives provide good sequential I/O performance and are suitable for writes to a single SavVol. Random reads to the checkpoint would not be appropriate for ATA drives.
  • D. ATA drives provide good random I/O performance which is important for copy-on-first- write activity; therefore would be appropriate for both checkpoint processing and checkpoint access.

Answer : C

Which statement is true?

  • A. Timefinder/FS is a volume oriented point in time copy using a Symmetrix/DMX Backend
  • B. Near/FarCopy cannot be used in NSX00 environments but in all NSX00G environments
  • C. FarCopy cannot use remote Timefinder/FS with a Symmetrix/DMX SRDF campus solution
  • D. NearCopy uses Timefinder/FS in a SRDF campus solution and operates in synchronous mode

Answer : D

Your customer has implemented HighRoad and they are having performance problems.
What could be the cause?

  • A. Nolock locking policy is set for HighRoad
  • B. Customer's application uses large file transfers
  • C. They configured a 32KB stripe size with Symmetrix
  • D. Maximum number of HighRoad threads are less then 128

Answer : C

Click the Task button.
In a Kerberos Ticket Exchange, three exchanges are involved when the client initially accesses a server resource. As shown in the diagram, label each of the three exchanges.

Answer :

The JJJ Company has migrated data with sync from a UNIX file system to a Celerra and exported the file system for Windows. They now have no CIFS access to some paths in their directory structure, but they can still access it with a UNIX-Host. You have checked the CIFS permissions. What else could be the problem?

  • A. They are using relative symbolic links
  • B. They are using absolute symbolic links
  • C. The param "shadow followpath" is not set
  • D. The param "shadow followdotdot" is not set

Answer : B

You would like to run Celerra Replicator on one of your production file systems. You found from watching the last incremental backup that you have a change rate of 1% a day on that file system. The file system size is 1TB. You want to calculate the size of the SavVol to be able to continue with replication even if you have a 4 day network outage between the source and destination site. What size must the SavVol be to accommodate the changes?

  • A. 400 MB
  • B. 10 GB
  • C. 40 GB
  • D. 100 GB

Answer : C

The customer would like to implement CAVA and a DHSM solution in his W2K3 environment. The customer is concerned about the time it takes to write a file to a DHSM drive on a secondary storage. What would you suggest to address this concern?

  • A. Set the passthrough option for CAVA
  • B. Set the option for virusscanning to skip offline files
  • C. Set the param "param cifs dhsm=1" on the Data Mover
  • D. Disable network scan option on the customers virus scanner

Answer : B

Acme Network Corp. is using Celerra Replicator. They are replicating five of their production critical FS to a remote datacenter. Because of the small backup window the
Storage Administrator decides to backup the file systems on the secondary site using
NDMP Backup. The NDMP fails to backup the remote file systems of IP Replication, but there is no problem backing up the source file systems. What needs to be done to correct the problem?

  • A. NDMP Backup is not supported on the target site of a replication session
  • B. Use LAN Backup to backup a remote file system belonging to a replication session
  • C. Failover the production file systems to the remote site and back it up using NDMP on the remote site
  • D. Create a checkpoint on the remote site and backup the checkpoint using NDMP backup on the remote site

Answer : D

Your customer has a Netapp filer that they want to migrate to their new Celerra. They are running NFS on the box and you are using CDMS to migrate the data. Which command is used to mark the directory online to keep from migrating their .snapshot directory?

  • A. /nas/sbin/server_cdms server_x -getOnline /path/.snapshot
  • B. /nas/sbin/server_cdms server_x -markOnline /path/.snapshot
  • C. /nas/tools/cdms/specialCmd getOnline server_x /path/.snapshot
  • D. /nas/tools/cdms/specialCmd markOnline server_x /path/.snapshot

Answer : C

Click the Exhibit button.
The Storage Administrator notices some available space on the PFS file system. He attempts to write a new file but is unable to do so. He checks mounts and exports and sees the file has r/w permissions.
Why is he unable to write a new file?

  • A. Access policy is set for mixed access mode
  • B. User has no access writes to this file system
  • C. File system is a member of a remote replication session
  • D. File system is a nested mount file system and no space associated with it

Answer : D

Your customer has a CFS running 5.1 NAS code on it and wants to use Celerra Replicator to migrate it to their new CNS running 5.4. The new CNS will have larger filesystems and more drives attached. The environment is using NFS only with NIS for authentication.
Select two [2] changes that need to be made prior to the migration to use Celerra

  • A. Source and Destination NAS codes must be the same
  • B. Source and Destination Filesystems need to be the same size
  • C. $ server_param server_2 -facility RPL -modify DSTNASVER -value 54
  • D. $ server_param server_2 -facility RPL -modify SRCNASVER -value 51

Answer : AB

The Honey Baking company would like to access business critical Windows Data, in all branch offices, in the event their Windows Domain becomes unavailable. Which configuration setup would you recommend with NAS 5.4?

  • A. Celerra Replicator to headquarter
  • B. VDMs to be able to move it to headquarters
  • C. Active/Active Configuration between their locations
  • D. Local user on the DataMover in the CIFS Configuration

Answer : D

Click the Exhibit button.
What is the minimum number of file systems required to support the VTLU in the diagram?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 4
  • D. 32

Answer : A

Click the Exhibit button.
The GGG Corporation is using SRDF/A and had to failover to the second site. There are
NS700G's installed on both sites. Your colleagues issued the command to perform a restore.
What should be done next?

  • A. Enter the command nasmcd/sbin/nas_rdf -init
  • B. Enter the command nasmcd/sbin/nas_rdf -restore
  • C. Stop the NAS service; enter the command nasmcd/sbin/nas_rdf -restore
  • D. Stop the NAS service as root; enter the command nasmcd/sbin/nas_rdf -restore

Answer : D

The system administrator of YPD corporation is monitoring the remote IP Replication of their 10 production file systems using NAS code 5.3. He notices that the modification rate from two of the file systems has increased dramatically. He also notices that the SavVol on the primary site is nearly full. What will fix the problem?

  • A. Suspend and restart replication and specify a new SavVol size
  • B. Use the fs_replicate -refresh command with the option SavVol=
  • C. Set hwm and to settings on both sites to the value 0 and extend the SavVol
  • D. Set hwm and to settings on the primary site to the value 0 and extend the SavVol

Answer : A

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Exam contains 125 questions

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