Networked Storage-NAS Installation and Troubleshooting Exam v5.0

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Exam contains 143 questions

At which network layer does a broadcast storm occur?

  • A. Network
  • B. Physical
  • C. Data Link
  • D. Transport

Answer : C

You have been engaged to replace an obsolete Celerra Data Mover with a new model.
Which web site provides current information on the procedure?

  • A. C4
  • B. NSG
  • C. Primus
  • D. NAS Support

Answer : D

A customer contacts you with an unfamiliar error he found in the Celerra log for server_2.
Which EMC resource should be used to research the error?

  • A. Avatar
  • B. Primus
  • C. Interop Guide
  • D. Celerra Website

Answer : B

How many Celerra/CLARiiON LUNs are created in a 8 + 1 RAID 5 configuration?

  • A. 2
  • B. 4
  • C. 6
  • D. 8

Answer : A

What is the status of Data Mover 2?
10 - slot_0 primary control station
5 -slot_2 contacted
5 -slot_3 contacted

  • A. reset
  • B. halted
  • C. running
  • D. rebooting

Answer : C

The EPO switch has been set to the off position on a running CFS14. What happens to the data held in cache on the Data Mover?

  • A. Data remains in cache.
  • B. Data is flushed to internal storage.
  • C. Data is flushed to external storage.
  • D. Data is flushed to the Control Station.

Answer : C

After the initial configuration of the Celerra, all of the clients can connect to the Data Mover.
However, the network performance is extremely poor. What is the most likely cause?

  • A. Misconfigured router
  • B. Invalid VLAN membership
  • C. Speed and Duplex mismatch
  • D. Too many members in the VLAN

Answer : C

When zoning the Data Mover how many WWNs are in a zone?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer : B

Click the Exhibit button.
During an NS series installation, when presented with the option to configure "LAN networking". Which configuration will selecting the "Yes" (default) or "No" option allow you to perform?

  • A. "Yes" to configure the Control Station and Data Mover internal network
  • B. "No" to allow the internal network to be configured by the installation script
  • C. "Yes" to configure the Control Station's network connection to the customer's network
  • D. "Yes" to configure the Control Station's internal network for communication with Data Mover(s)

Answer : C

Which command is used to view the current default route on a Data Mover?

  • A. server_route
  • B. server_ifconfig
  • C. server_sysstat
  • D. server_ipconfig

Answer : A

Which command is used to identify a primary Data Mover?

  • A. server_info
  • B. nas_server
  • C. nas_standby
  • D. server_standby

Answer : B

Click the Task button.
Match the ARPA layers to the correct letters in the diagram.

Answer :

At which OSI Layer does a Router operate?

  • A. Layer 1
  • B. Layer 2
  • C. Layer 3
  • D. Layer 4

Answer : C

A host has the following IP address and default gateway. Select the subnet mask that will allow the host to access remote networks.

IP address: -
default gateway:

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : A

What is done after completing a NAS code upgrade in a CIFS environment?

  • A. Re-export CIFS shares
  • B. Test CIFS access to shares
  • C. Restart CIFS with the server_setup command
  • D. Restart CIFS and then re-export the CIFS shares

Answer : B

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Exam contains 143 questions

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