networked storage-san specialist exam for storage admins v5.0

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Exam contains 116 questions

How many ISLs are required to implement an extended distance IP solution in a MDS-9509

  • A. 0
  • B. 2
  • C. 4
  • D. 6

Answer : A

Which MDS-9000 director/switch is capable of supporting the emerging 10Gb bandwidth?

  • A. 9140
  • B. 9216
  • C. 9509
  • D. 9549

Answer : C

Which two [2] statements apply to the MDS IP Storage Services Module?

  • A. Supports VSAN zoning
  • B. Requires ISLs to access storage ports
  • C. Supports host I/O traffic to both CLARiiON and Symmetrix
  • D. Supports both CLARiiON and Symmetrix remote replication technologies

Answer : A,D

Which three (3) are valid types of persistent bindings?

  • A. S_ID
  • B. D_ID
  • C. WWNN
  • D. WWPN

Answer : B,C,D

Which two [2] UNIX utilities are used to test network connectivity?

  • A. ping
  • B. ifconfig
  • C. nslookup
  • D. traceroute

Answer : A,D

Click the Exhibit button.
What is represented by data flow in the picture?

  • A. FCIP representation of remote DR
  • B. ISCSI representation of remote DR
  • C. FCIP representation of remote backup
  • D. ISCSI representation of remote backup

Answer : A

How many buffer-to-buffer (BB) credits can be used on ports 4-23 in a DS-24M2 switch?

  • A. 5
  • B. 12
  • C. 24
  • D. 60

Answer : A

Which CLI command is used for Device Masking?

  • A. fzone
  • B. symcfg
  • C. symmask
  • D. symconfig

Answer : C

Which native command on a B-series switch will provide data for EMC Customer Service?

  • A. showtech
  • B. supportshow
  • C. supportlogs
  • D. switchsupport

Answer : B

What is the recommended minimum amount of memory in a management station for an
EMC VisualSAN 4.0 installation in a mid-sized SAN?

  • A. 256 MB
  • B. 512 MB
  • C. 1 GB
  • D. 2 GB

Answer : C

What does the RCT_L frame field setting indicate?

  • A. The arbitrated frame size
  • B. Whether a primitive function has been requested
  • C. The sequence number of the frame in an ordered set
  • D. Whether the fame contains link control information or data

Answer : D

Click the Exhibit button.
In this implementation, gateways are used to connect existing Fibre Channel devices to an
IP network, and as such will include physical interfaces for which two [2] networks?

  • A. IP
  • B. ATM
  • C. Sonet
  • D. Fibre Channel

Answer : A,D

What does EMC VisualSAN 4.0 use to gather Brocade Switch information?

  • A. SNMP
  • B. Webtools
  • D. Navisphere CLI

Answer : A

In a McDATA environment, which software allows for I/O threshold alerts to be configured?

  • A. OnAlert
  • B. ENS GUI
  • C. FibreZone Bridge
  • D. Connectrix Manager

Answer : D

Which database service needs to be verified if EMC VisualSAN 4.0 displays errors on program start?

  • A. Oracle 8i
  • B. Informix 9
  • C. Sybase 11
  • D. SQL Server 2000

Answer : D

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Exam contains 116 questions

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