clariion solutions specialist exam for storage adminsitrator v5.0

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Exam contains 129 questions

How is the MirrorView Fracture Log configured?

  • A. Bind at least one unused LUN
  • B. Make sure LUNs are at least 128MB
  • C. The Fracture Log is automatically configured
  • D. Allocate SP Memory in the Memory tab of the Primary Storage System

Answer : C

How would you find the Navisphere Analyzer options in the Navisphere Manager GUI?

  • A. Click File, then Options, then Analyzer.
  • B. Expand the desired array and then expand the Analyzer tab.
  • C. Right click the desired array and then select Analyzer from the menu.
  • D. Enter Engineering Mode, then select Analyzer from the Engineering Mode menu.

Answer : C

Click the Task button. Match the characteristics with either Clones or Snapshots.

Answer :

Which design feature maintains data integrity?

  • A. All data is ECC protected in SP memory.
  • B. A checksum is applied to every sector of user data.
  • C. SNiiFFER runs in background and checks every other sector for errors.
  • D. Disks are formatted with 520 bytes/sector for user data plus 8 bytes/sector for data integrity.

Answer : B

What are two [2] steps critical for a single-HBA direct-attach host to a CLARiiON array?

  • A. Install PowerPath
  • B. Install HBA drivers
  • C. Change HBA settings
  • D. Install Navisphere Management Server

Answer : BC

At which level do you set the CLARiiON cache page size?

  • A. For each LUN
  • B. For Storage System
  • C. For read cache per Storage Processor
  • D. For write cache per Storage Processor

Answer : B

Which CLARiiON can have the most concurrent SAN Copy sessions activated?

  • A. CX300
  • B. CX400
  • C. CX500
  • D. CX700

Answer : D

Where must read cache be enabled for optimal host I/O?

  • A. In FLARE and on both Storage Processors
  • B. On the LUN and on both Storage Processors
  • C. On the LUN and on the CLARiiON vault drives
  • D. In FLARE and on the Storage Processor that owns the LUN

Answer : B

What are four [4] RAID Types supported by CLARiiON?

  • A. RAID 0
  • B. RAID 3
  • C. RAID 4
  • D. RAID 5
  • E. RAID S
  • F. RAID 1/0

Answer : A,B,D,F

Before Snapshots can be created, one or more LUNs must be configured in which way?

  • A. added to the private LUN storage group
  • B. as a snapshot cache pool shared by both SPs
  • C. for each SP which manages snapshot sessions
  • D. added to the same storage group as the source LUN

Answer : C

Which two [2] CLARiiON arrays do not support the installation of SAN Copy?

  • A. CX200
  • B. CX300
  • C. CX400
  • D. CX500
  • E. CX600
  • F. FC4700

Answer : AB

Which EMC product helps identify when storage capacity on a host will run out?

  • A. VisualSAN
  • B. VisualSRM
  • C. Navisphere Manager
  • D. Navisphere Analyzer

Answer : B

A user has expanded a CLARiiON LUN through concatenation. That LUN is formatted as a
Basic disk in Windows 2000. How would the user increase the size of that partition?

  • A. It's not possible
  • B. Use the diskpart.exe utility
  • C. Reboot the Windows host
  • D. Right-click on the volume in Disk Management and select Expand Option

Answer : B

What must occur before the write operation is acknowledged to the host in normal
MirrorView operation?

  • A. Link status must be checked
  • B. Fracture Log must be updated
  • C. Write is acknowledged on secondary array
  • D. Write Intent Log must be enabled for the Primary LUN

Answer : C

What are three [3] attributes of a Clone Private LUN?

  • A. Contains Fracture Logs.
  • B. Contains Write Intent Logs
  • C. Must be 128MB, or greater, in size.
  • D. Is assigned to one storage processor.
  • E. Shared by both storage processors simultaneously.

Answer : ACD

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Exam contains 129 questions

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