Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators v7.0

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Exam contains 182 questions

After acquiring a company 300 hundred miles from their current office a customer has asked EMC to help architect a single-hoop application recovery plan. After careful analysis of the workload and available bandwidth, SRDF/AR was selected as solution.
If the SRDF/AR cycle time is set to 60 minutes, what is the maximum potential data loss?

  • A. 1 hour of data
  • B. 15 hours of data
  • C. 2 hours of data
  • D. 3 hours of data

Answer : D

What is the maximum number of initiators allowed in a Symmetrix VMAX Initiator Group?

  • A. 8
  • B. 16
  • C. 32
  • D. 48

Answer : C

You have just installed Symmetrix Performance Analyzer (SPA) on a server which already had Symmetrix Management Console (SMC) installed and working. When one of your storage administrators launches SPA, they are only able to see three of the five Symmetrix arrays.
What do you need to do to allow the storage administrators to see the other two arrays in

  • A. Open Symmetrix Management Console and configure access privileges for the affected users
  • B. Upgrade the licensing from "Symmetrix Management Package" to "Symmetrix Management Package - Enhanced"
  • C. Uninstall SMC and SPA, and then reinstall SMAS using the correct license file when prompted
  • D. Open Symmetrix Management Console and enable performance monitoring for the missing arrays

Answer : A

After an extended outage of the primary site, a large number of invalid tracks have accumulated on the R2 devices. What can be done to minimize application response time impact when resuming production on the R1 devices?

  • A. Run an R1 update followed by a failback
  • B. Invalidate the tracks on R1, write-disable R1, and refresh R1
  • C. Run a restore command
  • D. Write-disable R2 and merge the track tables

Answer : A

Within a composite group, what happens to host writes for all devices when a Timefinder consistent split is performed?

  • A. I/O from the host is paused for a default of 5 milliseconds for all devices within the composite group.
  • B. /IO from the host is blocked until all devices in the composite group have completed their split operation
  • C. I/O from the host is queued to internal server disk devices for all devices within the composite group.
  • D. I/O from the host is stalled for all devices within the composite group until a restart command is issued

Answer : B

In addition to FAST VP tiers and FAST VP policies, what is the additional element of FAST

  • A. Storage Group with thin devices
  • B. Storage Group with standard devices
  • C. Storage Group with data devices
  • D. Storage Group with physical disks

Answer : A

What is an accurate statement about a TimeFinder Consistent Activate using Enginuity
Consistency Assist (ECA)?

  • A. ECA can be used in a mainframe environment
  • B. ECA uses PowerPath to hold host I/O
  • C. ECA only works with TimeFinder/Clone
  • D. ECA must be initiated from the host performing the I/O

Answer : A

The status of R1 and R2 devices after performing an SRDF restore operation?

  • A. R1 Read/Write; R2 Write Disabled
  • B. R1 Read/write; R2 Not Ready
  • C. R1 Write Disabled; R2 Read/Write
  • D. R1 and R2 Not Ready

Answer : C

A customer has executed the symclone create command with the -precopy option. The clone session was then activated. At this point, what is the state of the clone target device?

  • A. Read/Write Enabled (RW)
  • B. Not Ready (NR)
  • C. Read Only Enabled (RO)
  • D. Write Disabled (WD)

Answer : A

A customer has just purchased a symmetrix V-Max array and would like to allocate storage to several servers and allow for future growth minimal administration effort.
What symmetric V-max array feature would be the best solution for this implementation?

  • A. Virtual Matrix architecture
  • B. Virtual Provisioning
  • C. Virtual LUN
  • D. Dynamic LUN addressing

Answer : C

Which Open Replicator operation is supported when the Control device is a Virtual device?

  • A. Cold Push
  • B. Cold Pull
  • C. Hot Pull
  • D. Hot Push

Answer : A

Which device is used as a gatekeeper to the autoprovisioning database?

  • A. ACLX
  • B. VCM

Answer : A

A device group (DG) is created for all devices for Host A and Host B. How do you activate only the relevant devices for Host A, independent of Host B?

  • A. No symclone command can run against the DG that will activate only the devices for Host A
  • B. Run the symclone split command first and then run the activate command against the DG
  • C. Move the DG to Host A and then run the symclone activate command against the DG
  • D. Move the DG to Host A and then run the symclone recreate command against the DG

Answer : A

On a Symmetrix running Enginuity 5875, how many concurrent TimeFinder/Snap copy sessions can be created by default from a single source device?

  • A. 14
  • B. 15
  • C. 16
  • D. 64

Answer : A

You are planning to install Symmetrix Performance Analyzer (SPA) on a Microsoft
Windows host. You want to verify that SPA will be able to collect data from an attached
Symmetrix array. You will only be using the Advanced Diagnostics view for troubleshooting.
Which configuration setting do you need to check?

  • A. Solutions Enabler storstpd daemon is installed and running
  • B. Solutions Enabler storevntd daemon is installed and running
  • C. Solutions Enabler storsrmd daemon is installed and running
  • D. Solutions Enabler storsrvd daemon is installed and running

Answer : A

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Exam contains 182 questions

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