Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects v7.0

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An organization wants to provide its developers with the ability to deploy virtual machines.
These virtual machines have software and libraries installed that are used to develop applications. Each virtual machine will be configured with the same IP address and will be able to download application code from a central server. Which will be included in the design to support these requirements?

  • A. VSANs and virtual firewall appliances
  • B. VLANs and virtual firewall appliances
  • C. VLANs and virtual IDS appliances
  • D. VXLANs and an OS firewall

Answer : D

Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) is a proposed encapsulation protocol for running an overlay network on existing Layer 3 infrastructure. An overlay network is a virtual network that is built on top of existing network Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies to support elastic compute architectures. VXLAN will make it easier for network engineers to scale out a cloud computing environment while logically isolating cloud apps and tenants.

A cloud architect is expected to present a final cloud infrastructure design to an organization. The architect will meet with an organizations executives and discuss the physical design. Why might this to be the wrong time to present this design?

  • A. Physical designs are too high level for executives
  • B. Physical designs are too general for executives
  • C. Physical designs are too detailed for executives
  • D. Physical designs are too theoretical for executives

Answer : C

Which set of general criteria should the cloud architect consider when selecting a cloud management platform?

  • A. Multi-tenancy, API version, and cross-platform awareness
  • B. Hypervisor, hybrid cloud capabilities, and authentication
  • C. Geographic region, networked storage, and Internet access
  • D. Network storage, operating system drivers, and update services

Answer : B

At a bare minimum, new clouds must be able to access all the physical and virtual infrastructure within an organizationWindows, AIX, or mainframe; hypervisors like vSphere, KVM, and Hyper-V; as well as public clouds including Microsoft Azure, Amazon
Web Services (AWS), IBM SoftLayer, and more.
References: management-platforms/

An organization is developing a cloud-native social-media website. The website will be written using elastic principles. When the website scales, it can add additional web, application and database instances to meet dynamic workload demand.
Which additional resources will be consumed by replication as the database layer expands.

  • A. Public IP addresses, CPU, and memory
  • B. CPU, memory, and network traffic
  • C. Network traffic, public IP addresses, and CPU
  • D. Memory, network traffic, and public IP addresses

Answer : B

Which infrastructure does VCE Vblock represent?

  • A. Brownfield
  • B. Traditional
  • C. Hyper-converged
  • D. Converged

Answer : D

Vblock is the brand name VCE uses for racks containing the components of its data center products. Prepackaging, called converged infrastructure, allows customers to select preconfigured and integrated solutions, with predictable units of power, weight, cooling, and geometry for data center planning purposes.

What are general design considerations for inter-cloud links?

  • A. Internet connection, network service provider adjacent to the cloud provider, and application behavior
  • B. Router and load balancer session synchronization, Internet connection, and network service provideradjacent to the cloud provider
  • C. Application behavior, router and load balancer session synchronization, and Internet connection
  • D. Network service provider adjacent to the cloud provider, application behavior, and router and load balancersession synchronization

Answer : B

After developing prototype applications in the public cloud, developers determined that they want softwaredefined network functionality. Which ability will this requirement provide for the developers?

  • A. Programmatically provision an IPsec VPN tunnel between the public and private clouds
  • B. Programmatically migrate layer-3 access from aggregate to access switches
  • C. Programmatically control physical core network topologies
  • D. Programmatically provision physical network segments and services

Answer : D

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to computer networking that allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of higher-level functionality. This is done by decoupling the system that makes decisions about where traffic is sent (the control plane) from the underlying systems that forward traffic to the selected destination (the data plane).

During an assessment for an organizations cloud design, a cloud architect discovers that developers will be creating applications for tenants. The applications will self-scale based on an internal trigger. The architect has included cloud management platform (CMP) components in the design that will support this requirement. To meet this requirement, what else should the cloud architect consider?

  • A. Mechanisms exist for assigning IP addresses and updating DNS
  • B. Mechanisms exist for changing host CPU over-commitment ratios
  • C. A CMP account with elevated privileges exists that can be shared with developers
  • D. Component APIs are located on an isolated network

Answer : B

An organization wants to include performance monitoring in their cloud environment.
However, they want to minimize the number of accounts and passwords that must be created on target devices and sent across the network.
Which monitoring solution should a cloud architect recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. Proxy
  • B. Agent-based
  • C. Agentless
  • D. Central

Answer : D

An organization wants to enable consumers to deploy IaaS and PaaS instances from a service catalog. These instances will all be deployed on a specific hypervisor. The organization has informed you that they want to use a preferred server vendor when building their new private cloud. What must be confirmed about the design?

  • A. Server hardware is compatible with PaaS solution
  • B. Server hardware is on the hypervisor vendor’s compatibility list
  • C. Server hardware is supported by the service catalog solution
  • D. IaaS instances have the compatible drivers for the physical server hardware

Answer : D

Explanation: Section: (none)

Explanation -

An organization wants to provide backup services in the cloud. They have no backup infrastructure in place. The organization has concerns about losing data if a site disaster occurs. They want to maintain control of backup data placement because of data privacy laws. Finally, they want to maintain at least one months worth of backups onsite.
Which backup solution will meet these requirements?

  • A. Local backup
  • B. Remote backups
  • C. Local backup with replication
  • D. Local backups with cloud gateway

Answer : D

Cloud gateway allows EMC customers to move on-premise data from EMC arrays to public cloud storage providers. Clod gateway facilitate data migration from on-premises to a public cloud storage service to create a true hybrid cloud storage environment.
Cloud gateways such as Riverbeds SteelStore (formally known as Whitewater) can act as a local backup target for funneling data to a storage cloud for offsite storage.
References: gateways_will_accelerate_data_migration_to_the_cloud

Which type of storage is optimal for high performance and low latency applications?

  • A. File
  • B. Object
  • C. Block
  • D. Cluster

Answer : C

Block storage has been king of the hill for performance-centric applications.
References: from-file-and-block-storage

An organization is considering the use of a cloud gateway to backup services to a public cloud. They will use their existing backup application. What is a design consideration?

  • A. Ensuring the cloud storage provider is using the same compression algorithm as the backup software
  • B. Ensuring data is encrypted and key management is defined
  • C. Ensuring the cloud storage provider is using the same PKI solution as the organization
  • D. Ensuring the backup application supports the same authentication mechanism as the public cloud provider

Answer : B

A cloud architect is evaluating an organizations need to support thousands of virtual machine instances and some form of encryption. Which encryption type should be selected and why?

  • A. Storage array encryption to provide centralized management
  • B. Full file systems encryption to simplify key management
  • C. Network-based encryption to increase security at the cost of server overhead
  • D. Self-encrypting storage devices to increase security at the cost of increased overhead

Answer : B

Ian organization wants to protect the cloud management platform (CMP) from loss due to a site disaster. To support this requirement, the completed cloud design deliverables include the processes and procedures for restoring CMP functionality.
What other item should be included in the deliverables to support this requirement?

  • A. Recovery validation and verification processes
  • B. Data abstraction keys
  • C. List of all consumer service IP addresses
  • D. Document containing the data encryption keys

Answer : A

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Exam contains 64 questions

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