Dell SC Series Storage Professional Exam v10.0

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An engineer needs to install an LSI9206 SAS card in an existing SC8000 system that runs version 6.1.
Which step should the technician take to install this IO module?

  • A. As a hot-add card, install the card in any slot without powering down the controller.
  • B. Make sure that slots 1, 2, or3 are available because the card can NOT be installed in a full-height slot.
  • C. Download the LSI 9206 firmware from the Compellent portal to apply to the card.
  • D. Update the SCOS to version 6.3 because this is the minimum version for this card to run.

Answer : C

What should be selected on the IO card change wizard during an upgrade if the slot/port combination is no longer used?

  • A. IO card changed
  • B. IO card has been removed
  • C. Configure IO card
  • D. Configure new zone

Answer : C

A customer needs to monitor their database volumes to make sure the storage capacity does NOT exceed the desired limits.
What should the engineer do to automate this monitoring for the database volumes?

  • A. create an automated disk class report
  • B. create alert monitoring via charting tab
  • C. create a Threshold Query
  • D. create a Threshold Definition

Answer : D


An engineer has configured the storage array for single redundancy across all three tiers in the system. A change in business requirements is forcing the engineer to convert from single redundancy to dual redundancy. The engineer is evaluating whether to use the dual redundant RAID 6 with a stripe width of 6 or 10.
Why should the engineer choose a stripe width of 10?

  • A. RAID 6-10 has a lower write I/O penalty.
  • B. RAID 6-6 has a higher read I/O penalty.
  • C. RAID 6-10 has higher space efficiency.
  • D. RAID 6-6 has a lower drive rebuild time.

Answer : C

Immediately after creating a volume, which workflow disables the Dynamic Capacity on a specific volume?

  • A. Within system properties, uncheck the item “Dynamic Capacity”.
  • B. Within volume properties, uncheck the option “Thin Provision”.
  • C. Right-click on the desired volume and select “Preallocate Storage”.
  • D. Right-click on the volume and select “Disable ThinProvision”.

Answer : C

An engineer is investigating network congestion on the iSCSI network and finds pause frames are rapidly incrementing on all host and ISL switch ports, but NOT on the array switch ports. All switch ports are configured for both send and receive flow control.
What should the engineer conclude?

  • A. Flow control is disabled on the array.
  • B. High TCP/IP retransmits are causing pause frames.
  • C. The ISL bandwidth is exceeded.
  • D. Spanning tree convergence is pausing IO.

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit.
A Storage Center installation has recently been completed as shown.
How much space is unusable for volumes?

  • A. 4.2 TB
  • B. 771.91 MB
  • C. 14.08 TB
  • D. 771.75 MB

Answer : A

During the setup wizard, which two advanced options are available when creating a disk folder? (Choose two.)

  • A. Import from External Disk
  • B. RAID stripe width
  • C. Tier Redundancy
  • D. Data Page Size

Answer : CD

Refer to the exhibit.
A technician is performing an SC8000 ISO update to the latest SCOS version. The technician logs into the iDRAC, selects the ISO file, and reboots the controller. The screen appears as shown.
What should be the technicians next step?

  • A. Type “Maintenance” and press “Enter” to provide a menu of installation choices.
  • B. Type “Installer” and press “Enter” to show a Maintenance menu.
  • C. Type “Setup” and press “Enter” for a menu of update options.
  • D. Type Exit andpress Enter to reset the controller and allow access to the Boot Manager menu.

Answer : B

An engineer needs to use a set of commands to initialize a new SC8000 with serial numbers 12345 & 12346 from the CLI.
Which initial set of commands should the engineer choose?

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer : C

The administrator notices that some disks show as down intermittently. The disks are all in the same enclosure.
What is the problem?

  • A. Each disk drive must be replaced.
  • B. The enclosure is powered off.
  • C. The SAS cable is NOT fully seated.
  • D. The Disk folder is NOT properly configured.

Answer : C

An engineer needs to configure a VMware host. According to best practice, the engineer needs to enable a feature by changing the variables QFullSampleSize and QFullThreshold.
The engineer sets those two parameters to the value of 0 in VMware ESXi 5.1 Patch 1 and later versions.
Which feature is enabled?

  • A. Adaptive queue depth
  • B. Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)
  • C. Asymmetric logical unit access (ALUA)
  • D. Priority Flow Control (PFC)

Answer : A

At times of high congestion, VMware has an adaptive queue depth algorithm that can be enabled with the QFullSampleSize and QFullThreshold variables. These variables aid in relieving the congestion by dynamically reducing and increasing the LUN queue depth. Due to the architecture of SC Series storage, enabling these settings is not recommended unless under the guidance of Dell Copilot Support or Dell Support

Refer to the exhibit.
The user expires Replay 2.
Which page(s) are deleted?

  • A. A1
  • B. B, D, and E
  • C. A1 and C1
  • D. C1

Answer : A

An engineer needs to perform a data migration.
What should the engineer do to prevent Tier 1 storage from filling and causing poor performance?

  • A. use the “Copy to Tier” function to move data from Tier 1 to Tier 3
  • B. use the “Headroom”attribute for the Tier 1 disk folder to make more space
  • C. use the “Import to Lowest Tier” attribute for the volumes
  • D. use the “Re-route Migration Data” attribute for the Tier 1 disk folder

Answer : C

Which three items should be entered to generate a SSL certificate? (Choose three.)

  • A. Storage Center eth1 IP address(es)
  • B. DNS Server IPaddress(es)
  • C. Storage Center Management IP address
  • D. Storage Center eth0 IP address(es)
  • E. DNS Host Name(s)

Answer : C,D,E

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Exam contains 127 questions

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