Building Applications with and Visualforce v5.1

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Exam contains 386 questions

Master Detail Relationship can contain a standard object on the detail side.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : A

Data and process-centric applications are best suited for

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : A

List the types of resources available to use in a flow (6 items)

Answer : Variable Constant Formula Text Template Choice Dynamic Choice

Describe some situations where you might use the Developer Console or the Debug log to troubleshoot automated actions.

Answer : The field update may be working, but an Apex trigger may be overwriting the update. A record submitted for If there are multiple approval processes on a single object, users record may be meeting the criteria for both, and the order may need to be changed.

Which users can grant sharing privileges on a given record? (Select all that apply)

  • A. System Administrators
  • B. Manager
  • C. Owner of the record
  • D. Users above the owner of the record in the role hierarchy
  • E. Users below the owner in the role hierarchy

Answer : ACD

When setting up a validation rule, you must write the error condition formula and the_____________

Answer : Error message

List the 3 Declarative Application building blocks of Business Logic.

Answer : 1. Workflow 2. Validation Rules 3. Approval Processes

What is the maximum number of lookup fields you can have in a single object?

Answer : 25

What is the most restrictive Organization-wide default?

  • A. Read/Write
  • B. Read Only
  • C. Private
  • D. Hidden

Answer : C

In a multistep process, when do you decide the decision criteria and approval assignment?

  • A. Creating initial submission actions
  • B. Defining recall actions
  • C. Deciding step definition
  • D. Setting final approval actions

Answer : C

How should you use permissions sets in conjunction with profiles to grant access permissions?

Answer : Use profiles to assign the most restrictive access settings Use Permission sets to grant additional permissions.

Encrypted fields can be edited regardless of whether you have the "View Encrypted Data" permission.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : A

What is the Declarative Interface?

Answer : A browser based powerful point and click tool. It makes configuring, customizing and building applications quick and easy.

What does Field History Tracking do?

Answer : It tracks modification to any standard or custom field, whose history is set to be tracked in the object's history related list

What can be done with Visualforce?

Answer : Create pages with custom look and feel

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Exam contains 386 questions

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