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A number of options have been suggested for the level of independence to be employed for the testing on the next project, and are shown below. i. External test specialists perform non-functional testing. ii. Testing is outsourced. iii. Testing is carried out by the developer. iv. A separate test team carries out the testing. v. Testing is performed by the business. vi. Testing is performed by a different developer.
Which of the following orders the above in a correct order of independence? 1 credit

  • A. i, ii, iv, vi
  • B. ii, i, v, vi
  • C. ii, v, i, iii
  • D. i, iv, v, vi

Answer : B

Which of the following is a valid drawback of independent testing? 1 credit

  • A. Developer and independent testing will overlap and waste resources.
  • B. Developers loose the sense of responsibility and independent testers may become a bottleneck.
  • C. Independent testers need extra education and always cost more.
  • D. Independent testers will become a bottleneck and introduce problems in incident management.

Answer : B

Based on the information given in the scenario, identify how the team could be improved most effectively? 2 credits

  • A. By providing training in the payroll domain
  • B. By providing a workshop on test design techniques
  • C. By providing specific training on the systems being tested
  • D. By providing training on reviewing requirements

Answer : B

Which of the following team roles would be most appropriate to enhance the team and why? 2 credits

  • A. A person with the ability to complete tasks
  • B. A quality assurance officer
  • C. A person with in-depth technical skills
  • D. A person who brings new ideas to the team

Answer : D

You are considering involving users during test execution. In general, what is the main reason for involving users during test execution? 1 credit

  • A. They are a cheap resource
  • B. They have good testing skills
  • C. This can serve as a way to build their confidence in the system
  • D. They have the ability to also focus on invalid test cases

Answer : C

In addition to introducing the new team member, you have decided to raise motivation.
Which of the measures listed below would be the best measure to take in order to increase the motivation of the team? 2 credits

  • A. Provide more time for testing in the schedule
  • B. Allow people to take some time off
  • C. Introduce entry criteria to the testing phase
  • D. Organize a meeting with senior management in which they address the importance of good testing for this project

Answer : D

Evaluate the status of the project against the defined exit criteria. Which of the following options shows the correct status? 2 credits

  • A. Criteria A = OK, criteria B = OK, criteria C = OK
  • B. Criteria A = NOT OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = OK
  • C. Criteria A = OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = NOT OK
  • D. Criteria A = NOT OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = NOT OK

Answer : B

You have investigated different possibilities and selected four of them to present to IT management. Which of the proposals will you most likely give your highest recommendations? 3 credits

  • A. Insourcing of test automation based on an offer from a local company ABC that has people who are specialists in system level capture-replay automation tools and they also do regular training courses in test automation methods and tools. They can then work closely with Vicki.
  • B. Outsourcing of test automation based on an offer from an Asian company, AsiaAutoTest, which has people who are specialists in system level capture-replay automation tools. They also offer training and besides they offer to run and maintain the regression tests in the future.
  • C. Internal offer from the development department of XYZ to create the regression package using CppUnit as test automation tool. One of the development groups have very good experiences in automating unit tests, and they are willing to do training as well.
  • D. Solution from a tool vendor offering to educate two test team members in the use of their easy-to-use test automation capture replay tool over the first 3 month and based on that build the regression test suite. In addition to Vicki, Steve is the only one that has time available to be educated.

Answer : A

Instead of having an independent test team within the company, the company is considering to outsource testing. What are THREE key challenges that are typical for outsourcing? 1 credit
A. Test environment more complex
B. Define expectation for tasks and deliverables
C. Clear channels of communications

D. Possibly different cultures -
E. Testing of non-functional requirements
F. Audit trail from requirements to test cases

G. Applying test automation -

Answer : B,C,D Topic 7, Scenario 7 "Test Estimation" You have been contracted to manage the acceptance testing of a new computer-based reservation system for a travel agency. You have provided an approximate budget estimate for the testing project based on previous experience with similar sized projects. However, the management of the parent company of the travel agency will not commit to the budget until detailed cost estimates are provided. The reservation system is being developed by a third party However, detailed specifications of the software are available, as well as an estimate of the total effort that will be spent in developing the software. The software is to be delivered in four increments, and the functionality to be delivered in each increment has already been agreed on.

Identify THREE items that would be part of the work-breakdown structure showing the key testing activities for the acceptance test project. 2 credits (for 2 out of 3 correct 1 credit)

  • A. Test planning, test case preparation and test execution for each of the four iterations
  • B. Work should be explicitly allocated to test completion, test management, installation and to training on using the system
  • C. Activities to deploy the system in the user environment
  • D. Regression testing in the second, third and fourth iterations
  • E. Development activities for unit and integration testing
  • F. Reviews on requirements documentation
  • G. Defining test environment requirements for system testing

Answer : ABD

In general which part of the testing activity is most difficult to estimate? 1 credit

  • A. Test planning
  • B. Test execution
  • C. Test management
  • D. Test design

Answer : B

In general, why is it NOT a good idea to estimate the testing effort based only on a percentage of development effort? Identify THREE valid reasons. 1 credit

  • A. The quality of the development estimate may be poor.
  • B. In general bottom-up estimation is always better than top-down estimation.
  • C. The percentage based technique only applies to the V life cycle model.
  • D. Using the same percentage every time does not address the level of risk of the application to be tested.
  • E. The maturity of the organization, e.g. the quality of the test basis, quality of development testing, configuration management, availability of test tools, also influence the effort needed for testing.
  • F. It builds on large set of historical data
  • G. The result is almost always a too low estimate for the required test effort

Answer : A,D,E

Which aspect in the test estimate is the main risk in this project? 1 credit

A. Quality of the specification -

B. Availability of end-users -
C. The costs of hardware and tools
D. Unknown input quality due to third party development

Answer : D Topic 8, Scenario 8, V2 "Test Proems Improvement' You have raised the issue that improving the testing process is also dependent on the status of the software development process.

Model characteristics:
Which THREE of the below mentioned characteristics relate to TMMi? 1 credit

  • A. 5 maturity levels
  • B. Focussed on higher level testing
  • C. 20 key areas
  • D. Highly related to CMMI
  • E. Continuous model
  • F. Staged model
  • G. Focussed on component and integration testing
  • H. Is build around 12 critical testing processes

Answer : ADF

The test improvement project will take place in an organization developing a safety-critical avionics application. Which one of the following standards do you believe would be most appropriate to take into account for compliance during your assignment? 1 credit

  • A. ISO 9126
  • B. IEEE 829
  • C. BS 7925/2
  • D. DO-178B

Answer : D

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Exam contains 65 questions

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