ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018 v1.0

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Tests have been specified for the latest software release and users have prioritised these.
However, there are some dependencies between tests as shown in the table below (e.g. Test ID. '123' cannot be run until Test ID. '456' has been successfully completed).

Which test execution schedule best meets the prioritisation and dependency conditions?

  • A. 3, 5, 7, 10, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 1.
  • B. 5, 7, 4, 3, 9, 10, 1, 6, 8, 2.
  • C. 6, 1, 2, 9, 4, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10.
  • D. 1, 4, 3, 5, 2, 7, 9, 10, 6, 8.

Answer : D

Testing effort can depend on a number of factors, which one of the following is MOST likely to impact the amount of effort required?

  • A. The predicted number of defects and the amount of rework required.
  • B. The ratio of developers to testers in the project team.
  • C. The planned use of a project management tool to schedule tasks.
  • D. The responsibilities for testers and developers being clearly defined.

Answer : C

Which one of the following statements about techniques for estimating test effort is correct?

  • A. The metrics-based technique finds the most similar former project and uses its original estimate for the current project.
  • B. The expert-based approach is based on the experience of the owners of the testing tasks or by subject matter experts.
  • C. The metrics-based technique uses metrics supplied by the current test team based on their subjective feel for effort required.
  • D. In an expert-based approach, the test lead with the most years in the role is chosen to produce the estimate.

Answer : B

Which of the following would NOT typically be covered in a test summary report?

  • A. The risks associated with unresolved defects found during testing.
  • B. Any features of the system that were not tested along with reasons.
  • C. Whether there is any economic benefit in continuing testing beyond the planned date.
  • D. An analysis of lessons learned to determine changes for future projects.

Answer : C

Which of the following BEST describes how configuration management supports the test process?

  • A. It enables the tester to reproduce the tested item through unique identification and version control.
  • B. It enables the tester to systematically design test conditions, cases and data.
  • C. It enables incidents to be tracked from discovery and classification to correction and confirmation of the solution.
  • D. It helps the test manager to decide how best to integrate and coordinate the testing activities into the software life cycle.

Answer : A

Which option BEST describes how the level of risk is determined?

  • A. The likelihood of an adverse event happening multiplied by the cost of preventing it.
  • B. The consequences of potential problem multiplied by the cost of possible legal action.
  • C. The impact of an adverse event multiplied by the likelihood of that event occurring.
  • D. The likelihood and the probability of a hazard occurring.

Answer : C

Which of the following are product risks?
a) Failure prone software delivered.
b) Software does not perform its intended functions.
c) Insufficient staff available for testing.
d) Test environment not ready on time.
e) Poor data integrity and quality.

  • A. b, c and e.
  • B. b, d and e.
  • C. a, b and e.
  • D. b, c and d.

Answer : C

Your agile project has scheduled a final sprint before release to fix and re-test all open defects with a priority level of 3 or above.
The following defect report shows the defect fields that are currently being captured on the system.
Title: Unable to add excursions to pre-paid cruises

Date raised: 21/05/18 -

Author: Emma Rigby -

Status: Fixed -
What occurred: I went to book an excursion for a pre-paid cruise but received an error message saying, 'Facility not available'. I can book excursions on cruises that have not yet been fully paid.
What should have occurred: Requirement 3.12 says clearly that customers can add excursions after cruises have been fully paid so the facility should have been available (when an additional amount may now need to be paid).

Priority: 2 -

Software build: 2.1 -

Test level: System test -
Environment details: System test 3
Which of ONE of the following additional defect report fields would be MOST beneficial for the sprint team to add?

  • A. Severity.
  • B. Test Script Id.
  • C. Actual results.
  • D. Expected results.

Answer : A

An issue has been found in a production system, where a code component fails to release memory after it has finished using it. Which of the following tools would have been the MOST effective at detecting this defect during Performance testing?

  • A. Dynamic analysis tool.
  • B. Test Execution tool.
  • C. Configuration management tool.
  • D. Coverage measurement tool.

Answer : A

You have been asked to improve the way test automation tools are being used in your company. Which one of the following is the BEST approach?

  • A. Selecting and automating scripts that test new functionality to find the most defects.
  • B. Using a keyword-driven testing approach to separate the actions and data from the toolג€™s script.
  • C. Ensuring that all data, inputs and actions are stored in the toolג€™s script for ease of maintenance.
  • D. Keeping expected results separate from the automation tool to allow the testers to check the results.

Answer : A

What one of the following would be a typical objective of running a pilot project when introducing a new tool into an organization?

  • A. To establish whether the tool is available for a free trial period (and for how long).
  • B. To provide training, coaching, and mentoring for users of the tool.
  • C. To develop a clear set of requirements and objective criteria against which the tool can be evaluated.
  • D. To evaluate how the tool fits with existing processes and practices, and determining what would need to change.

Answer : D

Which of the following is a direct benefit of maintaining traceability between the test basis and test work products?

  • A. The ability to give meaningful names to documents.
  • B. The ability to analyse the impact of changes.
  • C. The ability to identify the author of each document.
  • D. The ability to determine the best test design approach.

Answer : B

Which of the following apply to System Testing?

a) May satisfy legal requirements.
b) Can use system specifications as a test basis.
c) Often the responsibility of business users.
d) Test objects include recovery systems and hot sites.
e) Should focus on the communication between systems.

  • A. a, c.
  • B. b, d.
  • C. a, b.
  • D. c, e.

Answer : B

Which two of the following events would represent triggers for maintenance testing?

a) Upgrading the production system’s database for the latest Oracle release. b) Migrating tests from a spreadsheet to the new test management tool. c) An urgent fix to a new application before its initial release to production. d) Simplifying the requirements to make them easier to analyse and review. e) Retirement of a live application that no longer has business benefit.

  • A. a and d.
  • B. a and e.
  • C. c and d.
  • D. c and e.

Answer : B

The following checklist has been produced to help reviewers detect defects with user stories:

Use Story Checklist:
1. The user story must have a unique identifier.
2. The user story must contain the user/customer.
3. The user story must contain the need.
4. The user story must contain the reason.
5. The user story must contain testable acceptance criteria.

Using the checklist above what is wrong with the following user story?

User story: US2018 -
As a bank account customer, I would like to transfer money from one account to another using the mobile banking application by using the drag and drop feature.
This is acceptable when:
• I can drag and drop from one account to another and select any of the pre-defined amounts.
• I can drag and drop from one account to another and type in any positive amount.
• Once I confirm the details the amount is debited from the first account and credited to the second account.

  • A. The acceptance criteria are not testable.
  • B. The user story does not contain the customer.
  • C. The user story does not contain the reason.
  • D. The user story does not contain the unique identifier.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 56 questions

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