Certified Scrum Master (CSM) v7.0

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Which three activities will a Product Owner likely engage in during a Sprint?

  • A. Run the daily Scrum
  • B. Answer questions from the Development Team about items in the current Sprint
  • C. Update the Sprint burndown chart
  • D. Work with the stakeholders
  • E. Prioritize the Development Team's activities.
  • F. Provide feedback

Answer : B,D,F

What artifact shows actual versus planned progress?

  • A. What artifact shows actual versus planned progress?
  • B. Burndown Chart
  • C. Task Breakdown

Answer : B

Which topics should be discussed in the Sprint Review?

  • A. the process
  • B. coding practices
  • C. all of the above
  • D. Sprint results

Answer : D

Which statement best describes Scrum?

  • A. A framework within which complex products in complex environments are developed
  • B. A defined and predictive process that conforms to the principles of Scientific Management
  • C. A cookbook that defines best practices for software development
  • D. A complete methodology that defines how to develop software

Answer : A

When is the Sprint Backlog created?

  • A. At the beginning of the project
  • B. Prior to the Sprint Planning meeting
  • C. During the Sprint
  • D. During the Sprint Planning meeting

Answer : B

Please select which statement is the most accurate:

  • A. Agile Development is an implementation of Scrum
  • B. Scrum is an implementation of Agile Development Scrum uma implementao do Desenvolvimento gil
  • C. Agile Development and Scrum are synonyms for the same methodology
  • D. Agile Development and Scrum are contrasting methodologies

Answer : B

Which of the following statements best explains what the term Sprint means in Scrum?

  • A. A sprint is a specific amount of days for a team to test and resolve any issues prior to product release orshipment
  • B. A sprint is a specific amount of days for a team to work at a sustainable pace to finish select work.
  • C. A sprint is an agreed upon period of time for team members to select individual items from the productbacklog to work on.
  • D. A sprint is a specific amount of days for a team to work as many hours as needed to finish assigned work

Answer : B

When should the Product Owner ship or implement a Sprint increment?

  • A. At the end of every Sprint
  • B. When the Team feels is done with every Sprint
  • C. Whenever the increment is free of defects
  • D. When it makes sense

Answer : D

What is the major difference between Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog?

  • A. The Product Backlog is equal to the Sprint Backlog
  • B. The Product Backlog is a subset of the Sprint Backlog
  • C. The Sprint Backlog is a subset of the Product Backlog
  • D. The Sprint Backlog is owned by the Product Owner

Answer : C

You are the Scrum Master and the very first Sprint will complete in 5 days. You are creating a meeting invite forthe Sprint Review to demo the items completed in the Sprint. Who should you invite as a required attendee tothe Sprint Review?
1. Product Owner(s)
2. Development Team
3. Business Users

  • A. 1, 2, and 3
  • B. 1 and 2 only
  • C. The entire company
  • D. 1 only

Answer : B

Who is ultimate responsible for the Product Backlog item estimates?

  • A. The Development Team
  • B. Scrum Master
  • C. Stakeholders
  • D. Project Owner

Answer : D

The individual, detailed pieces of work that are needed to convert a product backlog item into a working software component or solution are called:

  • A. User Stories
  • B. Use cases
  • C. Line items
  • D. Tasks

Answer : D

What is the maximum amount of time that the team should spend in the daily scrum?

  • A. As long as it takes
  • B. 1 hour
  • C. 45 minutes
  • D. 15 minutes
  • E. 15 minutes, proportionally less for shorter Sprints

Answer : D

Development Team members volunteer to own a Sprint Backlog item:
Os membros da equipe de desenvolvimento voluntrio de possuir um item do Sprint

  • A. During the Daily Scrum
  • B. Whenever a team member can accommodate more work
  • C. Never. All Sprint Backlog Items are "owned" by the entire Development Team, even though each one maybe done by an individual team member
  • D. At the Sprint planning meeting

Answer : C

Which of the following is not a Scrum Master responsibility?

  • A. Establish priorities together with product owner for Product Backlog items
  • B. Preventing Senior Management from shifting team priorities
  • C. Empowering the team
  • D. Socializing scrum throughout the organization

Answer : B

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Exam contains 82 questions

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