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Exam contains 671 questions

To establish the direction an organization’s first strategic planning initiative should take, the organization should first create:

  • A. A mission statement.
  • B. Organizational objectives.
  • C. A vision statement.
  • D. Action plans.

Answer : C

An organization’s environmental scanning process has uncovered the following:
They have an underutilized core competency.
Their research and development capability is well recognized.
Retention of their best performers is a problem.
A new technology from another country can be employed in developing a whole new product family.
What technique/tool was most likely used to categorize and analyze these and other similar data?

  • A. Priorities matrix
  • B. Process map
  • C. Quality function deployment
  • D. SWOT analysis

Answer : D

The role of the quality function in supporting strategic plans could include all but which of the following?

  • A. Institute and enforce a quality policy across all organizational functions.
  • B. Lead the implementation of an ISO 9001 QMS, as identified in the strategic plan.
  • C. Advise other functions in the setting of quality objectives that are linked to the organization’s strategic plan.
  • D. Facilitate the deployment of the voice of the customer throughout the organization.

Answer : A

In preparation for strategic planning, organizations should look closely at their industry to determine:
I: The amount of excess capacity.
II: Which competitors might join forces and become a greater threat.
III: How employees perceive competitor advertisements.
IV: What changes in regulatory requirements are likely to occur.

  • A. I and II
  • B. II and III
  • C. I, II, and IV
  • D. I, II, III, and IV

Answer : C

Scenario planning is used for:

  • A. Deciding which continuous improvement project recommendations to implement first.
  • B. Determining which method of financial analysis to use.
  • C. Envisioning several alternative strategic viewpoints.
  • D. Analyzing the results of a SWOT analysis.

Answer : C

The preferred technique/tool used to determine the strategies of organizations serving the same market as your own organization is:

  • A. Competitive analysis.
  • B. Benchmarking.
  • C. Industry trade association data research.
  • D. Survey of competitor ’s customers.

Answer : A

A stakeholder analysis would:

  • A. Determine the appropriate dividend amount to be distributed to shareholders.
  • B. Assess the feasibility of a partnership with a key supplier.
  • C. Provide the basis to recommend the best strategy for dealing with pressure from a competitor.
  • D. Delineate the outputs and outcomes needed by customers and regulatory agencies affecting the business.

Answer : D

Future technology advancements can affect:
I: The services the organization provides.
II: The speed of communications and the response time expected.
III: The mass obsolescence of major existing products and processes.
IV: The increased human competence required to design processes that effectively utilize the advanced technology available.

  • A. I, II, and IV only
  • B. II only
  • C. I and IV only
  • D. I, II, III, and IV

Answer : D

In developing a private college’s balanced scorecard, which four of the following information categories would be best to consider?

I: Alumni contributions -

II: Current student enrollments -
III: Percentage of students graduated

IV: Faculty competence level -
V: Academic rating among competitors

VI: Cash flow -
VII: New and/or updated programs under development

  • A. III, IV, V, VI
  • B. I, II, III, VI
  • C. I, IV, V, VII
  • D. II, III, V, VI

Answer : A

The most critical consideration in the deployment of strategic plans is:

  • A. Sufficient resources can be made available to carry out the plans.
  • B. The strategic goals do not exceed the present organization’s capabilities.
  • C. Middle management agrees with senior management that the strategic objectives are achievable.
  • D. A process for tracking and measuring achievement of strategic goals is in place.

Answer : A

Of the following core values and concepts, which would be the most critical to apply to a newly mandated state emergency management agency?

I: Visionary leadership -

II: Customer-driven excellence -

III: Agility -

IV: Focus on the future -
V: Focus on results and creating value

VI: Management by fact -
VII: Managing for innovation

  • A. I, III, V, VII
  • B. II, V, VI
  • C. I, III, IV, V, VI, VII
  • D. V, VI

Answer : C

Knowledge and application of which of the following management theories and styles would be most useful to a manager dealing with an employee who is performing poorly?

I: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs -
II: Herzberg’s two-factor theory
III: McGregor ’s theory X and theory Y
IV: Kolb’s experiential learning model
V: Behavior management — A–B–C analysis
VI: Hersey-Blanchard’s situational leadership model
VII: Senge’s systems thinking

  • A. II, IV, VII
  • B. I, II, V, VI
  • C. I, III
  • D. IV, VII

Answer : B

Typical tools used as aids in selecting members for a process improvement team are:

  • A. DiSC and MBTI.
  • B. MBTI and process mapping.
  • C. Root cause analysis and fishbone chart.
  • D. Brainstorming and affinity diagram.

Answer : A

Organizational components that not only support other internal functions but also support external stakeholders are:

  • A. Information technology and human resources.
  • B. Finance and customer service.
  • C. Engineering and R&D
  • D. Marketing and quality.

Answer : B

Two human resource functions that typically are shared with other organizational components are:

  • A. Unemployment and relocation administration.
  • B. Union contract negotiation and OSHA compliance assessment.
  • C. Staffing and training.
  • D. Compensation and benefits administration.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 671 questions

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