Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) v1.0

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Which aspect of cloud computing will be most negatively impacted by vendor lock-in?

  • A. Elasticity
  • B. Reversibility
  • C. Interoperability
  • D. Portability

Answer : D

A cloud customer utilizing proprietary APIs or services from one cloud provider that are unlikely to be available from another cloud provider will most negatively impact portability.

Which of the following APIs are most commonly used within a cloud environment?

  • A. REST and SAML
  • B. SOAP and REST
  • C. REST and XML
  • D. XML and SAML

Answer : B

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (REST) are the most commonly used APIs within a cloud environment. Extensible
Markup Language (XML) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) are both standards for exchanging encoded data between two parties, with XML being for more general use and SAML focused on authentication and authorization data.

Which of the following attempts to establish an international standard for eDiscovery processes and best practices?

  • A. ISO/IEC 31000
  • B. ISO/IEC 27050
  • C. ISO/IEC 19888
  • D. ISO/IEC 27001

Answer : B

ISO/IEC 27050 strives to establish an internationally accepted standard for eDiscovery processes and best practices. It encompasses all steps of the eDiscovery process: identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, analysis, and the final production of the requested data.

Which of the following roles is responsible for obtaining new customers and securing contracts and agreements?

  • A. Inter-cloud provider
  • B. Cloud service broker
  • C. Cloud auditor
  • D. Cloud service developer

Answer : B

The cloud service broker is responsible for obtaining new customers, analyzing the marketplace, and securing contracts and agreements.

Which term relates to the application of scientific methods and practices to evidence?

  • A. Forensics
  • B. Methodical
  • C. Theoretical
  • D. Measured

Answer : A

Forensics is the application of scientific and methodical processes to identify, collect, preserve, analyze, and summarize/report digital information and evidence.

Which of the following roles involves the provisioning and delivery of cloud services?

  • A. Cloud service deployment manager
  • B. Cloud service business manager
  • C. Cloud service manager
  • D. Cloud service operations manager

Answer : C

The cloud service manager is responsible for the delivery of cloud services, the provisioning of cloud services, and the overall management of cloud services.

What is the primary reason that makes resolving jurisdictional conflicts complicated?

  • A. Different technology standards
  • B. Costs
  • C. Language barriers
  • D. Lack of international authority

Answer : D

With international operations, systems ultimately cross many jurisdictional boundaries, and many times, they conflict with each other. The major hurdle to overcome for an organization is the lack of an ultimate international authority to mediate such conflicts, with a likely result of legal efforts in each jurisdiction.

GAAPs are created and maintained by which organization?

  • A. ISO/IEC
  • B. AICPA
  • C. PCI Council
  • D. ISO

Answer : B

The AICPA is the organization responsible for generating and maintaining what are the Generally Accepted Accounting Practices in the United States.

Which of the following roles is responsible for preparing systems for the cloud, administering and monitoring services, and managing inventory and assets?

  • A. Cloud service business manager
  • B. Cloud service deployment manager
  • C. Cloud service operations manager
  • D. Cloud service manager

Answer : C

The cloud service operations manager is responsible for preparing systems for the cloud, administering and monitoring services, providing audit data as requested or required, and managing inventory and assets.

Which protocol allows a system to use block-level storage as if it was a SAN, but over TCP network traffic instead?

  • A. SATA
  • B. iSCSI
  • C. TLS
  • D. SCSI

Answer : B

iSCSI is a protocol that allows for the transmission and use of SCSI commands and features over a TCP-based network. iSCSI allows systems to use block-level storage that looks and behaves as a SAN would with physical servers, but to leverage the TCP network within a virtualized environment and cloud.

Which of the cloud deployment models is used by popular services such as iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive?

  • A. Hybrid
  • B. Public
  • C. Private
  • D. Community

Answer : B

Popular services such as iCloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive are all publicly available and are open to any user for free, with possible add-on services offered for a cost.

Why does a Type 2 hypervisor typically offer less security control than a Type 1 hypervisor?

  • A. A Type 2 hypervisor runs on top of another operating system and is dependent on the security of the OS for its own security.
  • B. A Type 2 hypervisor allows users to directly perform some functions with their own access.
  • C. A Type 2 hypervisor is open source, so attackers can more easily find exploitable vulnerabilities with that access.
  • D. A Type 2 hypervisor is always exposed to the public Internet for federated identity access.

Answer : A

A Type 2 hypervisor differs from a Type 1 hypervisor in that it runs on top of another operating system rather than directly tied into the underlying hardware of the virtual host servers. With this type of implementation, additional security and architecture concerns come into play because the interaction between the operating system and the hypervisor becomes a critical link. The hypervisor no longer has direct interaction and control over the underlying hardware, which means that some performance will be lost due to the operating system in the middle needing its own resources, patching requirements, and operational oversight.

Which is the appropriate phase of the cloud data lifecycle for determining the data's classification?

  • A. Create
  • B. Use
  • C. Share
  • D. Store

Answer : A

Any time data is created, modified, or imported, the classification needs to be evaluated and set from the earliest phase to ensure security is always properly maintained for the duration of its lifecycle.

Which of the following is the optimal temperature for a data center, per the guidelines established by the America Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air
Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)?

  • A. 69.8-86.0degF (21-30degC)
  • B. 64.4-80.6degF(18-27degC)
  • C. 51.8-66.2degF(11-19degC)
  • D. 44.6-60-8degF(7-16degC)

Answer : B

The guidelines from ASHRAE establish 64.4-80.6degF (18-27degC) as the optimal temperature for a data center.

Which of the following is not a risk management framework?

  • A. COBIT
  • B. Hex GBL
  • C. ISO 31000:2009
  • D. NIST SP 800-37

Answer : B

Hex GBL is a reference to a computer part in Terry Pratchett"™s fictional Discworld universe. The rest are not.

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Exam contains 516 questions

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