CA ARCserve Backup r16.x Administrator Certification Exam v6.0

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Exam contains 50 questions

Which Global Options for backup jobs determine how frequently CA ARCserve Backup will attempt to back up or copy open files?

  • A. Retry options
  • B. Advanced options
  • C. Operation options
  • D. Verification options

Answer : A

In which CA ARCserve Backup utility do you manage core CA ARCserve Backup services such as the Job Engine, Tape Engine, and Database Engine?

  • A. Server Admin
  • B. Job Status Manager
  • C. Device Configuration
  • D. Backup AgentAdmin

Answer : A

Which statements about Windows authentication and user profile management in CA
ARCserve Backup are TRUE? (Choose three)

  • A. Windows users can log in using their standard Windows login.
  • B. Only the CA ARCserve Backup administrator with a Security Administrator role can add a user.
  • C. Before users can be assigned a role, you must add them to the CA ARCserve Backup database.
  • D. Only Windows administrators can be added to CA ARCserve Backup from the User Profile Manager.
  • E. To use Windows authentication, you must install and license the CA ARCserve Backup Enterprise Module on each member server.

Answer : ABC

Which filter options are available for the Audit Log? (Choose three)

  • A. User
  • B. Priority
  • C. Session
  • D. Event Types
  • E. Source Process

Answer : A,D,E

What happens if a user tries to access a SharePoint database during the restore process?

  • A. The process fails.
  • B. The restore is suspended until the user has closed the database.
  • C. The user is warned that any changes will have no effect because the restore process has started.
  • D. The restore process completes successfully by updating the restored database with any changes made by users.

Answer : A

What is the main benefit of installing the CA ARCserve Windows client agent on the CA
ARCserve D2D server?

  • A. The CA ARCserve D2D server can use recovery points as the source for backup jobs.
  • B. The CA ARCserve Windows client agent enables you to migrate D2D backups from disk to tape.
  • C. The CA ARCserve Windows client agent can exclude database and log files from database applications.
  • D. The CA ARCserve Windows client agent assumes that all files must be backed up if the database agent is offline.

Answer : B

In which circumstances might you need to reinitialize the CA ARCserve Backup database?
(Choose two)

  • A. When you suspect SQL Server indexes need to be rebuilt
  • B. When the CA ARCserve Backup database cannot be started
  • C. When the CA ARCserve Backup database cannot be recovered from a disaster using ARCserve Database Recovery Wizard
  • D. When the CA ARCserve Backup database was backed up in a CA ARCserve Backup domain that is different from the CA ARCserve Backup domain that is using the database

Answer : BC

You are configuring a backup job for a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM). You want to divide backup jobs into several subjobs that run simultaneously to different devices. Which backup option should you enable?

  • A. Mixed Mode
  • B. Multiplexing
  • C. Multi streaming
  • D. Rotation Scheme

Answer : C

Some application programs can cache file writes on the workstation on which they are run.
How can you prevent resulting data integrity issues when using the Agent for Open Files?

  • A. Disable retry mechanisms in your backup program.
  • B. Enable Extended Features in the Agent for Open Files.
  • C. Configure the application, if possible, to prevent write caching.
  • D. Enable Auto Sense in the Sync Method section of the Agent for Open Files.

Answer : C

Operation options for backup enable you to specify related actions that occur during or after the backup and the level of information that is recorded in the database. An example of a global option in this category is:

  • A. Append to media.
  • B. Calculate and store CRC value on backup media.
  • C. Traverse Directory Junctions and Volume Mount Points.
  • D. Save Current Session/Encryption Password to the CA ARCserve Backup database.

Answer : B

Which restore method do you use when you do not know which media contains the data you need, but you know the machine from which the backup originated?

  • A. Search button
  • B. Restore by Tree
  • C. Restore by Root
  • D. Restore by Session

Answer : B

What is the function of the Alert notification system?

  • A. To send messages about any changes to the topology of a SharePoint farm
  • B. To send messages about events that appear in the Activity Log during your backup operation
  • C. To send messages about new job scripts and templates that are saved to the Catalog database
  • D. To send messages about any changes to database definitions, including adding or removing a table, or changing the definition of a table

Answer : B

When you use CA ARCserve Backup and the Agent for Microsoft SQL Server to back up and restore clustered Microsoft SQL Servers, where must you install the Agent for
Microsoft SQL Server?

  • A. On the SQL Server databases
  • B. On the CA ARCserve Backup Server
  • C. On the main SQL Server cluster node
  • D. On the local drives of every node in the cluster

Answer : D

Which statement about Restore by Image is TRUE?

  • A. It is included in all CA ARCserve Backup r16 modules.
  • B. The Restore by Image sessions can be restored to network drives.
  • C. During a Restore by Image session, files can be open but they are still overwritten.
  • D. Selecting multiple sources is only permitted when using the Restore to Original Location option.

Answer : D

In the CA ARCserve Backup Dashboard window, which task can you perform using the
Global Options toolbar?

  • A. Create a new Dashboard Group.
  • B. View the Activity Log, Tape Log, or Job Log.
  • C. Change the assigned priority classifications, known as node tiers, of your CA ARCserve Backup nodes.
  • D. Initiate an immediate storage resource management (SRM) probe or configure the SRM probe settings to perform a probe at a scheduled time.

Answer : D

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Exam contains 50 questions

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