IBM Business Process Manager v.8.5.7 Application Development using process Designer v7.0

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Exam contains 62 questions

Which two library artifacts are required to configure a content start event that reacts to a document uploaded to an external Enterprise Content Management system? Select two.

  • A. A web service
  • B. An Ajax service
  • C. An undercover agent
  • D. An event subscription
  • E. An advances integration service

Answer : C,D


When will the value of a variable be changed when using a post assignment in an activity within a process?

  • A. Immediately after the activity runs
  • B. Immediately after a variable has been assigned to a user or group
  • C. Immediately after the activity hasbeen assigned to a user or group
  • D. Immediately after a coach view in the activity processes a boundary event

Answer : A

When calling an AJAX or REST operation from a coach view, the parameters of the calls argument must be in which format?

  • A. A stringified XML object
  • B. A serialized JSON object
  • C. A native ISO 8601 object
  • D. A Plain Old Java Object (POJO)

Answer : B

A BPM developer has created a custom theme for adding the company branding to the process application. The developer wants to set the process application to use this custom theme. Where is the custom theme applied?

  • A. Theme section in the Process App Settings page underthe UI Conversion tab of the process application.
  • B. Exposed Items section in the Process App Settings page under the Overview tab of the process application.
  • C. Coach Designer Settings section in the Process App Settings page under the Overview tab of the process application.
  • D. Environment Variables section in the Process App Settings under the Environments tab of the process application.

Answer : C

Which image is a default sequence flow?

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer : D

A process has failed. Several administrative actions can be taken using the Process
Inspector in the Process Admin Console. Which of the following actions are supported?

  • A. Only export error details
  • B. Edit data values at predecessor steps
  • C. Search for failed processes, edit data values at predecessor steps and examine data values atthe point of failure
  • D. Export error details, search for failed processes and examine data values at the point of failure.

Answer : D

What common standard is used by both the internal IBM Business Process Manager document store and external Enterprise Content Management servers?

  • A. Databases
  • B. Folder structure
  • C. Application server
  • D. CMIS-based interfaces

Answer : D


What are two aspects of defining Business Objects and Variables? Select two.

  • A. Set variables in pre and post assignments.
  • B. Improve the behavior of a process model by using JavaScript.
  • C. Capture the business data that is used by activities in a business process definition.
  • D. Capture the business data used by steps in services such as integration services or human services.
  • E. Allow developers to initialize complex variables and all list (arrays) before it can be used in a process or service.

Answer : A,E

Why would a developer use JavaScript in business process definitions?

  • A. It’s a way to declare variables to be used.
  • B. This is the only way to define business objects.
  • C. To create exposed process values for specific users.
  • D. To implementcustomized behavior in the process model.

Answer : A

There are two system tasks that have to be executed sequentially in a Process. In order to improve process performance, which pattern is a good solution?

  • A. To have two sequential system tasks in the system lane.
  • B. Combine the two system tasks into a single system task.
  • C. To have the first task in the system laneand the second in other lane.
  • D. To have the first task in the system lane followed by a Human task and later the second system task in the system lane.

Answer : C

Which IBM Business Process Manager edition is a developer using if they do a Typical installation to create a stand-alone profile that uses IBM Process Designer?

  • A. Express
  • B. Standard
  • C. Advanced
  • D. Standard or Advanced

Answer : D

When creating a Localization Resource bundle, which option can be changed only using the desktop Process Designer client application?

  • A. Importing localization bundles
  • B. Adding keys to a localization bundle
  • C. Adding values for the different languages
  • D. Adding locales to the localization resource

Answer : D

Explanation: c/topics/create_localiz_res.html

What is the most common use for the POST HTTP method when using the REST API?

  • A. Delete a resource
  • B. Retrieve a resource
  • C. Create a new resource
  • D. Update an existing resource

Answer : A


What creating a new toolkit, which attribute is required?

  • A. Date
  • B. Acronym
  • C. Version number
  • D. Documentation

Answer : C

What is the purpose of an event based undercover agent (UCA) in IBM Business Process

  • A. It ensures that timed events are triggering on schedule.
  • B. It monitors the transfer of tracking events into the Performance Data Warehouse (PDW).
  • C. It synchronizes shared business objects across one or more Business Process Definitions (BPDs).
  • D. It calls a service to handle a message event or a content event targeted for a Business Process Definition (BPD).

Answer : D

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Exam contains 62 questions

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