IBM Sterling B2B Integrator V5.2, Solution Implementation v6.0

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The system default for the amount of time a Business Process (BP) remains online in the system is set to five days. How can that value be overridden?

  • A. Update
  • B. Modify the lifespan setting for a BP.
  • C. Update with the Performance Tuning wizard.
  • D. Create a new Retention Service configuration.

Answer : B

A developer is implementing onFault logic into a Business Process (BP) for error handling.
Based on the following BPML code:

Which error will trigger the onFault in the BP?

  • A. Any error
  • B. xPath error
  • C. No file in folder
  • D. No files to collect

Answer : D

A developer needs to copy the contents of the Primary Document to Process Data before completing a subsequent step. How can this be accomplished?

  • A. <assign to="MyTempDocument" from="PrimaryDocument"></assign>
  • B. <assign to="MyTempDocument">DocToDOM(PrimaryDocument)</assign>
  • C. <assign to="MyTempDocument" from="PrimaryDocument.document()"></assign>
  • D. <assign to="MyTempDocument" from="DocToDOM(PrimaryDocument)"></assign>

Answer : D

Given the following information from the file: noapp=/home/SBI/properties/ jboss=/home/SBI/properties/ jdbcService=/home/SBI/properties/ jdbcServiceCustomer=/home/SIB/properties/ si_config=/home/SBI/properties/sandbox.cfg customer_overrides=/home/SBI/properties/ filesystem=/home/SBI/properties/
The customer would like to change the default directory to store on-disk documents to a new directory. How should this override be configured in the system?

  • A. Edit sandbox.cfg and add document_dir=<new directory full path>.
  • B. Edit and add filesystem.document_dir=<new directory full path>.
  • C. Edit and add jdbcService.document_dir=<new directory full path>.
  • D. Edit and add jdbcServiceCustomer.document_dir=<new directory full path>.

Answer : C

A developer is creating an IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI) Business Process (BP) using the Graphical Process Modeler (GPM). A Mailbox Delete service is being used to delete a specific message from a mailbox. The developer is assigning the parameter MessageId to delete in the name-value pair in the Service Editor. There are other services being used in the BP that create the XML tag MessageId in Process Data. Which message mode in the
GPM Service Editor will be required to ensure that the value of MessageId set in the
Service Editor will be used?

  • A. Message from Service Input Msg tab: Allow Message Write
  • B. Message from Service Input Msg tab: Allow Process Data Write
  • C. Message to Service Output Msg tab: Obtain Message First, then Process Data
  • D. Message to Service Output Msg tab: Obtain Process Data First, then Messages

Answer : D

The Clean-Up processes monitor available in the troubleshooter screen identifies all the system clean up processes along with status, work flow ID and last time each process was run. What are three of the required system processes that need to be run on a regular schedule? (Choose three.)

  • A. Schedule_PurgeService
  • B. Schedule_BackupService
  • C. Schedule_AFTPurgeService
  • D. Schedule_FileCleanUpService
  • E. Schedule_MailboxRemovalService
  • F. Schedule_IndexBusinessProcessService

Answer : ABF

A company is onboarding a new group of trading partners with high volumes and is expecting increased interaction between IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI) and the database. What is one thing that should be done to efficiently handle the increased database interaction?

  • A. Create a Service Group of database connections.
  • B. Create additional Lightweight JDBC Service configurations.
  • C. Increase the maximum connections in the connection pool.
  • D. Increase the maximum connections in the Lightweight JDBC Service configuration.

Answer : C

A developer needs to set a default value if a particular element in Process Data does not exist. Given the following bpml code, what is the correct corresponding rule?

  • A. <rule name="IsFileSizeNotSet?"> <condition>FileSize = 0</condition> </rule>
  • B. <rule name="IsFileSizeNotSet?"> <condition>FileSize.length() = 0</condition> </rule>
  • C. <rule name="IsFileSizeNotSet?"> <condition>string(/ProcessData/FileSize) = 0</condition> </rule>
  • D. <rule name="IsFileSizeNotSet?"> <condition>string-length(/ProcessData/FileSize) = 0</condition> </rule>

Answer : D

A mapping specialist is testing a map that has been created. For some reason an extended rule on an output element is not executed. What is the most probable reason?

  • A. The element is not in a group.
  • B. There is no link to the element.
  • C. Extended rules are not executed on the output side.
  • D. Extended rule on the input side ran nullifying the output side.

Answer : B

A Business Process (BP) implementer wants to use the Document Keyword Replace
Service in the Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) but the service is not showing in the All
Services stencil. What needs to be done to make the Document Keyword Replace Service show in the GPM?

  • A. Update the license file.
  • B. Create a service configuration.
  • C. Execute
  • D. Add JavaTask to

Answer : B

A system administrator who is responsible for the maintenance of an IBM Sterling B2B
Integrator (SBI) installation notices issues with the archiving of process data. Which service should run on a schedule and select all completed or terminated Business Process (BP) data and BP for archiving or purging?

  • A. Purge Service
  • B. Data Cleanup Service
  • C. Process Data Archiving Service
  • D. Index Business Process Service

Answer : D

A company allows trading partners to send files to it via SFTP. Which port needs to be configured on the SFTP Server adapter to define the communication port?

  • A. Data Port
  • B. Send Port
  • C. Listen Port
  • D. Passive Port

Answer : C

Assuming a system with configuration for tracking purchase orders as "PON", an operator needs to search for an inbound ASC X12 purchase order from a specific trading partner.
Which correlation name should be selected along with the Sender ID from the Document
Advanced Search?

  • A. Name: PON Value: "actual purchase order number"
  • B. Name: PurchaseOrderNumber Value: "actual purchase order number"
  • C. Name: Purchase Order Number Value: "actual purchase order number"
  • D. Name: Purchase_Order_Number Value: "actual purchase order number"

Answer : A

A company has implemented a Web Service (WS) in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (SBI).
The WS is using unencrypted HTTP as transport. The SBI is deployed as a single node instance. How can this transport be configured to be encrypted?

  • A. Change the URL in the WSDL file to https://...
  • B. Change the transport to HTTPS in WS manager.
  • C. Change the SSL settings in SOAHttpServerAdapter.
  • D. Check in a SSL certificate and link to it in WS manager.

Answer : B

When a file arrives it must be archived. The ProcessFileArrival and ArchiveFile Business
Processes (BP) handle this. The requirement is for ProcessFileArrival to invoke
ArchiveFile, but not wait for ArchiveFile to finish before further processing. Which invoke mode should be used?

  • A. Inline
  • B. Async
  • C. Queued
  • D. Deferred

Answer : B

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Exam contains 107 questions

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