IBM Cloud Platform Application Development V1 v6.0

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Based on the Twelve-Factor App methodology, where is the best place to store external configuration credentials in IBM Bluemix PaaS?

  • A. in the source code
  • B. in a user configuration file
  • C. in an application database
  • D. in the VCAP_SERVICESenvironment variable

Answer : D

Provide any additional configuration information through the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable. Services that are bound to an application also populate
VCAP_SERVICES with their configuration attributes.

Which statement is true of the Cloudant NoSQL service?

  • A. It prioritizes space savings over availability.
  • B. It prioritizes immediate consistency over availability.
  • C. It prioritizes availability over immediate consistency.
  • D. It prioritizes immediate consistency over performance.

Answer : C


What is the output of thecf appscommand?

  • A. a list of all the applications and services for the developer’s organization
  • B. a list of services bound to each application for the developer’s organization
  • C. a list of all the running applications on IBM Bluemix PaaS with application owner ID
  • D. a list of all the applications in the developers space with the name and resource utilization

Answer : D

Which statement characterizes the dashDB service?

  • A. It is optimized for time series data.
  • B. It is designed for analytic queries.
  • C. It is optimized for normalized data.
  • D. It is based upon the MySQL engine.

Answer : B

The dashDB service in IBM Bluemix is an example of an in memory, columnar databases service. dashDB is based on DB2 BLU and its columnar organizations favors analytic queries that access a large number of values from a subset of the columns and make heavy use of aggregations and joins. dashDB also leverages compression to allow larger amounts of data to reside in memory.

Applications A, B and C are configured to use IBM MQ Light for Bluemix messaging capabilities. Application A publishes messages as shown in the diagram. What messages are received by Applications B and C? (Select two.)

  • A. Application C receives “My” “World”
  • B. Application B receives “Hello” “World”
  • C. Application B receives “Hello” “Bluemix”
  • D. Application B receives “Hello” “My” “Bluemix” “World”
  • E. Application C receives “Hello” “My” “Bluemix” “World”

Answer : D,E

A team of developers is working on a single repository in IBM Bluemix DevOps Services.
Which DevOps feature should be used to confirm the integrity of their source code by running tests every time code is delivered to the shared repository?

  • A. Source Control: Test code upon commit
  • B. Web IDE: Enable Automatic Unit Testing
  • C. Delivery Pipeline: Configure a build stage
  • D. Track & Plan: Create a Work Item of type Test

Answer : A

==&locale=en_ALL_ZZ(page 24)

A developer is going into production with aconsumerweb application in IBM Bluemix PaaS.
The developer is keen to understand how the application is performing to maximize customer retention.
The scaling history for the application shows repetitive scale out and scale in actions. To reduce resources used by each instance startup, the developer wants the scaling service to wait longer before taking action. What parameter should be changed and how?

  • A. increase the cooldown period for scaling in
  • B. decrease the cooldown period for scaling in
  • C. increase the cooldown period for scaling out
  • D. decrease the cooldown period for scaling out

Answer : D

The docker search command$ sudo docker search centosproduced the following output:


centosOfficialCentOS6 Image as of 12 April 201488
Which command should be issued to download the centos image?

  • A. cp docker/centos
  • B. sudo docker push centos
  • C. sudo docker pull centos
  • D. sudo docker download centos

Answer : C

Reference: bluemix-trs/index.html

What is a boilerplate in IBM Bluemix PaaS?

  • A. a script to build applications from scratch
  • B. a service that can be bound to application
  • C. a combination of a runtime and predefined services
  • D. an external service that can be consumed by application

Answer : C

Boilerplate consists of a combination of runtime and predefined services. Because they contain a runtime and set of services for a particular solution type, they can be used to quickly get an application up and running.

How are viewscreated in Cloudant?

  • A. by creating a PrimaryIndex withdoc id’s
  • B. by creating a Secondary Index with doc id’s
  • C. by creating a Primary Index using the Map function
  • D. by creating a Secondary Index using the Map function

Answer : C

What are three types of work items available in the IBM Bluemix DevOps Services Track &
Plan feature?(Select three.)

  • A. PMR
  • B. Task
  • C. Story
  • D. Sprint
  • E. Defect
  • F. Test Plan

Answer : B,C,E

-> Bluemix DevOps Services - Track & Plan supports typical activities conducted during agile projects, such as backlog management, sprint planning, and daily scrums
-> Understand work items in Track & Plan like epic, story, task, and defect
On an agile project, features to implement are captured in a product backlog, then the team identifies the work for the next Sprint in the Sprint Backlog.

What allows for the sharing of variables across any job in a stage in the Delivery Pipeline of
IBM Bluemix DevOps Services?

  • A. environment properties
  • B. the Admin options in the Project settings
  • C. a flag passed to the job when it is executed
  • D. a setting in the project’s properties called Shared Variables

Answer : B

Which operation is supported by the development mode in Eclipse Tools for Bluemix in IBM
Bluemix PaaS?

  • A. initiate remote debug sessions with that application instance
  • B. scale the application while load testing for development purposes
  • C. send emails to developer when bug is hit or crash occurs on the application instance
  • D. help develop the application by lockingthe access to the application and allowing a fix while nobody else can use it

Answer : A

==&locale=en_ALL_ZZ(page 12)

When defining a Cloudant view, what must be defined?

  • A. a map function
  • B. a sort function
  • C. a reduce function
  • D. a rereduce function

Answer : A

Which step must be taken in an application to use the IBM Single Sign On service for
Bluemix PaaS?

  • A. implement an authentication callback
  • B. implement a login form requesting User ID and password
  • C. configure the OAuth 2.0 client with the SSO service credentials
  • D. securely store user credentials used for the external authentication

Answer : D

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Exam contains 48 questions

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