IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1 v6.0

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Exam contains 102 questions

A company is building a cloud environment and wants to create virtualized instances of
WebSphere middleware to host their applications. Which solution provides this ability?

  • A. WebSphere Cloud Platform
  • B. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise
  • C. WebSphere Application Server
  • D. IBM Hypervisor Edition Images

Answer : D

Cloud architectures designed for service delivery and availability of services are extremely important. How is software failure within a cloud infrastructure environment handled?
(Choose two.)

  • A. replace the failed node
  • B. restart the software image
  • C. use elastic IP addresses for consistent and re-mappable routes
  • D. allow the state of the system to re-sync by reloading messages from queues
  • E. design services with proper real time disaster recovery and stateful user context

Answer : D,E

Which IBM solution establishes the connectivity to on-premise applications and databases that reside behind the firewall during the integration of a cloud solution?

  • A. IBM Tivoli Secure Connector
  • B. IBM Cast Iron Communicator
  • C. IBM WebSphere Communicator
  • D. IBM Cast Iron Secure Connector

Answer : D

What is a critical driver for service outage resolution in a cloud environment?

  • A. Business Service and Operating Level agreements
  • B. Service Level Agreement and root-cause analysis procedures
  • C. Operating Level Agreement and root-cause analysis procedures
  • D. Business Service agreements and root-cause analysis procedures

Answer : B

The enterprise is using a hybrid cloud to deliver data services to the end user. The enterprise is also is using the cloud to deliver data and services to the end user. When the end user interacts with the enterprise application, the enterprise accesses the cloud to retrieve and/or manipulate the data. The enterprise application returns the results to the end user.What is required of the enterprise to ensure regulatory compliance?

  • A. type of software kernel
  • B. location of image metadata
  • C. development of monitoring tools
  • D. API for determining the location of the physical hardware

Answer : D

Which characteristic of cloud computing may prohibit a company from utilizing a public cloud offering?

  • A. metering
  • B. elasticity
  • C. self-service
  • D. resource pooling

Answer : D

Which characteristic best describe the difference between Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) and cloud computing?

  • A. pay per use model
  • B. shared computing resources
  • C. SOA exists within the firewall
  • D. leverage IT resources on demand

Answer : C

What is a critical and unique component during the design and planning process for a cloud service?

  • A. IT Service availability
  • B. Business Service availability
  • C. IT Infrastructure/Component availability
  • D. IT Service and Infrastructure/Component availability

Answer : B

A company hosts office applications on a stand alone server in their data center. A recent spike in demand for one of their applications resulted in the denial of access to some potential users. Which characteristic of the cloud service delivery model would meet the fluctuating demands of the company's users?

  • A. service ubiquity
  • B. service elasticity
  • C. self-service access
  • D. usage-based billing

Answer : B

Which technology is used in certain IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances to provide identity verification of public cloud endpoints and to securely transmit encrypted data between enterprise endpoints and public cloud endpoints in an integrated cloud environment?

  • A. IBM Tivoli CloudBurst Appliance
  • B. WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance
  • C. WebSphere DataPower Secure Communicator
  • D. WebSphere DataPower Secure Cloud Connector

Answer : D

An enterprise has migrated one of its Web-based database application to Amazon EC2 cloud with the database hosted in the cloud. Which action will help save ongoing costs for this enterprise application?

  • A. The database is configured to use 200 MB less memory.
  • B. The database is configured to generate uncompressed backups.
  • C. The database is configured to drop temporary tables and indexes.
  • D. The database is configured to use compression for the databases.

Answer : D

When designing for the protection of data stored in the cloud, including the deployment of firewall configurations, which two conditions must be included? (Choose two.)

  • A. deny access from untrusted sources or applications
  • B. map network interfaces and firewall locations for customer distribution
  • C. detect back-level personal firewall software on customer desktops and laptops
  • D. prohibit direct access from external interfaces into the restricted network zones
  • E. install personal firewall software on all active servers within the cloud infrastructure

Answer : A,D

A public cloud infrastructure should be architected to accommodate which business risk?

  • A. over subscription of customers
  • B. legal and regulatory non-compliance
  • C. over achieving service levels committed to customers
  • D. increased investment in surplus network infrastructure

Answer : B

A company is setting up a cloud environment to host several of their applications. These applications vary in importance and the company wants to ensure that the most business critical applications get the most resource. Which solution will help achieve this goal?

  • A. WebSphere eXtreme Scale
  • B. WebSphere Business Events
  • C. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise
  • D. WebSphere Business Monitor

Answer : C

What are two key infrastructure components for data migration when planning a move to cloud? (Choose two.)

  • A. storage
  • B. network
  • C. monitoring
  • D. data mining
  • E. high availability

Answer : AB

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Exam contains 102 questions

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