IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile V8.0 Implementation v6.0

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Exam contains 76 questions

Where would you browse in the ISAM for Mobile GUI to manually enable trace?

  • A. Monitor Analysis and Diagnostics > Logs > Runtime Tracing
  • B. Monitor Analysis and Diagnostics > Logs > Runtime Logging
  • C. Secure Mobile Settings > Manage > Runtime Parameters > Runtime Status
  • D. Secure Mobile Settings > Manage > Runtime Parameters > Runtime Logging

Answer : D

Which two extensions does a fix pack have? (Choose two.)

  • A. jar
  • B. tar
  • C. iso
  • D. pkg
  • E. gzip

Answer : A,D

How much space is assigned to the primary partition after installing a new virtual appliance with 100GB of hard disk space?

  • A. 50GB
  • B. 75GB
  • C. 90GB
  • D. 100GB

Answer : B

As the administrator for ISAM for Mobile, you are tasked with setting up risk based policies that allow access to resources outside of normal hours after additional authentication. The landing pages for the resources are on different servers that are in different domains. You add info.js to the landing pages for each resource.
Which mechanism should be used to ensure the risk based policies are evaluated correctly for each resource?

  • A. Cross Site Scripting
  • B. Cross Script Java Sharing
  • C. Cross Site Request Forgery
  • D. Cross Origin Resource Sharing

Answer : C

When you use the web based (LMI) installation wizard, how does the appliance get the initial IP address of the management interface?

  • A. Provided through DHCP
  • B. Specified manually in the installation wizard
  • C. Input through a keyboard on the front panel of the appliance
  • D. Specified manually through a terminal connected to the appliance

Answer : B

Which step should be completed after completing the installation wizard?

  • A. Import the activation key
  • B. Check for the latest fix packs
  • C. Configure the Risk-based Access Policies
  • D. Run the isaincfg tool to configure Mobile for use with a WebSEAL instance

Answer : D

During testing and configuration activities in the development environment a security analyst mistakenly deleted some of the new attributes needed for one of the policies. The security analyst became aware of this mistake after deploying the changes.
Assuming the analyst followed best practices, which action restores the inadvertently deleted attributes?

  • A. Use the "Roll Back" feature in the "Deploy Changes" dialogue
  • B. Recreate the attributes from memory in the "Secure Mobile Settings / Policy /Attributes" section
  • C. Restore the most recent Snapshot in the "Manage System Settings / System Settings / Snapshots" screen
  • D. Activate the other inactive partition under 'Manage System Settings / Updates and Licensing / Firmware Settings"

Answer : C

Which reliable backup procedure is appropriate for cluster maintenance?

  • A. Use appliance snapshots to back up the cluster
  • B. Use VMWare snapshots to back up virtual machines
  • C. Run pdbackupcluster utility after any change to the cluster configuration
  • D. Complete a VMWare snapshot on each cluster member to effectively back up the cluster

Answer : A

Reference:http://www- n/concept/con_cluster_backup.html?lang=es

Which two types of risk profiles are supported? (Choose two.)

  • A. Custom risk profiles
  • B. Obligated risk profiles
  • C. Pre-defined risk profiles
  • D. Content-based risk profiles
  • E. Consent-based risk profiles

Answer : BC

2 Risk Management overview)

Which two elements can be shown in the output of an IBM_SECURITY_CBA_AUDIT_RTE event? (Choose two.)

  • A. majorStatus
  • B. minorStatus
  • C. appUserName
  • D. globallnstanceld
  • E. restManagement
  • F. RESTInvocationURI

Answer : CD

Reference:http://www- ref_security_cba_audit_rte_events.html

Which rule must a policy include to require an unauthenticated user to consent to register a device?

  • A. The userConsent attribute is set to true and that permits access with Obligation Register Device.
  • B. The registeredDeviceCount is missing or set to zero and that permits access with Obligation Register Device.
  • C. The userConsent attribute is not present and that will permit access with Authentication Consent Register Device.
  • D. The riskScore attribute is below a configured threshold and that will permit access with ObligationRegister Device.

Answer : D


Which two valid predefined obligations are provided to use in policy authoring? (Choose two.)

  • A. One-time password
  • B. Consent select device
  • C. Consent register device
  • D. Consent unregister device
  • E. POTP one-time password

Answer : AC

Which three actions are available underfirmare settings? (Choose three.)

  • A. Edit
  • B. Set active
  • C. Set inactive
  • D. Create backup
  • E. Restore backup
  • F. Configure partition G Unconfigure partition

Answer : ABD

Reference:http://www- al_appl_pdf.pdf(page 269)

Which protocol is used to access the hardware console through the network?

  • A. ssh
  • B. rlogin
  • C. Telnet
  • D. Remote desktop

Answer : A

Which two dashboard widgets can be used for troubleshooting the ISAM for Mobile appliance? (Choose two.)

  • A. Certificate expiry
  • B. Reverse proxy health
  • C. Reverse proxy output
  • D. Firmware information
  • E. Application interfaces

Answer : AE

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Exam contains 76 questions

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