Rational Team Concert V4 v6.0

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Exam contains 66 questions

Which statement is true regarding reporting capabilities inRational Team Concert?

  • A. Reports are only available when Rational Publishing Engine is installed
  • B. Reports are only available when Rational?Reporting for Development Intelligence is installed
  • C. Development intelligence and document-based reports can becreated with RTC
  • D. Some predefined reports are available and can be used in a project area

Answer : D

What are two purposes of work item categories? (Choose two.)

  • A. to determine which team member owns the work item
  • B. to determine which team owns the work item
  • C. to classify a work item according to functional area or team
  • D. to define the priority and the completion date of the work item

Answer : BC

What are configurable items for the process template?

  • A. timelines,iterations, roles, and operational behaviors
  • B. plugins, cheat sheets, and dependencies
  • C. Java source code, source comments, and event handlers
  • D. categories, releases, and access control

Answer : A

Which two unit testing frameworks aresupported by publishing unit test results in the build results? (Choose two.)

  • A. JUnit
  • B. CPPUnit
  • C. Functional Tester scripts
  • D. Log4J

Answer : AB

What are the development phases defined by the Formal Project Management process template?

  • A. Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition
  • B. Inception, Definition, Construction, Transition
  • C. Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment
  • D. Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing

Answer : D

Which element representsan area of activity within a project that typically has its own schedule, deliverables, teams, and process?

  • A. retrospective
  • B. release
  • C. process template
  • D. timeline

Answer : D

Which format is used to download the results of a work itemquery in the web client?

  • A. .docx
  • B. .html
  • C. .pdf
  • D. .csv
  • E. .odp

Answer : D

What can be shared between work item types?

  • A. owner, queries and lists
  • B. attributes, permissions, and roles
  • C. name, summary, and owner
  • D. enumerations, attributes and workflows

Answer : D

Which three Rational Team Concert user interfaces allow users to request and view build results? (Choose three.)

  • A. Eclipse client
  • B. Visual Studio client
  • C. web client
  • D. command line
  • E. CustomerInformation Control System

Answer : ABC

A team wants to make some attributes mandatory when work items are created. In order to meet this objective, want can be done in Rational Team Concert ?

  • A. Work item attributes are all optional bydesign and there is no way to define mandatory attributes for work items
  • B. Add a precondition to the Work Item Save operation to define which fields in a work item must be filled in before it can be saved
  • C. Work item attributes are all mandatory by design. Users who create a work item are required to fill in all the attributes.
  • D. Add a follow-up action to the Work Item Save operation to define the error message to display when mandatory attributes are not filled in

Answer : B

Which twoitems/objects can own a component? (Choose two.)

  • A. A user
  • B. An iteration
  • C. A source file
  • D. A team area

Answer : A,D

A user creates a plan for a project by using the Formal Project Management process template. What is used to definetemporal relationships between tasks that are logically related?

  • A. resource leveling
  • B. plan attributes
  • C. schedule constraints
  • D. schedule dependencies

Answer : D

Which statement is true about the structure of a project area?

  • A. A project area may contain a team area
  • B. A project area can contain only one timeline
  • C. A project area is contained in a team area
  • D. A project area is included in a timeline

Answer : A

What are the distinct types of dashboards?

  • A. Project,Team, Personal, and Mini
  • B. Web, Eclipse, Workbench, and Visual Studio
  • C. Lifecycle, Full, Partial, and Mini
  • D. Public, Private, Semi-private, and Shared

Answer : A

What does the permission indicated below in the Team Configuration of a Project Area
Editor allow role members to do? Team Configuration-> Source Control->Replicate change sets->replicate

  • A. replicate change sets to another user's workspace
  • B. deliver changes to a flow target on a different RTC server
  • C. deliver automatically all the changes made in a workspace
  • D. replicate the profile of a user on another RTC server

Answer : B

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Exam contains 66 questions

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