Rational Performance Tester V8 v6.0

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Which network configuration is required to use rstatd performance monitoring in IBM
Rational Performance Tester?

  • A. Portmapper must be used to redirect TCP and UDP traffic on port 111 to the desired port.
  • B. Ethernet port 111 must be unblocked.
  • C. The rstatd daemon must be installed and configured on the desired machine.
  • D. Systems must be located on the same side of the firewall.

Answer : A

Which four pages are available in the Citrix Performance test report? (Choose four.)

  • A. Performance Summary
  • B. Response versus Time Summary
  • C. User Action Throughput
  • D. Request Rate versus Response Time
  • E. Server Timeout
  • F. Number of Usersversus Response Time

Answer : A,B,C,E

What is a good step to verify the behavior of a schedule?

  • A. validate activity using events listing
  • B. view the input and output of the test while it is running
  • C. verify externalschedules?interaction with the schedule
  • D. use Rational Quality Manager to run a report to look at the schedule data

Answer : A

Which statement is true about a session ID or handle?

  • A. It is always provided dynamically from a datapool.
  • B. It is identified automatically as a datapool candidate, so the tester can optionally link it to a datapool.
  • C. It is usually generated dynamically in a custom code segment.
  • D. It is usually correlated automatically to a reference in an earlier response.

Answer : D

Which counters are used to collect information about execution time in a test run?

  • A. test
  • B. byte
  • C. page
  • D. run
  • E. transaction

Answer : A

What does the workload analysis document do?

  • A. It is used todocument the performance tests against the system under test to understand trends of the performance testing.
  • B. It identifies the variables and defines their values used in the different performance tests to simulate or emulate the actor characteristics, users?business functions (use cases), load, and volume.
  • C. It helps you understand the system under test characteristics.
  • D. It discusses how IBM Rational Performance Tester will be used among the testing group to performance test an application.

Answer : B

How does IBM Rational Performance Tester collect resource data from a Windows machine?

  • A. Rstatd
  • B. ITCAM
  • C. Perfmon
  • D. ARM Instrumentation

Answer : C

IBM Rational Performance Tester supports the export of the test runs data to which two formats? (Choose two.)

  • A. HTML
  • B. CSV
  • C. XML
  • D. VIEW

Answer : AB

Workload analysis is a design-time activity that includes which four processes? (Choose four.)

  • A. identifying the performance bottlenecks of theapplication
  • B. identifying the workload to be simulated or emulated in the performance tests, in terms of number of actors or actor classes and actor profiles
  • C. identifying the actors and actor characteristics to be simulated or emulated in theperformance tests
  • D. clarifying the objectives of performance testing and the use cases
  • E. determining the performance measures and criteria
  • F. identifying the quality of application architecture

Answer : B,C,D,E

Which page element isthe primary page request?

  • A. the page element marked in bold text
  • B. the first page element
  • C. the html page element
  • D. the page element with response code 200

Answer : A

How do you stop recording?

  • A. click the Stop button in theRecording Session view
  • B. close the Recording Session view
  • C. close the browser or click the blue Stop button
  • D. close the browser and click the blue Stop button

Answer : C

Which four steps are required to import the response time breakdown from the production environment to troubleshoot performance? (Choose four.)

  • A. select an existing set of execution results in the Performance Test Runs view and right- click for Import Response Time Breakdown Data
  • B. enter the hostname to the Tivoli Monitoring for Composite Application Manager and the authentication information in the form of user ID and password
  • C. specify the time period to import the data by supplying the start date and time, and end date and time
  • D. select the data to import by clicking on Import Aggregated Statistics
  • E. select the policies or traps to import the data
  • F. specify the response time result data file

Answer : A,B,C,E

How do you set the condition in an if-then statement?

  • A. use the value of a string ora reference to control executing specified HTTP requests
  • B. select a reference that has been previously defined in the test
  • C. enter a string that has been previously defined in the test
  • D. set a condition that can be evaluated to be true or false

Answer : A

How can you guarantee unique datapool values across a very large test?

  • A. have each user draw from a private view of the datapool
  • B. wrap when the last row of the datapool is reached
  • C. fetch a datapool record only once for eachvirtual user
  • D. segment the datapool so that each agent machine has its own datapool records

Answer : D

Which statement is true about a reference to the last element in an HTML table?

  • A. It will automatically overwrite any reference to previous elements in the same table.
  • B. It can be created by selecting "Last occurrence" in the reference properties.
  • C. It can be created by matching the last instance of the element tag with a regular expression.
  • D. It can only be captured by writing custom code to count the table elements.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 61 questions

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