Informix 11.70 System Administrator v6.0

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Exam contains 123 questions

How is the DBSSO group determined on a Unix system with role separation?

  • A. It is always the group informix.
  • B. It is set using the onsecurity command line tool.
  • C. It is the group that owns $INFORMIXDIR/dbssodir.
  • D. It is the group specified in the DBSSO onconfig parameter.

Answer : C

Which two corrective actions may be taken if following message is logged in the online message log during a failed attempt to bring an instance online? (Choose two)
18:15:44 Size of resident + virtual segments 100000KB + 60000KB > 150000KB
18:15:44 total allowed by configuration parameter SHMTOTAL

  • A. Decrease SHMADD
  • B. Increase SHMTOTAL
  • C. Decrease SHMBASE
  • D. Increase SHMVIRTSIZE
  • E. Decrease buffer pool size

Answer : B,E

Which option would be used with "cdr define replicate" to create a shadow replicate?

  • A. --backup
  • B. --mirrors
  • C. --shadow
  • D. --synchronize

Answer : B

Which of the following activities does the Secure-Auditing Facility NOT monitor and record?

  • A. Specific rows.
  • B. Specific users.
  • C. Specific tables.
  • D. Specific DML operations.

Answer : A

Which command line utility displays real time statistics about the instance?

  • A. dbinfo
  • B. onstat
  • C. dbschema
  • D. onmachinfo

Answer : B

Fragment level statistics are NOT supported with which fragmentation strategy?

  • A. List fragmentation.
  • B. Interval fragmentation.
  • C. Expression fragmentation.
  • D. Round-robin fragmentation.

Answer : D

Which statement about updating statistics is NOT true?

  • A. UPDATE STATISTICS HIGH scans the entire table.
  • B. Data distributions are updated every time UPDATE STATISTICS LOW is executed.
  • C. UPDATE STATISTICS operations will benefit by tuning the DBUPSPACE environment variable.
  • D. An UPDATE STATISTICS LOW command will ignore tables and indexes with modifications less than STATCHANGE.

Answer : B

Which statement regarding default roles is true?

  • A. An administrator can define a default role to assign only to the PUBLIC group for a particular database.
  • B. The privileges associated with a default role takes precedence over the privileges granted to an individual user.
  • C. An administrator can define a default role to assign to individual users or to the PUBLIC group for a particular database.
  • D. When a user connects to a database, it is necessary to use the SET ROLE DEFAULT statement in order to gain the default role privileges.

Answer : C

Which statement about Informix data compression is true?

  • A. Compressing data on one Enterprise Replication (ER) node affects the data on the other ER nodes.
  • B. I/O-bound tables, for example, those with bad cache hit ratios, are good candidates for compression.
  • C. Compression operations can be executed on a HDR secondary, RS secondary, or SD secondary server.
  • D. Compressing data on a primary instance will not compress data on the High-Availability Data Replication (HDR) secondary instance.

Answer : B

Which of the following gives a good initial estimate for the physical log size?

  • A. 110% of rootdbs.
  • B. 110% the default buffer pool.
  • C. 110% of the logical log space.
  • D. 110% of combined buffer pool.

Answer : D

Which environment option can rollback transactions using a table involved in an ALTER


Answer : B

Which two options can be used to monitor PDQ resources? (Choose two.)

  • A. onstat -l.
  • B. onstat -p.
  • C. onstat -D.
  • D. onstat -g ath.
  • E. SET EXPLAIN output.

Answer : D,E

If the DYNAMIC_LOGS onconfig parameter is set to 1 and logical log backups are not occurring, what will happen in the instance when the last logical-log file fills?

  • A. The instance suspends all processing until the next logical-log file is manually added.
  • B. The database server will automatically execute a checkpoint and flush the oldest update to disk.
  • C. The database server will make use of any logical-log file available regardless of whether the available file is in sequence or not.
  • D. The database server will stop processing, then start an automatic backup of the logical- log file and resume normal processing once the automatic back up of the logical-log files is completed.

Answer : A

Which two objects are NOT included in a backup? (Choose two.)

  • A. Tables
  • B. Indexes
  • C. External tables
  • D. Simple blob data stored in simple blobspaces
  • E. Basic text search indexes stored in external dbspaces

Answer : C,E

Given the SQL explain output of this star join query, which is the fact table?

  • A. sales
  • B. product
  • C. region
  • D. customer

Answer : A

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Exam contains 123 questions

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