InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5 v3.0

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Exam contains 93 questions

In a three node configuration, which two servers can contain InfoSphere Warehouse
Intelligent Miner components? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data Server
  • B. Mining Server
  • C. Client
  • D. Web Server
  • E. WebSphere Administration Server

Answer : AC

What is the reason for creating a subprocess?

  • A. to make a data flow easier to understand
  • B. to improve the performance of a control flow
  • C. to allow the subprocess to be re-used as needed in other control flows and ubprocesses
  • D. to order data flows that will run in parallel

Answer : C

Relational database and a database model that is often a star or snowflake schema are characteristics of which engine storage structure?

  • A. MOLAP
  • B. ROLAP
  • C. Multidimensional cubing
  • D. Proprietary

Answer : B

Which statement is true about iterator operators?

  • A. They can be controlled by either variable values or file input.
  • B. They are used in data flows where a number of tables are combined.
  • C. They are needed for processing tables that contain slowly changing dimensions.
  • D. They are used as the first step in application development.

Answer : A

You can use the Admin Console to add, remove, start, stop, or restart cubes. For which other purpose can the Admin Console be used?

  • A. to rebuild a cube member cache
  • B. to empty the member cache for a cube
  • C. to populate the member cache using a specified MDX query
  • D. to delete the files on the file system that are holding the member cache data

Answer : A

Which two functions can the SQW tool perform for a data flow? (Choose two.)

  • A. business processes such as secure command and secure FTP
  • B. range partitioning for staging tables
  • C. filtering and sorting for operator properties such as table columns
  • D. operators for row compression, roll-in, and roll-out
  • E. parallel process execution

Answer : BC

Click the Exhibit button.
The diagram in the exhibit illustrates which SQW flows? (Choose two.)

  • A. data flow
  • B. mining flow
  • C. control flow
  • D. subprocess
  • E. subflow

Answer : B,E

A customer adds transactional data daily and rolls off historical transactional data monthly to archive. Which partitioning strategy should they use to accomplish this time-cyclical data management for their warehouse data?

  • A. Specify a MDC for month and a table partitioning key for day.
  • B. Specify database partitioning on day and a table partitioning key for month.
  • C. Specify database partitioning on month and a table partitioning key for day.
  • D. Specify a MDC on day and a table partitioning key for month.

Answer : D

A customer wants to include analysis of product sales for their locations at various levels of their product lines and various levels of their geography. Which two schema considerations are necessary to satisfy the requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. a product dimension with location attributes
  • B. a product dimension with product line hierarchies
  • C. a location dimension with product attributes
  • D. a location dimension with geography hierarchies
  • E. a product dimension with geography hierarchies

Answer : BD

For text analytics, the technique that uses a dictionary to do searching is known as which type of information extraction?

  • A. rule-based
  • B. list-based
  • C. regular expression
  • D. natural language processing

Answer : B

What are two benefits for using an Eclipse-based tool such as Design Studio? (Choose two.)

  • A. A broad selection of third-party tools that have already been developed and are available to be installed.
  • B. A basic architecture for which tool developers must write numerous services.
  • C. A proprietary framework that is used to integrate tools together quickly.
  • D. A rich, inclusive, infrastructure for which tool developers must only develop a help system.
  • E. A rich infrastructure including such components as a runtime environment, a generic user interface, and a help system.

Answer : AE

A cube has been deployed to cubing services. Due to an increase in the workload accessing the cube, response time has increased. What would allow you to apply additional resources (memory, CPU) to decrease the response time?

  • A. Copy the star schema to another database and deploy the cube to both databases in which the star schemas reside.
  • B. Add the cube to two different cube servers that are each connected to the same repository.
  • C. Duplicate the star schema in the same database by copying the data to additional tables and the associate the cube with both star schemas.
  • D. Add the cube twice to the same cube server.

Answer : B

For recovery purposes, it is desired to keep the output of several data flow operators after the execution has ended. This can be done in two different ways. Which two types of operators and properties would you use to keep the output? (Choose two.)

  • A. A Data Station operator with a type of file and a file name.
  • B. A Data Station operator with a type of view and a view name.
  • C. A Data Station operator with a type of persistent table and a table name.
  • D. A Data Station operator with a type of temporary table and a table name.
  • E. A Data Station operator defined as pass through.

Answer : AC

Using InfoSphere Warehouse a physical data model provides the metadata for database objects that are useful for which task?

  • A. when designing process flows
  • B. when designing work flows
  • C. when designing remote flows
  • D. when designing data flows

Answer : D

Your warehouse schema is a snowflake design that has two dimension tables with outboard tables and a third dimension table without an outboard table. Five data flows have been created to load these tables. In your control flow, how would you efficiently process these loads?

  • A. Use one parallel container for all five data flows.
  • B. Use one parallel container for the outboard tables" data flows which feeds a second parallel container for the three dimension table loads.
  • C. Use one parallel container for the three dimension tables" data flows which feeds a second parallel container for the two outboard table loads.
  • D. Use one parallel container which contains a parallel container for the outboard tables and a parallel container for the three data loads.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 93 questions

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