IBM InfoSphere MDM Server v9.0 v6.0

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You are installing a standalone development environment on a workstation PC with both the database and application server running on the PC.
Which statement is true regarding the installation and configuration of this environment?

  • A. The database tables must be setup manually by running the provided SQL scripts.
  • B. A database and database user need to exist, but the InfoSphere MDM Server Workbench tooling can setup the necessary tables as part of an automated process.
  • C. A database server needs to be installed, but the InfoSphere MDM Server Workbench tooling will automatically setup everything, including creation of a database user, as part of an automated process.
  • D. The application server needs to be manually configured with the appropriate data sources which the InfoSphere MDM Server Workbench will then use to setup the database as part of an automated process.

Answer : B

Regarding InfoSphere MDM Server behavior extensions, which statement is correct?

  • A. MDM Action Events are called when a nominated transaction like addAddress is called by a coarse grained transaction like addPerson.
  • B. MDM Action Events are used for actions such as “search”.
  • C. MDM Transaction Events are used for transactions such as “search” and “get”.
  • D. MDM Transaction Events are called when a nominated transactilon like addAddress is called by a coarse grained transaction like addPerson.

Answer : A

Click the Exhibit button.
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=
Xmlns:soapenv= g/200 1/XMLSchema
<faultstring> WSEC5048E: One of
SOAP Header elements required.</faultstring>
<detail encodingStyle=/>
You have set up an InfoSphere MDM Server development environmet using a test
WebSphere Application Server and locally installed DB2. The WebSphere Application
Server security is not enabled. You run the adperson Web service and receive the response shown in the exhibit.
Which step is required to allow the Web service request to succeed?

  • A. Set the configuration setting/IBM/DWLCommonServices/Security/enabled to false.
  • B. Redeploy the party Web service module with security disabled.
  • C. Run Prepare for Deployment on the MDM application.
  • D. Use the correct user ID and password in the request.

Answer : B

To persist two duplicate records (A1 match category) in InfoSphere MDM Server, which situation must exist?

  • A. The A1 match action rule should be modified to persist A1 matches.
  • B. The LOBRel must not match between the two parties.
  • C. The party attribute 'do not collapse_ind' must be set to "N".
  • D. The ADDACTIONTYPE table should be modified to categorize the match as A2.

Answer : B

A client uses InfoSphere MDM Servers PartyMaintenanceServices sample to perform delta data loading. The client overwrites InfoSphere MDM Server default business keys and needs to customize logic in some of the PartyMaintenanceServices sample code to fulfill the clients special requirements.
What are two ways that the client should implement the customized logic?(Choose two.)

  • A. change the source code in the resolveldentity() method of the PartyMaintenanceServices sample business proxies. For example, change the MaintainPartyAddressBP. Resolvedentity() method to implement customized business logic.
  • B. Creat an alternative implementation of the business proxy. For example, write a new and extends MaintainPartyAddressBP and override MaintainPartyAddressBP.resolveldentity() method.
  • C. Creat an alternative business proxy which implements the IbusProxy interface and adds business logic in the execute() method.
  • D. Extend DWL TxnBP and create a public method execute() to overwrite the com.dwl.base.requesthandler.DWL TxnBP.execute() method.

Answer : AB

Your client has several extemal rules used in their solution. The client is experiencing performance problems. You are trying to determine which external rule is causing the performance bottleneck. Which two configurations are needed to track the performance using the performance tracker component of InfoSphere MDM Server.(Choose two.)

  • A. Set the /IBM/DWLCommonServices/Performance Tracking/ExternalBusinessRules/enabled configuration property to true.
  • B. Set the /IBM/DWLCommonServices/Performance Tracking/ExternalBusinessRules/enabled configuration property to false.
  • C. Set tracking level as “-1” to indicate that you are enabling custom performance tracking.
  • D. The default level performance tracking level 0 will be enough to track the performance effectively.

Answer : AC

The file contains the following:
id_factory_identifier=com.dwl.tcrm.utilities.ClientIDF actory id_factory_contequiv=com.dwl.tcrm.utilities.ClientIDF actory
How will the primary key be generated for the CONTACT, IDENTIFIER, and CONTEQUIV tables?

  • A. A custom key will be defined for the IDENTIFIER table and the CONTEQUIV table, a default key will be defined for the CONTACT table.
  • B. Default keys will be defined for all tables, as defined by TCRMIDF actory.
  • C. Custom kdys will be defined for all tables, as defined by ClientIDF actoryGeneral.
  • D. A custom key will be defined for the CONTACT table, default keys will be defined for the IDENTIFIER and CONTEQUIV tables.

Answer : A

You built a new data addition called Xaddition?which has one-to-many relationships to the existing ContractComponent data entity for a client. The relationship between
ContractComponent and Xaddition is parent-to-child. The client wants the InfoSphere
MDM Server to be able to handle the data elements residing in the Xaddition?by invoking the out-of-thebox Contract related services such as addContract? And getContract?
Which solution do you propose to the client that will satisfy the requirement?

  • A. Build an event behavior extension at the pre-transaction level.
  • B. Build an event behavior extension at the post-transaction level.
  • C. Build an event behavior extension at the pre-action level.
  • D. Build an event behavior extension at the post-action level.

Answer : D

Access Tokens manage security on which level?

  • A. record level
  • B. table level
  • C. attribute level
  • D. transaction level

Answer : A

You are developing extensions to InfoSphere MDM server to support storing information about assets and their locations. You have defined new entities named Asset and Location.
There is a business requirement to store information about the locations of assets. Multiple assets may be stored in one location.
What are two ways that the data model can be defined to allow the locations of assets to be recorded?(Choose two.)

  • A. Define an entity named AssetLocation, with references to an Asset and a Location.
  • B. Add a reference to Asset in the Location entity.
  • C. Add a reference to the Location in the Asset entity.
  • D. Define an entity named AssetLocation with a reference to an Asset and add to Location a reference to AssetLocation.

Answer : AC

A customer wants to implement a new search transaction (searchbyZipCode) at the controller component level. This is implemented by associating a finder class to this transaction. This finder class contains the business logic to search for all party details that match the zip code supplied in the input request by a direct SQL statement call.
What are two steps necessary to implement this customization?(Choose two.)

  • A. Assign a name for this transaction, e.g, searchByZipCodemodify the OOTB request XML to reflect the required structure for input for the search parameter by changing the appropriate search transaction.
  • B. Ensure that the MDM extension framework is disabled (enabled=false).
  • C. Register the transaction name searchByZipCode?in the CDBUSINESSTXTP table.
  • D. Register the new transaction name searchByZipCode?within the files.

Answer : CD

InfoSphere MDM server stores metadata about its data table definition for table name and column name. Which feature relies on this metadata in the CDDWLTABLETP table or the

  • A. Rules of Visibility
  • B. Business Key Validation
  • C. External Validation
  • D. Extension Framework

Answer : B

What is a design component of Data Persistency Entitlements?

  • A. Ancestors
  • B. Accessors
  • C. Activities
  • D. Profiles

Answer : B

The configuration element?IBM/DWLCommonServices/RedundantUpdate/enabled?in the
Configuration and Management component is set to true.
If the business object to be updated contains the same values as the values on the system, which statement is correct?

  • A. The values are not updated and a success status is returned.
  • B. The values are not updated and a warning message is thrown.
  • C. The values are updated on the system.
  • D. The values are updated on the system and an error message is thrown.

Answer : C

As part of a maintenance team for an InfoSphere MDM Server implementation, you are investigating the "EndDate must be after StartDate" error. This error is generated multiple times when uploading large delta requests containing multiple objects of different types.
Which action would help you to quickly detect the object causing this error?

  • A. Check all of the objects in the request message for discrepancy in the dates.
  • B. Run the transaction causing the error in debug mode.
  • C. Check the error response for component details to identify the correct object type.
  • D. Change the log level to a higher level.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 113 questions

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