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Which of the following file extensions is a report definition file utilized by the Datacap Report Viewer?

  • A. *.cs
  • B. *.xml
  • C. *.aspx
  • D. *.rdlc

Answer : D

See step 3 below.
After you design the report, build the project, and you create a report definition file, you must copy this file to C:\Datacap\RV2\Reports.
To copy the report definition file:
1. In the Microsoft Visual Studio window, right-click the Forms1.cs [Design] tab and choose Open Containing Folder.
2. Locate the .rdlc file for your custom report, for this example, MyCustomVerify.rdlc.
3. Copy the .rdlc report definition file to the C:\Datacap\RV2\Reports folder.

An insurance company has two kinds of members: pre 1978 member IDs that are alpha numeric and post 1978 that are all numeric. The batches are prepped in a way that contains both types of members. The pre 1978 members need special handling and must be routed to a supervisor.
Which of the following set of actions would provide a routing solution?

  • A. Function 1 IsRegExInField("^[A-Z]{3}[0-9]{7}") Task_SplitBatch("1") Task_RaiseCondition("0,0") Function 2 IsFieldPercentNumeric("100")
  • B. Function 1 IsPatternInField("^[A-Z]{3}[0-9]{7}") Task_NumberOfSplits("1") Task_RaiseCondition("0,0") Function 2 IsFieldPercentNumeric("100")
  • C. Function 1 IsRegExlnField("^[A-Z]{3}[0-9]{7}") Task_NumberOfSplits("1") Task_ConditionRaiseTo("0,0") Function 2 IsFieldPercentNumeric("100")
  • D. Function 1 IsPatternInField("^[A-Z]{3}[0-9]{7}") Task_SplitBatch("1") Task_ConditionRaiseTo("0,0") Function 2 IsFieldPercentNumeric("100")

Answer : B

IsPatternInField checks that the value of the current field contains the specified VBScript regular expression.
Task_NumberOfSplits specifies the number of jobs the batch is sent to when a condition is raised before it returns to the main workflow. It specifies how many times sub-batches have been created from the current batch.
Incorrect Answers:
A, C: Use IsPatternInField not IsRegExlnField.
D: Use Task_NumberOfSplits not Task_SplitBatch.

A developer has created a custom action to query a database and return a row.
Which of the following return types is valid for the custom action?

  • A. True/False
  • B. A string array
  • C. Any numeric value
  • D. Any single data type

Answer : A

ExecuteSQL runs a SQL statement on the Lookup database. If a SELECT statement returns one or more values, these values are stored in an internal data record that you can access by using the PopulateWithResult action.
ExecuteSQL returns True, if the SQL statement runs successfully, select statements must also return a value. False, if it does not.

A solution designer needs to change databases from MS Access to IBM DB2.
What file is edited to configure report Viewer to use a specific database type?

  • A. login.aspx
  • B. web.config
  • C. report.aspx
  • D. reports.xml

Answer : D

To set the database type open the \Datacap\RV2 folder.
Back up the reports.xml file and then edit the original file by setting the dbtype parameter:

Microsoft Access -

SQL Server -

Oracle -

DB2 -
Apply for all applicable reports, and then save reports.xml.

An IBM Datacap solution designer has to build a solution by using the command line options from the Datacap Application Copy Tool. The solution will specify the
Datacap application that they want to copy and move into another environment.
The Datacap Application Copy Tool uses which of the following syntax parameters to specify the source and destination database?

  • A. From; To
  • B. Start; End
  • C. Begin; Finish
  • D. Source; destination

Answer : A

The Datacap Application Copy Tool uses the -from and -to parameters to specify the source and destination applications.
-> -from specifies the source application that you want to copy
-> -to specifies the destination application that you want to create or update

In order to be able to successfully run VScan in Rulerunner without delays, aborted batches or batches left in a running state, which of the following is recommended?

  • A. Mixed queuing enabled and skipsamebatch set to 0
  • B. Mixed queuing enabled and skipsamebatch set to 1
  • C. Mixed queuing disabled and skipsamebatch set to 1
  • D. Mixed queuing disabled and skipsamebatch set to 0

Answer : C

When running batch creation tasks, such as VScan, with Rulerunner, multiple batches may be created and/or left in the running state.

Cause -
Rulerunner is a very efficient service and will overdrive the Rulerunner Server if too many tasks or threads are assigned.

Resolving the problem -

Turn off Mixed Queuing -
1. Run Rulerunner Manager.
2. On the Rulerunner tab, stop the service.
3. On the Rulerunner Login tab, click Connect.
4. Select the Workflow tab.
5. On the Rulerunner Settings subtab, uncheck Mixed Queuing.
6. Click Save, then go back to the Rulerunner tab and start the service.
Set skipsamebatch for VScan tasks
1. Run Rulerunner Manager.
2. On the Rulerunner tab, stop the service.
3. On the Rulerunner Login tab, click Connect.
4. On the Workflow tab, expand the hierarchy on the right and highlight VScan.
5. In the Settings section in the lower right, set skipsamebatch to 1.
6. Highlight the line labeled <dbs> above VScan in the thread hierarchy.
7. Set skipsamebatch to 1 there also.
8. Click Save, then go back to the Rulerunner tab and start the service.

An insurance company has a requirement that the person that scans the batch must not be the same person that validates the batch.
Which task detail setting will meet this requirement?

  • A. Mode: Router, Queue by: Station ID
  • B. Mode: Router, Queue by: Other User
  • C. Queue by: User ID, Store by: Other User
  • D. Queue by: Other Station, Store by: User ID

Answer : C

You can set up a batch workflow task to allow a user or station to queue the next task to another user or station. The Queue By option Other User means that the user that stored the batch cannot open the batch.
You can define the users and stations that can open and process a batch through a task. Setting up queuing is optional. You must set up the Store field on a prior task that is performed by the target user or station, so it is available for use by a subsequent task.

Which of the feature below is a common IBM Datacap feature that cannot be implemented using FastDoc?

  • A. Line items
  • B. Auto indexing
  • C. Setting up fields
  • D. Fingerprint matching

Answer : D

FastDoc is a client that you can use to scan, index, and manually run background tasks on documents and image files. You can also use FastDoc as a rapid application development tool.
By using FastDoc, you can do the following tasks:
-> Automate the capture of index data from machine or manually printed documents and eliminate tedious and error-prone manual data entry.
-> Capture index data from text and bar codes, retain document types and the variations in each document type and data field locations after it processes one time.
-> Separate pages into documents, automatically capture index entries for those documents, and export the index data and document content.
-> Develop Datacap applications quickly by using your application as a starting point without using Datacap Studio or extend the application by using Datacap
Studio if the FastDoc application does not support all your requirements.

Which of the following log files contains information on new applications or applications copied using the Datacap Application Wizard?

  • A. appwiz.log
  • B. updatewiz.log
  • C. application.log
  • D. appupdatewiz.log

Answer : A

Click View Logs to open the file and search for any error and warning messages.

A solution designer is using the Import Files compiled ruleset/rule template and is not that the values entered in the GUI are being saved correctly.
What file should they look in the values entered in the GUI are being saved correctly?

  • A. ImportFiles.rul
  • B. ImportFiles.cfg
  • C. ImportFiles.rul.res
  • D. ImportFiles.rul.dll.config

Answer : A

When a ruleset that is not in \rrs\collection.xml or \rules\collection.xml is added to a task in FastDoc, the *.rul (.dll) and *.rul.config files are copied to the \rules folder. A reference is added to the \rules\collection.xml file.

A company requires all web traffic to go through the HTTPS communication protocol.
Which configuration file needs to be manually modified to enable HTTPS?

  • A. The application"™s .app file.
  • B. The Web Server"™s server.ini.file.
  • C. The Web Server"™s Web.Config file
  • D. The Datacap server"™s Datacap.xml file

Answer : C

You can enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for Datacap Web Services by modifying settings in the Datacap Web Services configuration file. Modify the \Datacap
\wTM\web.config file.

Compiled rulesets offer a pre-set list of actions that can be configured using which two of the following tools?

  • A. Datacap Studio
  • B. FastDoc (Admin)
  • C. Datacap Navigator
  • D. Datacap Ruleset Manager
  • E. Datacap Application Manager

Answer : AB

You will see both regular and compiled rulesets in DStudio and FastDoc. The compiled rulesets are delineated by corresponding symbols / icons where appropriate, etc. (ex: right-click context menu "Settings..." for DStudio).
Using the UI for the two clients, you can drag and drop or right-click and install into the application any of the rulesets. In FastDoc you'll observe the global rulesets as well as those already present in the application's rules.

For a profile to be visible in the Mobile app"™s configuration screen, what two conditions must be met?

  • A. The Profile name is set to Mobile.
  • B. The mode of a task is set to Branch.
  • C. The name of a task in the profile is set to Mobile.
  • D. The program option of a task is set to Mobile Capture.
  • E. The mode of a task in the profile is set to Batch Creation.

Answer : DE

To enable access to IBM Datacap on a mobile device:
In Datacap Web Client (V8.1) or Datacap Navigator (V9.0 or later), add or modify a job in the workflow:
Create the first task and set the Mode to Batch creation.
Set Program to Mobile.

A developer is testing a newly created ruleset in Datacap Studio.
Where are the result displayed in Datacap Studio?

  • A. Text tab
  • B. Output tab
  • C. Call Stack tab
  • D. Runtime State tab

Answer : D

The Runtime State tab provides details of successes and failures as Ruleset/Rule combinations of a Task Profile process a batch and its contents.

A solution developer is beginning to build a new IBM Datacap application and is considering the purpose of the dco_hierarchy as it relates to rules.
Which of the following best describes that relationship?

  • A. Rules are assigned to ruleset which determine the order of task execution.
  • B. Rules are assigned to task profiles which call the dco_hierarchy to determine the order of task execution.
  • C. Rules are assigned to functions which execute based on the workflow defined in the web client or Datacap Navigation.
  • D. Rules are assigned to process specific objects in the dco_hierarchy, for example, to analyze each page and identify its type.

Answer : D

You can map one or more rules to an object in the Document hierarchy.
When you select the rule in the Document hierarchy object to which you mapped the rule, Datacap Studio displays the DCO.Rule Map in the Properties tab. The values in the DCO.Rule Map include the Ruleset ID and the Rule name. The Ruleset ID references the position of the ruleset on the Rulesets tab in Datacap
Studio, and the Rule name references the position of the rule in the ruleset.
Note: Datacap has a flexible object model called the Document Hierarchy or Datacap Object (DCO) that comprises a batch, or a container and unit of work that is processed as a whole. It contains one or more documents with one or more pages, each with one or more fields.

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Exam contains 71 questions

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