IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist v4.0

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Exam contains 133 questions

Which of the following is NOT a step in the FileNet Deployment Manager deployment process?

  • A. Create a deploy dataset.
  • B. Create an export manifest.
  • C. Update an export manifest.
  • D. Create a property hash table.

Answer : D

P8 Content Federation Services (CFS) natively supports which two of the following configurations for federation? (choose two):

  • A. SAP (CFS-SAP)
  • B. Sharepoint (CFS-SP)
  • C. OnDemand (CFS-OD)
  • D. Lotus Quickr (CFS-LQ)
  • E. IBM Content Integrator (CFS-ICI)

Answer : C,E

To enable log4j logging in Workplace XT debugging, you will perform which of the following?

  • A. Download and install log4j and configure with Workplace XT.
  • B. Out of the box Workplace XT comes with log4j and always enabled.
  • C. Workplace XT does not support log4j debugging. It is used only for Content Engine and Process Engine.
  • D. To enable logging, rename the sample logging configuration file, to and restart the application server.

Answer : D

What two services does the Content Engine supply? (choose two.)

  • A. Content storage.
  • B. Workflow management.
  • C. Life cycle management.
  • D. Thin client user front end.
  • E. User and group management.

Answer : AC

Which of the following is true about the Directory configuration properties (User tab) ->
User Search Filter property?

  • A. The search filter must contain a clause with "cn={0}".
  • B. The search filter is read-only and cannot be modified.
  • C. The search filter must contain a clause with "objectClass=user".
  • D. The attributes supplied to the search filter may be specific to the directory provider.

Answer : D

In a High Availability environment for Content Engine, how should IBM FileNet Enterprise
Manager be connected to the Content Engine server?

  • A. Using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) protocol for a specific node.
  • B. Using WSI protocol for multiple nodes (e.g. load-balancer URL).
  • C. Using Web Service Interoperability (WSI) protocol for a specific node.
  • D. Using EJB protocol for multiple nodes (e.g. corbaloc URL for WebSphere).

Answer : C

What P8 domain level entity allows specific meta data attributes to be identified that control the effective access of an object in conjunction with the object's Access Control List (ACL)?

  • A. Marking sets.
  • B. Storage area.
  • C. Add-on feature.
  • D. Security inheritance.

Answer : A

When the Content Engine launches a workflow, it needs to communicate with which component?

  • A. Workplace XT.
  • B. Application Engine.
  • C. Process Engine service.
  • D. Process Engine database.

Answer : C

In a Disaster Recovery implementation, the Content Engine bootstrapped Engine-ws.ear file is copied from a PRODUCTION environment to a DR environment for deployment.
What is the reason for this?

  • A. It speeds up DR deployment.
  • B. It reduces administrative work.
  • C. It reduces the cost of DR deployment.
  • D. It contains the Master Key for the GCD.

Answer : D

Consider the following distributed P8 configuration:

All object stores contain file storage areas and are configured for content based retrieval
(CBR). A complete offline backup of the system runs daily at 10 PM. If server A crashes at
2 PM and must be replaced, how should the administrator recover the system?

  • A. Restore all files for server A from backup.
  • B. Restore all files for server A from backup and re-index the object stores.
  • C. Restore all files for server A from backup and restore the database files to server C.
  • D. Restore all files for server A from backup and restore the file storage files to the NAS device.

Answer : B

What is the result when re-enabling content encryption on an Object Store?

  • A. Existing content is encrypted.
  • B. Only new content is encrypted.
  • C. The existing encryption key is re-used.
  • D. Existing content is encrypted, existing encrypted content is re-encrypted.

Answer : B

Which of the following statements about half maps is true?

  • A. Half maps create a deploy dataset.
  • B. Half maps analyze objects for import.
  • C. Half maps store environment specific data.
  • D. Half maps are used to create an export manifest.

Answer : C

When a property is added to a class, what is created?

  • A. Choice list.
  • B. Property template.
  • C. Property description.
  • D. Default property value.

Answer : C

What type of object has two pointers, one of which points to a single folder while the other points to a document or custom object?

  • A. Reflective
  • B. Task relationship
  • C. Component relationship
  • D. Referential containment relationship

Answer : D

Component Manager hosts a component that can be used to execute certain content- related operations against the Content Engine. What is this component called?

  • A. Event action.
  • B. CEOperations.
  • C. Integration Tier.
  • D. Web Application Toolkit.

Answer : B

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Exam contains 133 questions

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