IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Application Development v6.0

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Peter is writing a Java agent for his application that will need to read data from a text file on the server. How can Peter accomplish this task?

  • A. Use the Session class createFile method and use the File class methods to get the data from the file.
  • B. Use the Session class Open method and use the standard Java IO methods to get the data from the file.
  • C. Use the Session class createStream method and use the Stream class methods to get the data from the file.
  • D. Use the Session class getDatabse method, supply the name of the file instead of a database name, and use the Database class methods toread the file.

Answer : C

Jason added a Data View control to an XPage and defined as its data source the
"CustomersByNameView" in the Customers application. He specified the CustomerName column as the column to open the selected customer document when clicked. Into which property of the Data View control should Jason add columns to display the values from the
City, Contact and Phone columns in the data source?

  • A. columns
  • B. addColumns
  • C. multiColumns
  • D. extraColumns

Answer : D

If the facet is named, which is true?

  • A. The control added is determined at run time.
  • B. Controls cannot be added to the editable area.
  • C. Multiple controls can be added to the editable area.
  • D. Only one control can be added to the editable area.

Answer : D

Which is the correct way to compute a client-side JavaScript variable fullName from two fields on a datasource firstName and lastName?

  • A. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.firstName + ' ' + document1.lastName;}";
  • B. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.getDocument().firstName + ' ' + document1.getDocument().lastName;}";
  • C. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.getItemValue('firstName') + ' ' + document1.getItemValue('lastName');}";
  • D. var fullname = "#{javascript:document1.getItemValueString('firstName') + ' ' +document1.getItemValueString('lastName');}";

Answer : D

Lynn would like to obtain the current date and time from the server hosting the database where his Formula code is executing. Which line of code could he use to do that?

  • A. myTime := @Now([SERVERTIME])
  • B. myTime := @ServerTime([NOW])
  • C. myTime := @Time([SERVER]:[NOW])
  • D. myTime := @Server([TIME]:[NOW])

Answer : A

Gabe is using the Calendar classes to create a repeat meeting. How does Gabe use the
NotesCalendar class to create a repeating event?

  • A. Gabe will need to use the CreateRepeatEntry method of the NotesCalendar class.
  • B. Gabe needs to include an RRule item in the iCalendar data he is passing to the CreateEntry call.
  • C. Gabe will need to make a call to the CreateEntry method of the NotesCalendar class for each occurrence of the event.
  • D. Gabe should populate the Repeat property of the NotesCalendarEntry to true and populate the RepeatInterval property of theNotesCalendarEntry with the correct data.

Answer : B

Which is true with regards to XPages Event Handlers?

  • A. Event Handlers must be attached to an XPage control event.
  • B. Event Handlers can be used to execute client-side and server-side JavaScript in the same event.
  • C. When an Event Handler event is complete, client-side JavaScript can be inserted through the onCompleted property.
  • D. It is not possible to use client-side JavaScript to specifically call server-side JavaScript code without using a partial refresh.

Answer : B

Jack wants to be able to add a client-side JavaScript (CSJS) library as a resource to his
XPages custom control. How would he accomplish this?

  • A. Jack cannot accomplish this as resources can only be added to XPages and not custom controls.
  • B. Within the Properties view of the custom control, select "Resources" and then add the appropriate resource by selecting from the prompts.
  • C. Within the Events view of the custom control, select the onClientLoad event and insert the resource name within the client-side JavaScriptsection.
  • D. Within the Properties view of the custom control, select "Dojo" and select the "Insert Custom Library" option. Then follow the prompts to add theappropriate library.

Answer : B

What are three valid input objects for the NotesXMLProcessor class? (Choose three.)

  • A. NotesView
  • B. NotesForm
  • C. NotesStream
  • D. NotesDXLImporter
  • E. NotesDXLExporter
  • F. NotesRichTextItem

Answer : C,E,F

Charles has created an agent which uses the Send method of the NotesDocument class.
He has added a button to the document and it should be included when the message is sent. Which code snippet below would correctly send the message and include the button?

  • A. Dim doc as NotesDocument'...set value of doc...Call doc.Save(True, False)Call doc.Send(False, True)
  • B. Dim doc as NotesDocument'...set value of doc...Call doc.Save(False, False)Call doc.Send(True)
  • C. Dim doc as NotesDocument'...set value of doc...Call doc.Save(False)Call doc.Send(SendTo, True)
  • D. Dim doc as NotesDocument'...set value of doc...Call doc.Save(True)Call doc.Send("SendTo", True)

Answer : B

Which three properties in the Dojo Text Box control are available in the Edit Box control?
(Choose three.)

  • A. alt
  • B. trim
  • C. lang
  • D. type
  • E. header
  • F. inputType

Answer : ACD

What are the three different parts of the managed bean in the faces-config.xml file?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Bean class
  • B. Bean name
  • C. Bean scope
  • D. Bean location
  • E. Bean property
  • F. Bean var name

Answer : ABC

When using the IBM Domino Java Document class method computeWithForm, which three events are triggered? (Choose three.)

  • A. Default Value
  • B. Input Validation
  • C. Input Translation
  • D. QueryDocumentSave
  • E. Computed for display
  • F. Compute before validation

Answer : ABC

Mark has designed a mobile application with two mobile pages. For the first mobile page he set the pageName property to "viewMobilePage" and for the second mobile page he set the pageName property to "documentMobilePage". He designed the viewMobilePage to display a listing of customer names from the CustomersByName view. He designed the documentMobilePage to display the document details for the customer touched on the viewMobilePage. He specified "customerDoc" as the name for the Domino Document data source and the field with the customer phone number is named "phone". What can Mark do to add a touch control to send an SMS message to the customer currently displayed on the documentMobilePage?

  • A. For the Edit Box control bound to the phone field add the property and value of type="sms".
  • B. Nothing, access to the SMS function of the mobile device is not supported for mobile applications developed using the Mobile controls inDomino Designer.
  • C. Add a Tool Bar Button control and compute its href property using this server-side JavaScript:return "sms:" + customerDoc.getItemValueString("phone");
  • D. Add a Rounded List Item control and compute its sms property using this server-side JavaScript:return customerDoc.getItemValueString("phone");

Answer : C

Which control, used to dynamically switch content, includes support to code the Dynamic
Content display using a Simple Action, client-side or server-side JavaScript?

  • A. Switch
  • B. Dynamic Content
  • C. Multi-image Output
  • D. Dynamic View Panel

Answer : B

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Exam contains 121 questions

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