IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator v6.0

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Exam contains 60 questions

You want to deploy a new application using dimension calculations in Performance
Modeler. The application willbe deployed in distributed mode.
Which two configuration parameters should be applied? (Choose two.)

  • A. PersistentFeeders=T
  • B. AllowSeparateNandCRules=T
  • C. DistributedPlanningOutputDir=.\tunit
  • D. LoggingDirectory=. . \log

Answer : BC

What will display information about which user has added a new item to a dimension?

  • A. View message log
  • B. Viewtransaction log
  • C. View audit log
  • D. Security assignments

Answer : C

You want to access TM1 data with IBM Cognos Report Studio, MDX statements, or other
MDX OLAP tools outside of TM1.
Which control object stores custom named levels for the hierarchy levels of TM1 dimensions?

  • A. \}CubeProperties
  • B. \}HierarchyProperties
  • C. \}ClientProperties
  • D. \}DimensionProperties

Answer : B

When using Server Explorer, which three settings are configurable using the TM1 Options dialog box? (Choose three.)

  • A. Data Directory
  • B. TM1 Object Security
  • C. Dimension Attributes
  • D. Admin Host
  • E. Connect to Local Server on Startup

Answer : A,D,E

When configuring IBM Cognos TM1 applications, which IntegratedSecurityMode parametersettings are permitted?

  • A. Only mode 1
  • B. Modes 1 or 5
  • C. Modes 4 or 5
  • D. Only mode 5

Answer : B

As a TM1 administrator, you need to find out which element has been deleted from the
Product Dimension. All of the log files have been switched on.
Which log file would you review to see the details of the changes?

  • A. Admin Server log
  • B. Transactions log
  • C. Server Message log
  • D. Audit log

Answer : D

Click the Exhibit button.

Two security groups exist with the permissions shown in the exhibit.
If a TM1 user is assigned toboth groups, which permissions will be granted for the elements: England, France, Germany and Korea?

  • A. England (Read), France (Read).Germany (Write) and Korea (Read)
  • B. England (Read), France (Write).Germany (Write) and Korea (Read)
  • C. England (Write),France (Read).Germany (Read) and Korea (Read)
  • D. England (Write), France (Read).Germany (Write) and Korea (Read)

Answer : D

IBM Cognos TM1 lets you import dimensions and data from IBM Cognos B1 packagesusing the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector.
Which two statements are true about the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector? (Choose two.)

  • A. It can be used with IBM Cognos B1 or Controller.
  • B. It is an optional component.
  • C. It can be used with IBM B1 packagesthat use SAP Business Warehouse
  • D. It only needs to be installed on the TM1 Server.

Answer : BC

What happens when PerformanceMonitorOn is set to true (T) in the tm1 s.cfg file?

  • A. User access is restricted to the TM1 Server while server diagnostics occur.
  • B. TM1 performance monitoring records performancestatistics for clients, cubes, and the TM1 Server.
  • C. Advanced error logging occurs when running TurboIntegrator processes.
  • D. Feeder optimization is traced and logged into a system control cube.

Answer : B

You want to use the Guided Import to create a new dimension using Performance Modeler.
Which three data sources would you use? (Choose three.)

  • A. Excel spreadsheet
  • B. XBRL file
  • C. Comma separated file
  • D. Cognos Business Intelligence list report
  • E. Microsoft Analysis Services cube

Answer : ACD

The IntegratedSecurityMode, ServerName, and DataBase directory parameters would be found in which file?

  • A. tm1p.ini
  • B. tm1s.cfg
  • C. web.config
  • D. tm1admsiv.ini

Answer : B


A user of the TM1 Server that you administer wants to update data for a cube, but prevent all other users from editing the data.
Which rights should you apply to the cube for the user group to which this user belongs?

A. Reserve -

B. Lock -

C. Read -

D. None -

Answer: A -

Whichthree tasks can the TM1 administrator perform using TM1 Web? (Choose three.)

  • A. Review/execute processes on the TM1 Server.
  • B. Edit the tm1s.cfg file.
  • C. Review/execute chores on the TM1 Server.
  • D. Change the TM1 admin password.
  • E. Edit existing Turbo Integrator processes.

Answer : ACD

Which two statements are true regarding TM1 Bulk Load Mode? (Choose two.)

  • A. No new user connections are allowed after Bulk Load Mode is initiated.
  • B. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through TM1 Rules.
  • C. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through the TM1 Operations Console.
  • D. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through TM1 TurboIntegrator.

Answer : A,D

Besides the TM1 Data Directory, which three files should be backed up when backing up a
TM1 configuration? (Choose three.)

  • A. tm1admsrv.ini file
  • B. windows.ini file
  • C. web.config file
  • D. tm1p.ini file
  • E. documents.ini file

Answer : ACD

Click the Exhibit button.

Users receive the error message shown in the exhibit when connecting to TM1 Web using
CAM Security.
How would you resolve this?

  • A. Enter the TM1 WebURL in the TM1s.cfgfile.
  • B. Enter the TM1 Server Name in the web.config file.
  • C. Enter the TM1 Web URL inthe variables_TM1 .xml file.
  • D. Enter the TM1 Web URL in the IBM Cognos Configuration.

Answer : C

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Exam contains 60 questions

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