IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Fundamentals v8.0

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Exam contains 92 questions

A list of 300 new pieces of non-rotating assets need to be quickly added into a system. In addition to adding each of these new records, each piece of equipment must be given its own sequential asset number.
What application should be used to do this?

  • A. Inventory
  • B. Equipment
  • C. Item Master
  • D. Asset Templates

Answer : D

What is a valid statement when work order tasks are generated for each route stop?

  • A. Route stops are sometimes bypassed
  • B. Work flows cannot control route stops
  • C. Route stops that become work order tasks will not support job plans
  • D. Locations of all route stops must be associated with an organization

Answer : C

Which statement is true regarding ticket templates, job plans, and activities?

  • A. Only job plans with a status of Active can be applied to ticket templates.
  • B. Activities specified on a service request using a job plan cannot be deleted.
  • C. A job plan can be applied by a ticket template or directly to the service request.
  • D. Activities specified on a job plan are viewable on the Plans tab of the Service Request application.

Answer : A

More items have been issued than are required on a work order and they must be returned to stock. Which two statements are true?

  • A. Items can be returned from the work order.
  • B. Individual item from kits can be return to stock.
  • C. Rotating items cannot be returned from the work order.
  • D. Items can only be returned if they are direct issue items.
  • E. Items can be returned only if issued against a work order.

Answer : BD

What are the two file formats in which scheduled reports can be e-mailed to a recipient?

  • A. TXT
  • B. GIF
  • C. XLS
  • D. PDF
  • E. DOC

Answer : CD

How are items deleted from an active job plan?

  • A. Delete the item and then save the record
  • B. Make a job plan revision and then delete the item
  • C. Change the job plan to WAPPR and then delete the item
  • D. Change the job plan to PENDING and then delete the item

Answer : B

What are three valid Job Plan task components?

  • A. Tools
  • B. Labor
  • C. Routes
  • D. Materials
  • E. Contracts
  • F. Schedules

Answer : B,D,F

Which two selections are valid to create associated preventive maintenance (PM) records from a master PM?

  • A. PM records
  • B. Item's assets
  • C. Classification
  • D. Item's locations
  • E. Item's storerooms

Answer : A,D

Which tab in the Query-based Reporting dialog allows fields to be added to the report?

  • A. Style
  • B. Select
  • C. Format
  • D. Submit

Answer : B

Which two applications can be used to generate a hierarchical work order?

  • A. Routes application
  • B. Job Plans application
  • C. Assignment Manager application
  • D. Work Order Tracking application
  • E. Preventive Maintenance application

Answer : AC

What is the purpose of a ticket template?

  • A. To save the details of a record
  • B. To route a service request through a standard business process
  • C. To efficiently populate common, high-volume service request fields
  • D. To automatically apply Service Level Agreements to service requests

Answer : B

What action is required prior to approving a new purchase contract?

  • A. Revise the contract.
  • B. Change the line status.
  • C. Authorize at least one site.
  • D. No further action is required to approve the contract.

Answer : C

The actual start date on a service request is populated by the system when the record is changed to which status?

  • A. NEW
  • B. DRAFT

Answer : C

Which combination of inventory costing is valid?

  • A. last-in first-out (LIFO) and first-in last-out (FILO)
  • B. last-in first-out (LIFO) and first-in first-out (FIFO)
  • C. first-in last-out (FILO) and last-in first-out (LIFO)
  • D. first-in last-out (FILO) and first-in first-out (FIFO)

Answer : B

The client is using the last completed work order date to trigger a PM generated work order. What type of schedule are they using?

  • A. Fixed schedule
  • B. Floating schedule
  • C. Lead time schedule
  • D. Time-meter based schedule

Answer : B

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Exam contains 92 questions

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