IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 v7.0

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Which version of IBM DB2 is recommended for IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 on a Linuxplatform?

  • A. DB2V8.2
  • B. DB2V8.5
  • C. DB2V9.3
  • D. DB2V9.7

Answer : D

The trace Jog file on the IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM) Dashboard
Server has been taking a huge amount of write time for the hard drive. What could be changed to free up more write time for the TBSM components?

  • A. immediately set the logs and trace level to defaults
  • B. review the trace.log file checking for errors and if it is not error-related, lower the logging level
  • C. change the Trace Output Format toAdvanced to lower the amountofdatawithinthetrace.log
  • D. review the native_stdout.log process log to validate which section of TBSM iswritingtothetrace.log

Answer : B

What must be done to make changes active after modifying the memoryvalue in the server.xml file for IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal?

  • A. restart the Data Server
  • B. restart the Dashboard Server
  • C. use wsadmin to make changes active immediately
  • D. changes will be picked up automatically after saving the file

Answer : B

In IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM) fail-over implementation, when configuring a secondary TBSM Data Server, which Netcool/OMNIbus should be configured to be used as its Event Source?

  • A. Aggregation ObjectServer
  • B. Collection Layer ObjectServer
  • C. Fail-over Netcool/OMNIbus Server
  • D. the same Netcool/OMNIbus used as the Event Source by the primary Data Server

Answer : D

Which role(s) would be given to a user's group in order to view event lists within IBM Tivoli
Business Service Manager V6.1?

  • A. new_user
  • B. tbsmViewRawEvents
  • C. nc_user and tbsmViewRawEvents
  • D. netcool_ro and tbsmViewRawEvents

Answer : C

Which two reporting engines are supported in Tivoli Common Reporting V2.1.1 (TCR)?

  • A. Cognos
  • B. Actuate
  • C. TCR Version 1
  • D. TCR Version 2
  • E. Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool

Answer : AE

What is a required property or condition when creating a numerical incoming status rule?

  • A. Filter
  • B. Status
  • C. Rulename
  • D. Automatic roll-up

Answer : C

How is data caching for a data fetcher named regionalTicket controlled in IBM Tivoli
Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM)?

  • A. Modify the data_fetcher.propsfile located in the TBSM Data Server
  • B. Modify the data_fetcher.propsfile located in the TBSM Dashboard Server
  • C. Modify the TBSM_regionalTicket.props file located in the TBSM Data Server
  • D. Modify the TBSM_regionalTicket.props file located in the TBSM Dashboard Server

Answer : C

Which three components are stopped using the default script? (Choose three.)

  • A. EIF Probe
  • B. TIP Profile
  • C. XML Toolkit
  • D. TBSM Profile
  • E. DB2 Database Service
  • F. ObjectServer Installed using the Simple install

Answer : B,D,F


What needs to be created before creating a custom view that contains a custom page in
IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1?

A. the custom page -
B. a portlet that contains the view
C. a user or user group that owns the view
D. a custom page anda wire from this view to the custom page

Answer: A -

When IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM) is using the ObjectServer for authentication, and a new user is created through the TBSM Manage Users GUI, what is the default role they receive that gives them access to log into TBSM?

  • A. Group Public
  • B. Group tbsmuser
  • C. Group tbsmAdmins
  • D. Group tbsmReadOnly

Answer : A

Which table is dropped when running tbsm_db_update.sql on the ObjectServer?

  • A. alerts.status
  • B. alerts.servicejype
  • C. alertsjournal_entry
  • D. alerts.service_deps

Answer : D

When choosing and updating an ObjectServer schema to receive IBM Tivoli Business
Service Manager (TBSM) events, which ObjectServer is this recommended to beperformed on?

  • A. Collection ObjectServer-TBSM events to be updated
  • B. Aggregation ObjectServer-TBSM events to be filtered out
  • C. Display ObjectServer- events processed by TBSM are guaranteed outages
  • D. Fail-over/Backup ObjectServer-TBSM events areoff-loaded onto a backup ObjectServer to prevent additional load

Answer : C

An IBM DB2 server has failed during a large bulk load from IBM Tivoli Application
Dependency and Discovery Manager. After some investigation it is noticed that the partition containing the IBM DB2 database is 100% full. The database was intentionally configured to be on its own partition and prior to the bulk load operation there was 30% disk space available. No modifications have been made to the Discovery LibraryToolkit filters. What are two possible causes of the failure? (Choose two.)

  • A. The bulk load contained too much data.
  • B. The Discovery Library Toolkit was mis-configured.
  • C. The bufferpool size for the IBM DB2 database was too small.
  • D. The data server stopped during the bulk load causing a database failure due to insufficient log file space.
  • E. The IBM DB2 database had too large of a value for the LOGFILSIZ. LOGPRIMARY, or LOGSECONDARY parameters.

Answer : AE

How is event enrichment and correlation implemented in an IBM Tivoli Business Service
Manager V6.1 (TBSM) installation?

  • A. by using IBM Tivol Netcool/lmpact policy
  • B. by customizing the event.rls files in the TBSM Data Server
  • C. by installing the optional TBSM event managementcomponent
  • D. by customizing certain xml files used by the TBSM Discovery Library Toolkit

Answer : A

What are two functions of the IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM) Data
Server? (Choose two.)

  • A. to store external data
  • B. tomanage the TBSM console display
  • C. to increase dash board server performance
  • D. to store service models and associated rules
  • E. to monitor for data that affect the status of configured services

Answer : D,E

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Exam contains 134 questions

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