IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Implemenation v7.3

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Exam contains 210 questions

In the Work Order Information section of the PreventiveMaintenance application which field is mandatory?

  • A. Priority
  • B. Location
  • C. Workgroup
  • D. Work Order Status

Answer : D

What is required to create an escalation?

  • A. Site
  • B. Schedule
  • C. Condition
  • D. Description

Answer : B

A company has deployed IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo) to manage the company assets and the purchasing process. The company's purchasing process does not require an approved purchase request (PR) in orderto generate a new purchase order (PO) but the buyer reported this problem when trying to create a new PO from an unapproved

Where can this validation be turned off in Maximo?

  • A. Organizations application
  • B. Purchase Orders application
  • C. SystemProperties application
  • D. Database Configuration application

Answer : A

Which statement is true about installing IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5?

  • A. The default database name is customizable.
  • B. The default database instance name is not customizable.
  • C. Thedefault database buffer pool name MAXBUFPOOL is customizable.
  • D. The default database data table space name MAXINDEX is not customizable.

Answer : A

Which three data elements on the Plans tab of the Work Order Tracking application can be restricted from editing or adding new values based on the work order's status (Organization
> Work Order Options > Edit Rules)? (Choose three)

  • A. Creating or editing planned tools
  • B. Creating or editing planned tasks
  • C. Adding or changing the failure class
  • D. Creating or editing planned materials
  • E. Creating or editing planned labor entries
  • F. Creating or associating a child work order

Answer : A,D,E

A shipment must be created to move items between storerooms using the Inventory Usage application. What Usage Typecan the Inventory Usage record be in order to perform shipping?

  • A. ISSUE

Answer : D

What is the purpose of commodity codes?

  • A. To group like items for issue
  • B. To group like items for purchasing
  • C. To group like items for classification
  • D. To group like items for asset bill ofmaterial

Answer : B

How is the order determined in which tax codes are used?

  • A. Tax code options from the Tax application
  • B. Tax options from the Organizations application
  • C. Tax options from the Purchase Orders application
  • D. Tax code options from theChart of Account application

Answer : B

A customer has a requirement to automatically create a work order from a service request when the customer service manager approves the request using Workflow. Which object does this action apply to?

  • A. SR
  • B. Ticket
  • C. Workflow
  • D. Workorder

Answer : A

A reservation is created when a work order is approved with item(s) on the Work Order
Plans Materials sub-tab. Which action controls when an item must be specified with a hard reservation?

  • A. Change the reservationtype on the materials line to HARD
  • B. Change the reservation type on the reservation list to HARD
  • C. Set the reservation type to HARD within the Organization > Inventory Options
  • D. Set the flag on this check box within the Inventory application: Requireshard reservation on use?

Answer : D

CBA Corporation wants to create a new application. This application should have four tabs, including List and Main. Whichapplication type should be used?

  • A. Smart application
  • B. Power application
  • C. Multi Tab application
  • D. Single Page application

Answer : B

In the Receiving application, what does the Quantity Accepted field indicate?

  • A. The quantity of items that passed inspection
  • B. The quantity of items accepted for inspection
  • C. The quantity of items that received inspection
  • D. The quantity of items that are awaiting inspection

Answer : A

In addition to the Work Order Tracking application, which other application allows a userto plan labor or crafts?

  • A. Labor application
  • B. Safety Plan application
  • C. Quick Reporting application
  • D. Activities and Tasks application

Answer : D

What can be defined on a work order?

  • A. Name
  • B. Location
  • C. Security Group
  • D. Report Template

Answer : B

Which two items are required to approve a purchase contract? (Choose two.)

  • A. A vendor
  • B. An authorized site
  • C. A total cost greater than zero
  • D. At least one contract line item
  • E. Association to at least one commodity code

Answer : AB

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Exam contains 210 questions

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