IBM Cloud Solutions Architect v3 v1.0

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An application developer wants a rapid development environment that provides autoscaling and allows them to focus on the business logic in an event driven process. The application developer should not have worry about the backend or runtime. What should they choose?

  • A. Cloud Foundry
  • B. IBM Open Systems
  • C. IBM Cloud Functions
  • D. Boilerplates with Auto-scaling

Answer : C

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Which statement describes cloud native?

  • A. A way of porting old applications to run only on the cloud.
  • B. An application that has been converted to run on the cloud.
  • C. A monolithic architectural style designed to run on mainframes.
  • D. An application architecture designed to leverage the cloud environment.

Answer : D

Which option in NetApp ONTAP Select comes with an all SSD Storage configuration?

  • A. High Capacity
  • B. Medium Capacity
  • C. High Performance
  • D. Medium Performance

Answer : C


Which component allows planning and prioritization of workloads across hybrid cloud environments?

  • A. Enterprise Service Bus
  • B. API Management Service
  • C. Cloud Infrastructure as Code
  • D. Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Answer : D

How can the use of an IBM Garage Method Reference Architecture improve return on investment for a cloud project?

  • A. They provide best-practice guidance to help a project start and succeed quickly.
  • B. The project will not need architects as all necessary design work has been done by IBM.
  • C. Following them rigidly guarantees that an application will deliver all required functionality.
  • D. Fewer developers will be needed to design and code during the project due to the information they provide.

Answer : A

IBM Cloud offers which Blockchain as a managed service?

  • A. Corda
  • B. Bitcoin
  • C. Ethereum
  • D. Hyperledger Fabric

Answer : D


In IBM Cloud Internet Services, what allows fine-tuning of cache behavior and creation of content optimization?

  • A. Firewall
  • B. Page Rules
  • C. Proxy Server
  • D. Global Load Balancer (GLB)

Answer : B

What are two of the primary nodes required in an IBM Cloud Private cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A. Master Node
  • B. Slave Node
  • C. Proxy Node
  • D. Security Node
  • E. Compute Node

Answer : AC


Which two statements describe a Kubernetes service? (Choose two.)

  • A. A service is always exposed with a public IP.
  • B. A service is always exposed inside a cluster.
  • C. A service is always exposed outside a cluster.
  • D. A set of pods are defined by a configuration json.
  • E. A set of pods that are defined by a label selector.

Answer : AE

What is a functional requirement of an IBM Social Reference Architecture?

  • A. Reduce barriers to effective collaboration
  • B. Limit data replication throughout
  • C. Only support online data replication
  • D. Control collaboration with competitors

Answer : rdA

What is the purpose of the IBM Cloud CLI?

  • A. To manage all resources in the IBM Cloud.
  • B. For automatic updates to IBM Cloud resources.
  • C. To integrate IBM Cloud with legacy applications.
  • D. To onboard 3 party services to IBM Cloud space.

Answer : A


In Cloud Foundry, which is a mechanism to group a set of applications, services, and team members within an organization?

  • A. Space
  • B. Group
  • C. Domain
  • D. Collective

Answer : A

Which statement is true when using a bare metal server on IBM Cloud?

  • A. They run Unix-based operating systems only.
  • B. They are built with a custom configuration and take 3-4 hours to provision.
  • C. They do not run in a hypervisor and low-level access to the hardware resources is given.
  • D. They offer dedicated compute power but share other server resources with other customers.

Answer : C

What cloud storage option should an architect choose for a flexible, cost effective, and scalable solution for unstructured data?

  • A. File Storage
  • B. Block Storage
  • C. Object Storage
  • D. Network Attached Storage

Answer : C


Which IBM service supports building integration flows through a no-code approach and exposes those flows as RESTful APIs without having to be an API development expert?

  • A. IBM BPM
  • B. IBM WAS
  • C. IBM API Integrator
  • D. IBM App Connect

Answer : D

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Exam contains 66 questions

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