IBM Operational Decision Manager Standard V8.9.1 Application Development v1.0

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How can the state of a decision service branch be captured in Decision Center at a specific moment in time?

  • A. By creating a new release
  • B. By creating a snapshot from Business Console
  • C. By creating a sub-branch from Business Console
  • D. By creating a baseline from Enterprise Console

Answer : B

Reference: tut_dcenter_bu_gov_start_lsn.html

A customer needs to calculate sales taxes based on the state of origin for an online pricing solution. The customer identified 15 states in the US that have a different sales tax and also include 2-3 additional types of taxes. Also, these 15 states have different regulations and need to update taxes on a monthly basis.
How can a developer design rule application to simplify the number of rules and the impact of multiple deployments so that unchanged rules are not duplicated?

  • A. Organize tax rules in a common rule project to address taxes for the states sharing the same logic. Create a separate rule project for every state where taxes calculations are unique. Override common rules with unique rules from this separate rule project.
  • B. Create a rule project for every state to include its own tax rules. Package all rule projects into a single RuleApp with multiple rulesets.
  • C. Create a rule project with only the rules of one state and use these rules as the only ruleset of a RuleApp.
  • D. Create a rule project with a single decision table with all states listed and the tax logic for every state in separate virtual methods from the BOM that can be used in the table. Use this rule project as the only ruleset in the RuleApp.

Answer : B

A company wants to use ODM for asynchronous processing with large payloads and very strict performance guidelines. They want to keep data extraction and execution close to reduce any latency effects. They also need ODM to scale as they might want to execute rules from several different applications concurrently.
What execution implementation fits these requirements?

  • A. A stand-alone POJO session on a single VM.
  • B. A custom MDB with a stateful or stateless rule session.
  • C. A J2SE rule session to create a tightly coupled application with performance gains.
  • D. An HTDS web service and increase the size of the connection pool based on performance testing needs.

Answer : B

How would the following rule be classified?
The total insured value of the vehicle IS DEFINED AS the vehicle base value + Min (the value of vehicle accessories, 40% the vehicle base value)

  • A. Inference
  • B. Guideline
  • C. Constraint
  • D. Calculation

Answer : D

Which statement is true of a rule project that has multiple BOM entries referenced and some of them have the same element name?

  • A. There cannot be multiple BOM entries referenced to rule projects.
  • B. Rule Designer will show the error of having same element name already exists.
  • C. If there are several BOM entries, an element in the first BOM entry in the path overrides any other element with the same name in the other BOM entries.
  • D. If there are several BOM entries with the same element name, then the order of runtime appearance has to be set or else it will not allow the project to be saved.

Answer : C


What property needs to be set in a BOM Configuration file to ignore elements present in the BOM class but missing from the XOM?

  • A. ignore.MissingXomElement
  • B. update.ignoreDifferences
  • C. update.ignoreMissingXomElement
  • D. update.ignoreMissingBomElement

Answer : D

Reference: tpc_bom_ignoring_differences.html

Which statement is true when deploying a RuleApp archive?

  • A. A managed Java XOM in the RuleApp archive must follow a XOM versioning policy.
  • B. Java XOM"™s must always be included in RuleApp archives to guarantee version compatibility.
  • C. Resource and library versioning polices only apply when managed XOM"™s are present in the RuleApp archive.
  • D. RuleApp archives must be configured from the ruleset view first to define the rulesets to be included in the RuleApp archive.

Answer : A

Reference: Managed Java XOM in the RuleApp archive must follow a XOM versioning policy

An application developer notices that a class in the Java Execution Object Model (XOM) contains a number of methods that should not be imported into the
Business Object Model (BOM). How should the application developer annotate the XOM to filter the methods that should not be imported into the BOM?

  • A. Add the @NotBusiness annotation.
  • B. Add the @BusinessType annotation and specify null as the business type.
  • C. Add the @BusinessName annotation and do not specify a value for the annotation.
  • D. Add the @CustomProperty annotation and set name of the property as import and value as false.

Answer : A

When configuring Decision Server Rules on WebSphere Liberty Profile, which archive needs to be deployed on the application server in order to enable hosted transparent decision services?

  • A. DSService.war
  • B. HdtsService.war
  • C. DecisionRunner.war
  • D. DecisionService.war

Answer : D


An application developer has changed the Java XOM. The developer than tries to update the BOM but no differences appear. What are two reasons this could happen? (Select two.)

  • A. A member in the Java XOM was deleted.
  • B. A member in the Java XOM was annotated as @Deprecated.
  • C. Only the content of method(s) in the Java XOM were changed.
  • D. A @NotBusiness annotation was added to a member of the Java XOM.
  • E. A additional optional parameter was added to a method(s) in the Java XOM.

Answer : AC

The project owner, Paul, asks a rule author, Bea, to update rules for the Spring release, and asks Adam to review and validate Bea"™s changes. After Bea finishes her updates, she notifies Adam. Adam is unable to access the project to test the changes. What is the problem?

  • A. Paul forgot to assign Adam as a Tester.
  • B. Adam has rtsUser permissions, therefore, he cannot test rules.
  • C. After Bea finished her updates, she marked the status as Finished, which prevented Adam from testing.
  • D. Paul needed to mark Bea"™s updates to the Spring release as Reviewed so that Adam could see the updates.

Answer : C

Which of the following makes a conflict when merging two branches in Decision Center?

  • A. When a snapshot is created in one of the branches.
  • B. When a new ruleflow is created in one of the branches.
  • C. When the same decision table is modified in both branches.
  • D. When an action rule is modified from Rule Designer in one of the branches.

Answer : D

Which correctly represents the deployed RuleApp ruleset path template?

Answer : A


A developer is working with a mainframe legacy application. How can they build the execution object model (XOM) with the information from this application?

  • A. Import the Cobol copybook.
  • B. Extract objects through SQL queries.
  • C. Use the Decision Engine API to map Cobol structures.
  • D. Use the Rule Designer migration tool to convert the source Cobol copybook.

Answer : A


Categories named Vehicle and Customer have been added to a rule project. In the BOM of this project, a business element Car has been assigned categories
Vehicle and Automobile and a business element Client has been assigned the category Customer. Which category filters need to be assigned to an action rule so that both the Car and Client business element are visible in the rule? (Select two. )

  • A. Any
  • B. All
  • C. Client
  • D. Vehicle and Client
  • E. Vehicle and Automobile

Answer : BE

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Exam contains 64 questions

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