SAP Certified Application Associate - Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP6 v6.0

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Exam contains 80 questions

How do the sales document types "rush order" and "cash sales" differ?(Choose two)

  • A. When you save a cash sales document, the delivery is created automatically. For rush orders, this must be done manually.
  • B. For rush orders, the same billing type can be used as for cash sales, but the account determination has to be different than for cash sales.
  • C. For cash sales, delivery creation is not necessary. For rush orders, delivery creation is necessary.
  • D. For cash sales, the customer receives an invoice output instead of an order confirmation output. For rush sales, this is not done.

Answer : BD

Which of the following statements regarding partner determination are correct?(Choose two)

  • A. The origin of partners that are automatically determined during the creation of sales documents is controlled using a condition type.
  • B. When you create a standard order, the permitted partners are automatically copied from the customer master to the document.
  • C. In a partner determination procedure, all allowed partner functions are listed.
  • D. Partner determination procedures can be defined in sales documents at header, item, and schedule-line level.

Answer : BC

For what purposes can you use transaction variants?(Choose two)

  • A. To enable default values for data fields in a user-defined transaction
  • B. To add new external fields to the sales document
  • C. To hide fields in a sales order
  • D. To modify the layout of a report

Answer : AC

For which of the following can you use SAP Solution Manager?

  • A. To enable SAP application help
  • B. To enable SAP Note search
  • C. To implement the SAP Service Marketplace
  • D. To implement and operate SAP solutions

Answer : D

Your company decided to change the price of a material and wants to keep a pricing history.
How can you update the condition records?

  • A. Change the price within the sales order to update the condition record.
  • B. Change the pricing condition record.
  • C. Create a new pricing condition record using a template.
  • D. Change the price using the update function of the condition type.

Answer : C

A company wants to give their customers an additional free laptop for every 10 laptops they buy of the same model.
Which of the following scenarios would implement this?

  • A. Free goods with an exclusive bonus quantity that increases the quantity without generating a subitem
  • B. Free goods with an inclusive bonus quantity that generates a subitem
  • C. Free goods with an inclusive bonus quantity using the free goods calculation rules
  • D. Free goods with an exclusive bonus quantity using the free goods calculation rules

Answer : D

Which of the following statements regarding the organizational assignment of plants are correct?(Choose two)

  • A. Delivering plants must be assigned to the same company code as the sales organization.
  • B. Each plant can be assigned to just one company code.
  • C. A plant must be assigned to at least one combination of sales organization and distribution channel so that it can be used as a delivering plant.
  • D. A plant can be assigned to multiple company codes.

Answer : BC

Which of the following document flows describe possible standard sales processes?(Choose two)

  • A. Inquiry ? quotation ? value contract ? order with reference to the value contract ? invoice ? accounting document
  • B. Invoice correction request with reference to a standard order ? delivery ? transfer order ? post goods issue ? invoice ? accounting document
  • C. Inquiry ? quotation ? order ? shipment ? transfer order ? post goods issue ? invoice ? accounting document
  • D. Standard order with reference to a quotation ? delivery ? transfer order ? post goods issue ? invoice ? accounting document

Answer : A,D

In which of the following scenarios can you use the material listing function?

  • A. To set a list of materials that the customer can buy
  • B. To generate a detailed report about materials
  • C. To set a list of materials that the customer cannot buy
  • D. To group materials to different lists

Answer : A

What is the purpose of using billing due lists?(Choose two)

  • A. To release orders that are blocked for billing
  • B. To process sales orders and deliveries that are due for billing
  • C. To periodically create billing documents
  • D. To initiate a dunning run in financials

Answer : BC

Which of the following functions can you use to display an overview of customer-specific prices for various customers on one screen?

  • A. Net price list
  • B. Pricing analysis
  • C. Pricing report
  • D. Pricing log

Answer : C

Topic8,Organizational structures

What part of the text control directly determines the copying of a text from a source text object into another text type?

  • A. Text determination procedure
  • B. Text type
  • C. Condition table
  • D. Access sequence

Answer : D

When the delivery document is created, the system can perform checks at item level to ensure compliance with business requirements.
What elements can be checked by the system at item level?(Choose three)

  • A. Billing date
  • B. Minimum quantity
  • C. Zero quantity
  • D. Route to the customer
  • E. Overdelivery

Answer : B,C,E

Your customer wants to use warehouse transfer orders for picking when processing a delivery using lean warehouse management.
How do you achieve this?(Choose two)

  • A. Activate the sales document type for warehouse management.
  • B. Assign a warehouse number to a combination of plant and storage location in the organizational structure.
  • C. Activate the sales document type for lean warehouse management.
  • D. Activate the assigned warehouse number as a lean warehouse.

Answer : BD

What is the purpose of the moving price or standard price in the Accounting view in the material master?(Choose two)

  • A. To determine the value that is used for the accounting document when posting goods issue
  • B. To display the average net sales price of this material during the last year
  • C. To define the value that is used when posting the receivables for a customer ordering this material
  • D. To display statistical information for the costs in the pricing environment of a sales order

Answer : A,D

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Exam contains 80 questions

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