SAP Certified Application Associate - Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 v6.0

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Exam contains 86 questions

You post a goods receipt into stock for a purchase order item for which the indicator Free item is set. The material has a material master record and a material type for which the quantity and value are updated. The price control parameter has the value Standard price for the material.
To which general ledger accounts are the postings made?(Choose two)

  • A. Consumption account
  • B. Price difference account
  • C. GR/IR clearing account
  • D. Stock account

Answer : BD

Which entries are mandatory in a purchase order item for service?(Choose two)

  • A. Account assignment category
  • B. Material Number
  • C. Storage location
  • D. Item category Service

Answer : A,D

You transfer material between two plants. The goods issue in the delivering plant is already booked. During the transport process, some parts are damaged and the delivering plant is responsible for the transportation.
How can you post this scrapping?

  • A. You adjust the stock in transit and put away the remaining quantity in the receiving plant.
  • B. You book the goods receipt for the entire quantity to the unrestricted use stock in the receiving plant and post the scrapping there.
  • C. You book the goods receipt for the entire quantity to the blocked stock in the receiving plant.
  • D. You reverse the stock removal in the issuing plant and post the scrapping there.

Answer : D

Which of the following are characteristics of an invoice plan?(Choose two)

  • A. A material number is required
  • B. An account assignment is required
  • C. Evaluated receipt settlement is required
  • D. Only a non-valuated goods receipt is possible

Answer : BD

A release strategy for purchase requisition is defined as follows:
-> Account Assignment Category (blank)
-> Plant 1000 or 1100
-> Purchasing Group 001
-> Item value > EUR 400
For which purchase requisition items (see attached graphic) will this strategy be determined?(Choose two)

  • A. 40
  • B. 10
  • C. 30
  • D. 20

Answer : BD

Which of the following influence the field selection for the material master?(Choose three)

  • A. Material type
  • B. Material status
  • C. Industry sector
  • D. Plant
  • E. Account group

Answer : ACD

How can you simplify and accelerate the material master data maintenance?(Choose three)

  • A. You can enter a reference material from which all the data is always copied when you create a new material.
  • B. You can use a special mass change function to change several material master records at the same time.
  • C. You can let the system automatically add the storage location data to the material master record with the first goods receipt posting.
  • D. You can preset the views that you are responsible for in the dialog box Select Views in the transactions you use to maintain the material master data.
  • E. You can use profiles on the initial screen if you want to create MRP or forecast data for a material master.

Answer : B,C,D

You post a goods receipt for a purchase order item. The material has the material type
NLAG (non-stock material).
What are the effects?(Choose two)

  • A. The quantity is posted to a special stock for non-stock materials.
  • B. The value is posted to a price difference account.
  • C. The value is posted to a consumption account.
  • D. The quantity is posted to consumption.

Answer : CD

Which control parameters can you set on the initial screen of the planning run?(Choose two)

  • A. MRP controller
  • B. Planning mode
  • C. Processing key
  • D. Firming horizon

Answer : BC

In Customizing for Logistics Invoice Verification, the following values are defined for the stochastic block:
-> Thresholdvalue:10000
-> Percentage:40
You enter an invoice with a value of 7500.
What is the probability that the invoice will be blocked stochastically?

  • A. 30%
  • B. 40%
  • C. 32.5%
  • D. 20%

Answer : A

What characterizes assignments to the organizational object "Plant"?

  • A. You can assign a plant directly to a controlling area.
  • B. A plant can be directly assigned to just one reference purchasing organization.
  • C. A plant can be directly assigned to just one purchasing organization.
  • D. You can assign only one standard purchasing organization to a plant.

Answer : D

At which organizational level do you maintain source lists?

  • A. Company Code
  • B. Client
  • C. Purchasing Organization
  • D. Plant

Answer : D

What characterizes blanket purchase order items (item category B)?

  • A. Account assignment category U (unknown) is allowed in blanket purchase order items.
  • B. Blanket purchase order items must contain material numbers.
  • C. Blanket purchase order items allow valuated goods receipts only.
  • D. Invoices for blanket purchase order items can only be invoiced automatically.

Answer : A

Which of the following does the calculation schema determine?(Choose three)

  • A. The basis on which the system calculates surcharges and discounts in percentages
  • B. The condition types that do not play a role in the price determination process
  • C. The prerequisites that have to be met so that a particular condition type is considered
  • D. The subtotals (net price and effective price) for time-dependent conditions
  • E. The extent to which manual processing of price determination is possible

Answer : ACE

Which settings need to be done in the Customizing to make new valuation classes available for a new material type only?(Choose three)

  • A. Assign the new account category reference to a valuation grouping code
  • B. Assign the new valuation classes to a valuation grouping code
  • C. Assign the new account category reference to the new material type
  • D. Define a new account category reference
  • E. Assign the new account category reference to each of the new valuation classes

Answer : C,D,E

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Exam contains 86 questions

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