SAP Certified Application Associate - Human Capital Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 v6.0

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Exam contains 85 questions

Which tasks can be accomplished with the ABAP List Viewer? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create/delete cluster data
  • B. Filter for data
  • C. Format totals
  • D. Create/delete master data

Answer : BC

You want to write a custom report on SAP Payroll results.
Which reporting tools would you use to create this report? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ad Hoc Query
  • B. Report Writer
  • C. SAP Query
  • D. ABAP List Viewer

Answer : AC

How can set operations be used in Ad Hoc Query? (Choose two.)

  • A. To create intersections or unions
  • B. To filter by negative selections
  • C. To analyze trends
  • D. To choose reporting output fields

Answer : AB

A customer wants to generate reports on payroll results in Ad Hoc Query.
Which steps do you need to configure to create payroll results infotypes? (Choose three.)

  • A. Import cluster data into IT0267 (Additional Off-Cycle Payments)
  • B. Create and generate payroll infotypes
  • C. Assign calculation rules to payroll infotypes
  • D. Assign wage types to evaluation wage types
  • E. Define evaluation wage types

Answer : BDE

Which of the following are functions of the logical database in Reporting? (Choose three.)

  • A. Selection screen definition
  • B. Data retrieval
  • C. Database storage
  • D. Authorization checks
  • E. Transaction processing

Answer : ABD

You want a report that shows the relationship between a legal entity and a person and includes their organizational unit and position. Which evaluation path would return the appropriate data using standard relationships?

  • A. OR -> P P -> O O -> S O -> O OR -> OR
  • B. P -> OR O -> S OR -> OR O -> P O -> O
  • C. S -> P P -> OR O -> S O -> O OR -> OR
  • D. OR -> O O -> S S -> P O -> O OR -> OR

Answer : D

A customer wants to use relationships to accurately depict their organizational structure.
Which are standard relationships between organizational objects? (Choose two.)

  • A. A Position (S) can be described by multiple Jobs (C).
  • B. An Organizational Unit (O) can incorporate multiple Positions (S).
  • C. A Position (S) can belong to multiple Organizational Units (O).
  • D. An Organizational Unit (O) can incorporate multiple Jobs (C).
  • E. A Job (C) can describe multiple Positions (S).

Answer : B,E

A customer wants to improve data accuracy by assigning values in Organizational
Management (OM) that default into Personnel Administration (PA).
Which values can be imported from OM into PA? (Choose three.)

  • A. Employee Subgroup on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment)
  • B. Work Schedule Rule on IT0007 (Planned Working Time)
  • C. Weekly Working Hours on IT0007 (Planned Working Time)
  • D. Planned Compensation on IT0008 (Basic Pay)
  • E. Cost Center on IT0001 (Organizational Assignment)

Answer : A,D,E

A customer needs to make significant modifications to their existing organizational structure.
How would you proceed?

  • A. Copy the enterprise structure into a new plan version and make the adjustments.
  • B. Copy the current personnel structure into a new plan version and make the adjustments.
  • C. Copy the current organizational plan into a new plan version and make the adjustments.
  • D. Create an evaluation path with a new plan version.

Answer : C

The customer notices that values created in Organizational Management are not defaulting into Personnel Administration infotypes.
Assuming you are working in the correct Plan Version, which integration switch should you check in the configuration?


Answer : B

A customer wants to configure their organizational structure in the Organization and
Staffing user interface (transaction PPOME). What are the four main areas of the hierarchy framework in PPOME?

  • A. Search area, Selection area, Overview area, Detail area
  • B. Object area, Tools area, Overview area, Infotype area
  • C. Menu area, Object area, Overview area, Infotype area
  • D. Tools area, Search area, Overview area, Detail area

Answer : A

Which planning statuses are available when creating new organizational objects?

  • A. Submitted Approved Obsolete
  • B. Vacant Approved Obsolete
  • C. Planned Submitted Rejected
  • D. Submitted Active Vacant

Answer : C

In the overview quadrant for transaction PPOME, how can you choose different views of the objects in the organizational structure (such as reporting, task assignment, or organizational structure)?

  • A. By using the Column configuration button
  • B. By adding different profiles to your user parameters in SU3
  • C. By choosing the "Search Term" function
  • D. By choosing a different evaluation path from the "Goto" button

Answer : D

What can you assign to a position or a job object using IT1005 (Planned Compensation)?

  • A. Pay grade, pay scale or direct valuation
  • B. Default values of work schedule data
  • C. Percentages for alternative cost distribution
  • D. New relationships with other organizational objects

Answer : A

A customer has created a customer-specific internal object in Organizational Management.
How can you customize the relationships between the new object and objects delivered by
SAP? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create an allowed relationship between objects.
  • B. Configure both the A and B relationships.
  • C. Configure either the A or B relationship.
  • D. Add your new object type to the customer specific table.

Answer : AB

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Exam contains 85 questions

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