SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 v6.0

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Exam contains 85 questions

What are the advantages of the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW)?(Choose three)

  • A. It activates the automatic import of settings related to changes in payment transaction laws.
  • B. It provides a uniform set of functions for all kinds of payment methods.
  • C. It automatically creates direct debits.
  • D. It can be used to change payment formats without modifying the programs.
  • E. It can be used to create new payment formats.

Answer : BDE

What do you define when you set up a depreciation area?

  • A. The posting to the general ledger
  • B. The company code in Asset Accounting
  • C. The account determination
  • D. The asset number ranges

Answer : A

What are the benefits of using the accrual engine?(Choose three)

  • A. The accrual engine can correct accruals in the previous month even if that period is closed.
  • B. The accrual engine is client-independent.
  • C. The accrual engine calculates the accrual amounts automatically.
  • D. The accrual engine can simulate planned future accruals.
  • E. The accrual engine supports parallel accounting.

Answer : C,D,E

In a payment run, the data entered for a payment method in the document may differ from the master data. How does the system resolve this?

  • A. The payment run temporarily stops, and the system prompts you to correct the data. After you have corrected the data, the payment run continues.
  • B. The payment run stops and the system issues an error message.
  • C. Master data overrides document data.
  • D. Document data overrides master data.

Answer : D

Which of the following objects must you enter when posting an asset acquisition against a vendor?(Choose three)

  • A. Document type
  • B. Fixed asset balance sheet account
  • C. Special G/L transaction
  • D. Asset master record
  • E. Transaction type

Answer : A,D,E

Which of the following is mandatory to make G/L accounts ready for posting?

  • A. A chart of accounts segment and at least one cost element
  • B. A company code segment and at least one cost element
  • C. A chart of accounts segment and at least one functional area
  • D. A chart of accounts segment and at least one company code segment

Answer : D

Your company uses only book depreciation and you activate the new depreciation engine.
The book depreciation key Z010 curently used by an asset should be changed to Z020.
The asset depreciation started two years ago, and depreciation for the current year has already been posted for the months of January, February, and March (monthly depreciation run). The change should take effect from April 1st.
How can you implement this change?(Choose two)

  • A. Undo the depreciation postings for the asset in the current year. Then call the Depreciation Areas screen in the asset master and change the key from Z010 to Z020.
  • B. Call the Depreciation Areas screen in the asset master and assign the key Z020 with validity start date of April 1st.
  • C. Call the Depreciation Areas screen in the asset master and change the depreciation key from Z010 to Z020. Also change the ordinary depreciation start date to April 1st.
  • D. Create a new asset referencing the asset you want to change. On the Depreciation Areas screen, select depreciation key Z020. Then post an asset transfer from the existing asset to the new asset.

Answer : BD

A customer requires a balance sheet per segment but does not require a balance sheet per profit center. You discuss the features of segments and profit centers with him.
Which features can you highlight?(Choose three)

  • A. You can assign the segment to the asset master record.
  • B. You can assign a segment to a cost accounting object such as a cost center or internal order.
  • C. Segments are derived from profit centers in the standard system.
  • D. You can assign the segment to the material master.
  • E. You can post in FI directly to a segment.

Answer : ACE

How do you prevent duplicate vendors from being created?(Choose two)

  • A. Activate master data comparison for the vendor.
  • B. Activate message control for the duplicate vendor check.
  • C. Run the Vendor De-Duplication report.
  • D. Use matchcode to check whether the vendor already exists.

Answer : BD

Your customer sells products and services. They have to separate the invoices into invoices for products and invoices for services.
Which object do you have to use to create dunning notices dependent on the division
(product or service)?

  • A. Separate dunning runs
  • B. Dunning areas
  • C. Dunning block reasons
  • D. Dunning keys

Answer : B

Which of the following describe characteristics of master data?(Choose two)

  • A. Master data is used on a long-term basis for multiple business processes.
  • B. Master data is typically assigned to organizational levels.
  • C. Master data must be assigned on company code level.
  • D. Master data cannot be changed after creation.
  • E. Master data is a template for transactional data.

Answer : AB

You want to update the Search Term2 field in your customer master data, but the field does not appear in the maintenance transaction.
Which field status definitions do you have to check and, if necessary, change in
Customizing?(Choose two)

  • A. Field status definitions of activities
  • B. Field status definitions of company codes
  • C. Field status definition of the assigned reconciliation account
  • D. Field status definitions of account groups

Answer : A,D

How does SAP support impairment posting?

  • A. By using new transaction codes for retirements
  • B. By using Segment Reporting
  • C. By using worklists
  • D. By using special depreciation keys

Answer : C

In which Customizing activity do you decide which special G/L transactions are to be paid automatically via the payment program?

  • A. Set Up Payment Methods per Company Code for Payment Transactions
  • B. Set Up Paying Company Codes for Payment Transactions
  • C. Set Up All Company Codes for Payment Transactions
  • D. Set Up Payment Methods per Country for Payment Transactions

Answer : C

You want to capitalize an asset under construction (AuC) using the line item settlement process. However, the settlement does not work.
What could be the reasons for this?(Choose three)

  • A. There is no settlement profile assigned to the company code.
  • B. The AuC has not been released with the status "Technically Complete".
  • C. The status of the AuC is set to "Summary Management".
  • D. The Depreciation Engine is not active.
  • E. The settlement profile does not allow assets as valid receivers.

Answer : ACE

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Exam contains 85 questions

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