SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 v5.0

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Which of the following needs to be activated in the New GL to implement profit center accounting for all costs and revenues?(Choose two)

  • A. Scenario profit center update
  • B. Scenario segment reporting
  • C. Real-time integration CO/FI
  • D. Document splitting

Answer : AC

What is the SAP Solution Manager?

  • A. It is an own related database system that can be used as an alternative to databases from other vendors.
  • B. It supports throughout the entire life-cycle, from the Business Blueprint to the configuration to production processing.
  • C. It is an application that is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management application.
  • D. It is a robust and lean standard-based platform that enables you to develop Java and composite applications from scratch and on top of existing services.

Answer : B

Which of the following is a typical process sequence for selling products from stock?

  • A. Purchase requisition -> Delivery/transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing
  • B. Incoming order -> Transport/delivery -> Billing -> Dunning and payment
  • C. Purchase requisition -> Billing -> Transport/goods receipt -> Dunning and payment
  • D. Incoming order -> Goods receipt/transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing

Answer : B

Which of the following is an application of reference and simulation costing?

Answer : To update the standard price of a reference material. To calculate a simulated product without material master To calculate a price for an internal activity. To create a material costing for simulation purposes. B

Which data can be saved when storing a material cost estimate with quantity structure?(Choose three)

  • A. Log
  • B. Cost components split
  • C. Extract
  • D. Itemization
  • E. Variance categories

Answer : ABD

What are the advantages of a real internal order compared to a statistical order?
(Choose two)

  • A. Overhead surcharges collection
  • B. Budget and availability control
  • C. Settlement splitting to different receivers
  • D. Exception reporting

Answer : AC

Which function do you use to transfer a cost component split that has been calculated in a sales order cost estimate to Profitability Analysis?

  • A. Product cost estimate
  • B. Planned cost estimate
  • C. Unit cost estimate
  • D. Additive cost estimate

Answer : A

When do you calculate variances for a production order with order controlling?

  • A. At the end of each period, independent of the order status.
  • B. After the final delivery of the production order.
  • C. After the first partial delivery of the production order.
  • D. After the final confirmation for the last operation.

Answer : B

A customer asks you to explain the category price variances received on production orders.
What could be the reason for price variances?(Choose two)

  • A. The activity types were consumed from different cost centers.
  • B. The master data of the consumed materials is V price indicated.
  • C. The valuation variants of the cost estimate and the production order are different.
  • D. The respective routing has changed.

Answer : BC

Your New GL customer uses real-time reconciliation of CO and FI. The customer wants to show the value flow of activity allocations between cost centers assigned to different profit centers. What does the customer have to configure?(Choose two)

  • A. Execute the periodic transfer to profit center accounting.
  • B. Define a G/L reconciliation account for direct activity allocation.
  • C. Select profit center as a characteristic for real time reconciliation between CO and FI.
  • D. Carry out a reconciliation run for activities types in the new GL.

Answer : BC

Which of the following statements regarding the SAP NetWeaver platform are correct?(Choose two)

  • A. SAP NetWeaver can power both SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • B. SAP NetWeavers predefined IT Scenarios describe the allocation of functionality to either the ABAP or Java stack for execution
  • C. SAP NetWeaver is an application platform that serves as the foundation for integrating solutions on several different levels
  • D. SAP NetWeaver enables process integration through modules such as Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

Answer : AC

You want to perform results analysis on sales orders and need to use two different methods to reflect different accounting principles such as US-GAAP and IFRS.
How do you achieve this?

  • A. Use two results analysis keys in the sales order items
  • B. Use two requirement classes in the sales order items
  • C. Use two results analysis versions defined in Customizing
  • D. Use two separate sales order items

Answer : C

Which are the necessary steps to create a validation?

  • A. Prerequisite, check, message
  • B. Check, control, message
  • C. Check, update, message
  • D. Prerequisite, check, update, control

Answer : A

Which SAP NetWeaver component realizes cross-system application processes?

  • A. SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP)
  • B. SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)
  • C. SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
  • D. SAP Process Integration (SAP PI)
  • E. SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM)

Answer : C

Where do you have to assign the costing sheet to enable overhead surcharging for material costing?

  • A. Costing version
  • B. Material master
  • C. Material cost estimate
  • D. Costing variant

Answer : D

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Exam contains 175 questions

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