SAP Certified Development Associate - Process Integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 v5.0

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Exam contains 99 questions

On which design object are Mapping Templates based?

  • A. Message Type
  • B. Data Type
  • C. Context Object
  • D. Service Interface

Answer : B

You have configured and activated a SOAP communication channel on a dual-stack system. Now you want to monitor the status of this SOAP adapter.
Which of the following tools can you use? (Choose three)

  • A. Central PI Monitoring (PiMon)
  • B. SAP Solution Manager
  • C. SOA Manager
  • D. Transaction SXMB_MONI
  • E. Runtime Workbench

Answer : A,B,E

Which statements describe asynchronous messages within an SAP NetWeaver Process
Integration dual stack? (Choose two)

  • A. They are queued for processing by the Integration Engine.
  • B. They are processed in a different pipeline from synchronous messages.
  • C. They cannot be cancelled.
  • D. They are not persisted on the Integration Server unless logging is switched on.
  • E. They are persisted on the Integration Server and can be re-sent from this location in case of problems.

Answer : AE

You want to use standard functions in your message mapping. In addition to "true", which value is interpreted as true by standard functions that require Boolean input? (Choose two)

  • A. "X"
  • B. "1"
  • C. "TRUE"
  • D. No other value

Answer : BC

A message mapping uses value mapping for conversion.
How can you maintain the values for value mapping? (Choose two)

  • A. Maintain the values in a mapping lookup.
  • B. Maintain a value mapping group in the Integration Directory.
  • C. Maintain the values outside Process Integration and use value-mapping replication.
  • D. Maintain the values for value mapping in transaction SXMB_ADM.

Answer : BC

Which setting does SAP recommend for the delivery mode of inbound processing in a ccBPM process without correlation?

  • A. Buffering Possible
  • B. Without Buffering
  • C. Without Buffering (Obsolete)
  • D. Buffering Auto-Delete

Answer : B

Which of the following lookup functions are available as standard functions in the graphical message mapping tool? (Choose two)

  • A. RFC Lookup
  • B. EJB Lookup
  • C. ESR Lookup
  • D. JDBC Lookup

Answer : A,D

Which of the following describes a consumer proxy?

  • A. A consumer proxy is a language-specific implementation of an outbound service interface.
  • B. A consumer proxy is a Java class used in the Advanced Adapter Engine.
  • C. A consumer proxy is an ABAP program used in ALE distribution.
  • D. A consumer proxy is a language-specific implementation of an inbound service interface.

Answer : A

You want to connect an SAP ABAP back-end system to your central Integration Server using proxy technology.
What is the prerequisite for this?

  • A. The back-end system must be based on SAP NetWeaver Application Server 6.20 or higher.
  • B. The SAP business package for common parts must be deployed on the back-end system.
  • C. An HTTP destination must be created on the Java Connector Architecture (JCA).
  • D. The remote-enabled function modules must be registered in Enterprise Services Repository.

Answer : A

Which SAP NetWeaver Process Integration component belongs to the configuration-time area? (Choose two)

  • A. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  • B. Business Process Engine
  • C. Integration Directory
  • D. Runtime Workbench
  • E. Enterprise Services Repository

Answer : AC

How is a product defined in the System Landscape Directory catalog?

  • A. As a business system
  • B. As a technical system
  • C. As a unit that is installable, renewable, and delivered
  • D. As a unit consisting of features, best practice tools, and templates

Answer : C

What is the correct cardinality when using multi-mapping (target message structure >1) in an integration scenario without ccBPM?

  • A. n:m
  • B. n:1
  • C. 1:1
  • D. 1:n

Answer : D

What are advantages of message packaging in the BPE? (Choose two)

  • A. Improved fault tolerance
  • B. Improved alert handling
  • C. Improved message throughput
  • D. Improved performance

Answer : CD

Which of the following tasks can you perform in the Runtime Workbench? (Choose two)

  • A. Stop certain communication channels.
  • B. Monitor the ccBPM integration process.
  • C. Configure the Integration Engine.
  • D. Configure a user-defined message search.
  • E. Check the Alert Inbox.

Answer : AE

Which message protocol is used in communication between a local Integration Engine and the SAP NetWeaver PI system (central Integration Engine)?

  • A. SOAP message protocol
  • B. RFC protocol
  • C. HTTP-XI protocol
  • D. XI message protocol

Answer : D

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Exam contains 99 questions

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