SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0 v6.0

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Exam contains 87 questions

What is the objective of the semantic layer?

  • A. To validate data loaded into BW
  • B. To create transformations from various ERP systems to a BW system
  • C. To provide business users access to data without them needing to be familiar with the structure of the data sources
  • D. To enable database administrators to create a data warehouse from multiple data sources

Answer : C

You want to customize your settings in the BI launch pad, but the Preferences button is disabled.

  • A. The BW user management denies you the rights to customize your own user preferences.
  • B. Your system administrator denied you the rights to customize your own user preferences.
  • C. The SAP Portal theme prevents you from customizing the BI launch pad.
  • D. Your system administrator configured your system to use predetermined settings.

Answer : B

Which process on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform governs how content and users are managed and transferred among development, test, and production environments?

  • A. Master data management
  • B. Data federation management
  • C. Lifecycle management
  • D. MetaData management

Answer : C

Which of the following actions can you perform in SAP BusinessObjects Explorer?

  • A. Create a new chart type.
  • B. Change the chart type used for data visualization.
  • C. Import data directly from a dashboard.
  • D. Design a layout template.

Answer : B

What can you secure on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform? (Choose two)

  • A. Applications
  • B. Queries
  • C. InfoProviders
  • D. Folders

Answer : A,D

You are using the LifeCycle Manager to promote BI objects.
How do you undo a change to an object in the target system?
A. Roll back either a complete or a partial promotion.
B. Change the object directly in the production environment.
C. Delete the promotion job in the source system.
D. Reset the system time to a time before the transport.

Answer : A Topic 6, BW Fundamentals

Which functional area of the Data Warehousing Workbench do you use to create and maintain objects that are relevant to the data staging process?

  • A. Transport connection
  • B. Metadata Repository
  • C. Modeling
  • D. Administration

Answer : C

What happens when you activate a characteristic InfoObject with master data?

  • A. Existing master data is validated and written in the activation queue.
  • B. If the activation is successful, a Master data Change Run is automatically started.
  • C. The assigned navigational attributes are activated for reporting in the InfoCube.
  • D. The SID table and the appropriate master data tables are created in the Data Dictionary.

Answer : D

Which type of InfoObjects can you create in BW? (Choose three)

  • A. Characteristics
  • B. Units
  • C. Time characteristics
  • D. Key figures
  • E. Technical characteristics

Answer : ABD

You want to connect a number of different DataSources to a target. The DataSources have the same business rules.
Which object do you use to connect the DataSources to the target?

  • A. InfoArea
  • B. InfoSource
  • C. InfoPackage
  • D. InfoProvider

Answer : B

Which components make up a data flow in BW?

  • A. PSA table, Start Routine, and DataSource
  • B. DataSource, Transformation, and InfoProvider
  • C. Start Routine, Transformation, and End Routine
  • D. InfoSource, DataSource, and PSA table

Answer : B

What is an attribute in BW?

  • A. Additional information assigned to a key figure
  • B. An object that stores master data
  • C. A characteristic assigned to another characteristic
  • D. A data field used to store transactional data

Answer : C

Which of the following tasks can you perform from the Data Warehousing Workbench?
(Choose two)

  • A. Create new restricted key figures at InfoProvider level.
  • B. Create transport packages of BW objects.
  • C. Create DataStore Objects.
  • D. Create variables for reporting.

Answer : BC

Which of the following objects can you use as target objects in a transformation? (Choose two)

  • A. Business Layer
  • B. InfoSet
  • C. InfoCube
  • D. InfoSource
  • E. Data Foundation

Answer : CD

Which of the following InfoProviders store data persistently? (Choose three)

  • A. InfoCubes
  • B. InfoSets
  • C. InfoObjects
  • D. DataStore Objects
  • E. MultiProviders

Answer : ACD

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Exam contains 87 questions

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