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When you print invoices, you want to include a promotional code and static text that explains how to use the code. The promotional code gives certain customers a discount on their next purchase. The promotional code has been added as a user-defined field to the business partner master data, based on the customer's previous purchase. If there is no promotional code in the customer master, both fields should not be printed. How can you implement this requirement using Crystal Reports?
Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. Use a formula on the text field to change the contents of the text field to blank if the code is null.
  • B. Suppress the text field and add a formula that checks if the code is null.
  • C. Drag the two fields together in the report so that the boundaries of the two fields merge. If the user-defined field is null, the text field will not be printed.
  • D. Select both fields and link them using a sub-report. If the database field is null, the text field will not be printed.

Answer : B

You have created an item that is managed by serial numbers with a management method of release only. Which of the following documents will require that serial numbers are specified?

  • A. Sales Order
  • B. Goods Receipt PO
  • C. A/P Invoice
  • D. Delivery

Answer : D

Which report shows you the income of your business for the fiscal year/ selected period?

  • A. Cash flow
  • B. Trial balance
  • C. Balance sheet
  • D. Profit and loss

Answer : D

You create a query for an approval process to check for service purchase orders over 3000 in value. When you test the approval process you get an error from the query. What is wrong with this query?
SELECT distinct 'true' FROM OPOR T0 WHERE $[3.0.0] = 'S' AND $[29.0.number] > 3000

  • A. You need to add the table name OPOR to the condition to reference the fields.
  • B. To refer to a field in the active window, an additional '$' character is required before the index values.
  • C. The service type 'S' is not part of the purchase order table therefore you need to refer to it using the table and field name.
  • D. You should not use the 'distinct true' clause in this type of query since only a single value is returned.

Answer : B

What settings are made on the item master to create a service contract automatically when that item is delivered to the customer?

  • A. Set the item to be managed by serial numbers and assign a warranty template.
  • B. Set the item to automatically create a customer equipment card.
  • C. Choose "service" for the item type and contract for the "item group".
  • D. Assign a service contract type to any item with the item type "items".

Answer : A

What is the most effective strategy for an implementation consultant to utilize at the beginning of the requirements gathering workshops?

  • A. Show the client the range of configuration options available in SAP Business One.
  • B. Ask the client how they want to use the standard processes in SAP Business One.
  • C. Convert the client business processes into an SAP Business One configuration.
  • D. Ask questions that allow the client to describe their business processes.

Answer : D

What types of payments can you generate using the Payment Wizard?
Note.There are 3 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Incoming payments by bank transfer
  • B. Outgoing payments by bank transfer
  • C. Outgoing payments by credit card
  • D. Outgoing payments by check
  • E. Incoming and outgoing payments by cash

Answer : ABD

What can be copied from one user to another?(Choose two)

  • A. General authorizations
  • B. Form settings
  • C. Data ownership authorizations
  • D. Report categories

Answer : AB

You are about to request a license file for your customer on the channel partner portal.
What information do you need to proceed?

  • A. The hardware key from the License Manager
  • B. The general authorizations assigned to the user accounts
  • C. The site user password
  • D. The names of the user accounts defined in SAP Business One

Answer : A

A company uses the services of an external organization for marketing and lead generation services on a range of products. The company wants the external organization to use the features of SAP Business One, so that lead information is accessible to the company's sales staff. What training is most suitable for the staff at the external organization?

  • A. Sales opportunities, sales orders, campaign generation wizard, blanket agreement
  • B. Campaign generation wizard, target groups, activities, lead master data
  • C. Sales quotations, sales opportunities, activities, campaign generation wizard
  • D. Blanket agreement, campaign generation wizard, target groups, lead master data

Answer : B

Company A is using SAP Business One. The company sells tablet computers. One of their prospects has accepted a sales quotation for 10 tablets. After contacting the prospect forfinalizing the delivery details it was found that this prospective customer can provide
Company A with an offer for new office furniture. Company A is willing to accept this offer.
What option concerning the business partner is most logical for Company A to use when executing both transactions in SAP Business One?

  • A. Use the business partner type 'Lead' to enter the sales order and delivery, and create a business partner with type 'Vendor' to create the purchase order.
  • B. Enter the sales order as a customer sales order with the vendor business partner number entered in the customer code field.
  • C. Create a business partner with type 'Customer' then enter the sales order, and then change the business partner type to 'Vendor' in order to create the purchase order.
  • D. Create a business partner with type 'Customer', enter the sales order, and then create a business partner with type 'Vendor' to enter the purchase order.

Answer : D

Your client has asked for a report on service contract history. What is the easiest way to identify the correct fields needed in the report?

  • A. With a service contract in the active window, open the Query Wizard. It will automatically show the table and field names for the active window.
  • B. Open a service contract document and right-mouse click on a field to see the table and field name.
  • C. Reference the DI-API online help the see the table and field names for the service contract object.
  • D. Open a service contract and toggle the System Information view to see the table and field names at the bottom of the screen.

Answer : D

SG Products will go live tomorrow. The client has just done a stock count and presents the numbers to the implementation consultant. The stock is managed with the moving average valuation method. What is a best practice to ensure that the initial stock quantity is correctly valued in the new SAP Business One system?

  • A. Enter the initial stock quantities from the stock count using the last purchase price as the item cost.
  • B. Enter the quantities from the stock count using the last average price.
  • C. Enter the initial quantities from the stock count but do not enter a price.
  • D. Enter the quantities from the stock count using the actual purchase price.

Answer : B

Where should you look to find the hardware key for your customer's system?

  • A. General Settings
  • B. License Administration window
  • C. License Manager settings
  • D. Choose Company window

Answer : C

The client has 50,000 products in their catalogue. The information held for each product is very basic.manufacturer, product number, description, price, and a specification field that is unique to the client's business.
What is the most efficient way to migrate these products to SAP Business One using the
Data Transfer Workbench?

  • A. Add a user-defined field to the item master data for the specification field. Create a customized data import file based on the item master data template. You can select the user-defined field to be included in the import file.
  • B. Import the products using the item master data template, and in the data import wizard map the specification field to an unused field, such as the the item properties.
  • C. Import the products using the inventory posting template. This template contains the basic fields needed by the client. Enter the specification field in a suitable unused field in the template spreadsheet.
  • D. Add a user-defined field to the item master data for the specification field. Enter the product data, including the new specification field, in the standard item master data template.

Answer : A

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Exam contains 98 questions

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