SAP Certified Development Associate- ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.40 v5.0

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Exam contains 127 questions

You want to create a transparent table. Which of the followih=ng must you define to activate the table?

  • A. A delivery class
  • B. A foreign key
  • C. The primary key
  • D. The MANDT field
  • E. A short description

Answer : ACE

What can you create using the ABAP Dictionary? (Choose three)

  • A. Domains
  • B. Type pools
  • C. Transparent tables
  • D. Field symbols
  • E. Internal tables

Answer : ABC

Which of the following actions can be performed in the Process After Input (PAI) processing block?

  • A. Set fo the GUI status of the screen
  • B. Modify screen attributes dynamically
  • C. Set title bar
  • D. Check the function code

Answer : BD

You created a transparent table and during activation got a warning message
'Enhancement category for table missing".
What do you have to do to eliminate the warning message?

  • A. Select any option other than Not Classified from the enhancement category.
  • B. Change the Data Class and Size category in the technical settings.
  • C. Provide the correct reference field for the Currency or Quantity field.
  • D. Select the option Not Classified from the enhancement category.

Answer : A

Using the system table what can you modify through a LOOP AT SCREEN ... ENDLOOP construct?

  • A. Values of screen elements
  • B. Function codes of buttons
  • C. Screen status
  • D. Attributes of screen elements

Answer : D

What the predefined reference variable used in ABAP 00 to address the object itself?

  • A. ME
  • B. SUPER
  • C. THIS
  • D. SELF

Answer : A

Which of the following ABAP code lines is valid?

  • A. CONSTANTS gc_matnr TYPE matnr VALUE 100'.
  • B. PARAMETERS p_matnr TYPE matnr DAFAULT "100'.
  • C. DATA gc_matnr TYPE matnr DEFAULT '100'.
  • D. SELECT-OPTIONS s_matnr TYPE matnr DAFAULT '100'.
  • E. STATICS s_matnr TYPE matnr TYPE matnr DAFAULT '100'.

Answer : AB

When should you use a hashed internal table? (Choose two)

  • A. When accessing mainly single records
  • B. When accessing by secondary key
  • C. When accessing using the left-justified part of the key
  • D. When accessing always by primary key
  • E. When accessing by index

Answer : A,D

What is the SAP recommended naming convention for append structures of standard SAP tables?

  • A. The name of the append structure must start with ZA.
  • B. The components of an append structure should start with ZZ or YY.
  • C. The components of an append structure should start with Z or Y.
  • D. The name of the append structure must start with ZZ or YY.

Answer : B

To which ABAP Dictionary definition can you assign fixed values?

  • A. Data element
  • B. Field of a transparent table
  • C. Component of a structure
  • D. Domain

Answer : D

Where can you set the GUI status and the GUI title for a classical screen (dynpro)?

  • A. In a module called from PBO of the screen
  • B. In the attributes of the screen
  • C. In the properties of the related header UI element
  • D. In a module called from PAI of the screen

Answer : A

Which of the following function types in a GUI status are reserved for internal use?

  • A. S - System
  • B. E - Exit
  • C. H - Help request
  • D. T - Transaction

Answer : ABD

You perform an update task using update function modules and detect an error in the program that calls the update function modules. Which statement can be used to discard all update requests for the current SAP LUW? (Choose two)

  • A. EXIT.
  • C. MESSAGE axxx(nnn).
  • D. MESSAGE exxx(nnn).

Answer : BC

Which of the following can you use to enhance SAP standard tables and structures with fields?

  • A. Appends search helps
  • B. Customizing includes
  • C. Fields exits
  • D. Appends structures

Answer : BD

Which ABAP statement can make an element visible that you statically defined as invisible?


Answer : CD

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Exam contains 127 questions

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